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Why you’re not sticking to your New Years Resolutions (and the four ways to turn it around right now)

blog 1.27 introOk so I want to out myself right now.

I think New Years Resolutions are stupid. (click to tweet)

Yeah, I said it.

There is so much attention and energy put around the idea that just because the calendar changes one number, that this is all of a sudden a “new year and a new you.”

When I see that, I ask myself…WHY?

Why on Earth is it a new me just because one more day has passed??

What have I actually done to EARN the title of a “new me” and do I even really know what that means for myself?

And not only that, what are the implications of this massive list of resolutions I’ve decided I’m going to measure my success this year by?

What I’ve come to is that the language and reasoning we use for New Years is the problem, but the intentions behind all of it is AWESOME.

Because behind the bells and whistles and “new year new you!” quips, lies something really important…

That is…setting a specific intention for what we want in our lives, staying focused on and motivated around those goals, and having a clear measuring stick to know whether or not we got there.

Now THAT is something I can get behind.

But…what happens when New Years rolls around? We all come up with this mega list of things we want, no actual plan on how to get it, and then we forget about it all together within a couple weeks and start eating cookie dough right out of the jar again (or is that just me??)

So…I thought I’d come up with a super fun list of the ways to ACTUALLY stick to your New Years intentions, before January is over and they are all long gone.

These are simple and easy to do and I promise that if you try them, you will notice some major changes in your life.

Here goes:

1) Pick one thing at a time and focus on that (aka…make a decision)

The way to get anything done, is to have FOCUS. And the way to have focus, is to only put things on your list that are absolutely imperative and that are things you actually truly want. The way to get going is to make the decision (draw the line in the sand) to do it.

This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “Do or do not. There is no try” – Yoda

So…the way to do this is cut almost everything out of your “resolutions” list. As far as “things” you want…limit it to three or less. And only do one at a time.

(Caveat…if one of your things is like “do cardio three days a week” you can obviously do this while you’re simultaneously writing copy for your website. Use your discernment here. The name of the game is to be focused)

2) Focus on how you want to FEEL

In our worlds, we focus A LOT on doing. We make goals that we can cross off our lists. But have you ever had a situation where you “did” everything you set out to do, but you still aren’t satisfied?

That’s because your focus has been on the external, instead of how you want to feel. When your compass is based on desires and feelings, you always know where to turn when making a decision.

So for example, if you decide you want to feel “FREE” this year, then anytime you have to make a decision, you just ask yourself “does this make me feel free or not?”

Use that as your compass when making and sticking to your list.

3) Check in with yourself periodically

Focus and desires are only part of the equation. Who cares if you make a goal and draw a line in the sand if you have no way of knowing if you’re actually getting there?

This one is all about breaking your “list” up into smaller increments throughout the year. So, give yourself quarterly measurable and tangible goals, and check in with yourself every three months to see where you’re at.

So…right now you’re in January. What do you want to accomplish and feel by the time April comes around?

Write that down on paper and mark it on your calendar. Right now. I’m serious. Go do that right now.

(did you do it? I’m watching)

4) Get help and accountability

This is my favorite one! Because nothing happens in a vacuum. Meaning…when you’re by yourself coming up with these goals, it doesn’t actually matter if you do them because no one is holding you accountable.

Another year can go by and you can be like “oh well…I didn’t write that book but…whatever.” And it’s easy to let yourself off the hook.

That’s why people tend to get more done when they’re in school, or if they have a boss breathing down their neck. A lot of people thrive with a deadline or when they have to “turn something in.”

I found this to be the most challenging part of personal development (= making my life more awesomer) and also the most challenging part of having my own business. Which is…no one is counting on me to follow through. No one is making me “turn in” anything. So whatever I want, is ALL up to me. And when it’s up to me, it’s easy to just slough off responsibility and stay in my pattern of not doing jack shit towards the things I want.

BUT…you can build in an infrastructure for yourself that is in service of keeping you on the hook, even if you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck.

You do that by hiring a coach, finding an accountability tribe, or a mastermind group. Maybe you have a good friend that you make an agreement with to help keep you on the hook.

And maybe…you join the Wildheart Revolution, which is ALL about this exact thing.

It’s about not only giving you the tools and lessons (like this one) that will help you move forward towards your goals and dreams in a lasting and final way, but we also have a team of 3 top notch, certified coaches there to coach you FIVE DAYS A WEEK when you’re feeling stuck, PLUS a group of dynamic people, just like you, to help keep you on track.

AND, we have a weekly accountability post, so really, it’s a no brainer.

The doors for Wildheart just re-opened for the first time in months and will only be open until THIS FRIDAY, so make sure you hop on into the coolest party on the internet.

blog 1.27

Either way…I hope you enjoyed this list of ways to stay on track with your Resolutions. I truly believe that ANYTHING is possible. With enough, clarity, focus, determination and tenacity, and heart, we can all create miracles.

And as you know, I love hearing from you. In the comments below…do tell me…what is your biggest goal for yourself this year? And which of these tools are you going to use to make sure it happens?

Cheers to an awesome and fulfilling and fun 2015. And I hope to get to spend it with you inside the Wildheart Revolution.

Love and lots of goals,


P.s. Wanna know what members of the Revolution are saying?? Watch this video to hear it from the horsies mouth XO

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What’s Wrong With You. (The Thing No One Wants To Tell You.)


What’s wrong with me?

What I asked when I felt sick to my stomach after being accepted into my top choice grad school for a Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s degree, and wanted nothing more than to not go.

What’s wrong with me?

What I asked myself when I wasn’t wanting to be with the guy that seemed “perfect on paper” but I had no spark for in real life.

What’s wrong with me?

What I asked myself when I suddenly got everything I thought I wanted, and I still wasn’t satisfied or happy.

What’s wrong with me?

What I thought to myself when something that once fulfilled me, suddenly didn’t anymore.

What’s wrong with me?

What I asked myself when nothing I was trying was working.

What’s wrong with me?

What I asked myself when I wasn’t inspired or motivated and couldn’t seem to get myself out of bed in the morning.

What’s wrong with me?

What I thought to myself when I couldn’t seem to see all the great things in my life and instead focused on all the stuff that was going wrong.

What’s wrong with me?

What I thought to myself when I was actively not practicing all the spiritual and coaching tools I had in my toolbelt.

What’s wrong with me?

When it was month three of crying every day over a relationship that ended, that I previously wasn’t even sure I wanted.

What’s wrong with me?

What I ask myself anytime something doesn’t feel good or right in my life and I can’t seem to fix it right away.

What’s wrong with me?

What I thought to myself when I felt all alone with no direction and nothing to grab onto.

I’m so curious, how often have you asked yourself this question? How many times do you feel like you’re wrong or bad or broken or messy?

How often do you blame yourself when you’re not feeling the way you think you’re supposed to feel? Or when things aren’t going the way you think they should be going? How bad do you feel when you have all the “tools” you’ve been taught but aren’t using them?

I’m guessing….a lot. I’m guessing your mind is on loop just like mine. And the more time that goes by, the more I’m realizing that this is a HUGE problem. It’s the problem of us “never being good enough.” For ourselves.

No matter what we do, it isn’t right. No matter how we feel, it isn’t right. Because even if for a fleeting moment we feel great and happy and accomplished and excited, that moment passes and our default mode is one of the above where we internalize and make wrong whatever we are feeling.

So to answer the question, what’s wrong with me? And what’s wrong with you? The answer is….nothing.

There is nothing wrong with us. And the sooner we all realize that, the happier we’ll be.

I believe that happiness comes from acceptance and presence about what is here right now, without judging that feeling. And the openness and courage to move forward when the time is right. I know it sounds hard to do. I know it IS hard to practice. I know it sounds like a bunch of bullshit, but think about it.

Where does your pain come from?
It comes from wanting to be somewhere else, rather than where you are. It comes from thinking that your feelings of unease and discomfort are wrong or bad. It comes from not accepting or being truthful about where you’re at.

And to me…THIS is Wildheart.

I know I’ve had some adventurous experiences in my life. You might be reading this and have known me from my Rock N Roll tour-in-a-band days. You might know me from my skip off to Costa Rica and run my business from the beach days. You might know me from my get in an RV with no plan (just a map) days. Or you might know me from seeing me online yesterday.

You might have an idea of Wildheart means, by looking at those things. You might guess that it’s about being WILD, or unruly, or traveling around and doing whatever the hell you want. And that might be true.

But for me, no matter what activity or adventure is going on in my life, there is one thing that permeates through what “Living Wildheart” looks like to me, and that’s following what my heart says in any given moment, and approaching that with kindness, grace, and honesty about what is truly happening for me. Even if that moment is me kicking ass in my business, or if that moment is me crying on the bathroom floor…again.

And that’s what the Wildheart Private community teaches you how to do.
It accepts you, right where you’re at. Gives you tools to move through that place with grace and ease. It supports you in your business endeavors (with weekly business coaching). It helps you work through your relationships (with weekly love/relationship coaching). It helps you get answers (with weekly tarot readings). It tells you that you are not alone (with the robust and dynamic community). And it tells you that it doesn’t freaking matter how long it takes to talk through the same thing that keeps showing up in your life, that there is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken.

It’s the net. The net that reminds you that there is nothing wrong with you and catches you when you feel like you’re falling.

I know it’s probably hard to grasp exactly what the Wildheart private community is all about, and that’s because this exact model hasn’t been done before. But it’s coaching, five days a week from a team of certified and skilled coaches (including me). It’s a safe space. It’s a place to learn and practice the tools that will change your entire life.

It’s finally getting that one concept you’ve been hearing around the internet for years, and finally implementing it in your life. It’s all at a price that is accessible to almost everyone. It’s your new home. And most of all, it’s the place where your Wild Heart gets to run free.

Doors for Wildheart open next week, for the first time in a couple months and the last time in…I don’t know how long.

You shouldn’t join if you’re looking for the quick fix or the next internet marketing fad that’ll help you “make six figures in five minutes!”

But you should join if you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked. If you’re tired of having the same thoughts, same feelings, same results in your life. If you are really truly ready to see major shifts and changes in your life. And if you’re ready to come home to yourself and home to “your people.”

Doors aren’t open yet, but they will be soon. Keep your eyes peeled and your heart open and I’m guessing that the right answer for you will whisper in your ear soon enough.

Make sure you’re on the list to get the call.

The little angel on your shoulder,

P.s. I’d really love to hear from you. Do you ever feel this way? Like there is something wrong with you? Maybe you feel this way right now. I’d love to know your experiences. Just hit reply to this message and let me know if this resonates and why.

10 Fun Ways To Practice “Being Enough” Right Now

blog 1.19

Today’s post on “being enough” is part of an awesome blog tour headed up by my friend and colleague, Andrea Owen of Your Kick-Ass Life. Starting February 1st she’s hosting something amazing: The Kick-Ass Courage Project: 7 Day Challenge. She’s challenging women just like you to do two Very Important Things. 1) Start cultivating self kindness and self compassion and 2) Start practicing “being enough”. The Challenge is totally free and Andrea’s hope is that she can shift two very important aspects of your life in 7 days. Click here to sign up!

As I was there there in my living room, with the firing burning to my right, and the Shovels & Rope Pandora station blasting “folk punk country” music out of the surround sound stereo in my new house, barefoot and in my pjs, doing my “2014 Wrap Up” before 2015 hit, I realized something really important.

But before I get to that, I want to share something about my past year.

2014 felt like a really challenging year for me. I had a ton of amazing things happen, don’t get me wrong, but my heart felt broken, tender, hurt. There were several things that happened that I wasn’t equipped (at the time) to deal with. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a year that felt this way…as though I was in quicksand of my apartment floor, seemingly unable to pick myself up from it.

Each breakthrough was met with an even harder time, as if being knocked around was the theme of 2014. And the truth is that all that happened, in the grand scheme of life, wasn’t even all that bad. Some heartache here, some really intense and hard situations there. But for the most part, all my family and friends were healthy, my business was strong, and I had an awesome place to live.

Which made me feel even worse. Like a bratty teenager all pissed about curfew.

But the truth was that in my world…it all felt hard.

And as I’ve reflected on the theme that seemed to run through all of those hard events that happened, I realized that there was one glaring theme that was tucked away inside each of these seemingly totally different situations.

And that theme was “not feeling like I was good enough.”

Let me explain.

I’ve always had confidence. I’m not someone who sits around and thinks I’m no good. I don’t show the usual signs of “unworthiness” or self-deprecation. So…honestly, I didn’t think I had a worthiness issue. I knew I had issues (like we all do) but I never thought that worthiness was one of them.

As I reflected this year, I realized that a lot of the pain felt from my various situation stemmed from the idea that I didn’t believe I was worthy of having great things.

Case in point: Some guy breaks my heart. And instead of being like “well…I don’t even know if I believed we were a good fit anyway…moving on” I say “And he was the best thing that ever happened to me and no one will EVER love me like that again and I RUINED the BEST thing in my whole life.”


Or…a complete stranger gifts me a mint condition 1983 Honda Nighthawk motorcycle, almost exactly the same one I had been secretly wanting. And instead of being like “WOW! Thank you Universe! That’s so awesome that you’re listening to my prayers!” I say “I should probably make sure I even the score and do something REALLY nice for other people so I don’t get punished for this gift.”


I believe our feelings of “not being worthy” crop up all over the place without us even knowing. Whether it’s deciding not to start a business because “what do I have to offer the world anyway” to deciding not to fall in love because “he/she is probably going to leave me anyway” to not choosing the restaurant of your choice when asked by your best-friend because you want to go to the place that SHE wants.

And I believe it’s a huge problem.

To me…feeling “enough” is key to having everything you want, because really, if you keep asking for things, but you don’t feel worthy of getting them, then you won’t get them. And all it takes to feel worthy, is the courage to decide you are, and then the tenacity to practice it.

So I’m taking a stand, with my friend Andrea Owen and everyone else participating in this “letting go of not feeling enough”/courage challenge, against unworthiness and making it my mission to let go of these bad habits that get in the way of me living my best Wildhearted life. Won’t you join me??

And if you have no idea where to start, here is a super fun list of 10 things you can try today to get you kickstarted on your “I AM ENOUGH” journey, and things you can do to start feeling enough, right this second.

Worthiness Practices

  1. Write a list of 10 things you love about yourself on a post-it and put that post-it on your bathroom mirror
  2. Reach out to your friends and loved ones and ask them to tell you their favorite three qualities they appreciate in you. Once you get the collection, make a collage and put it where you can see it all the time.
  3. Make it a daily practice to say “I am enough” at least ten times a day. I like to write it over and over again in my journal.
  4. Allow yourself to feel all of your feelings without numbing them with other people, alcohol, drugs, netflix, etc. Know that it is OK to be feeling exactly how you’re feeling.
  5. Try “tapping” or EFT. If you’re brand new to tapping, you can try starting with “even though I don’t feel worthy of a raise (this relationship, that new car, etc), I completely love and accept myself.)
  6. Pay attention to the things that trigger you feeling “not enough” and either eliminate those from your life, or decide to work on it
  7. Eliminate anyone on Facebook or Instagram (or any other social media) who you find yourself comparing yourself to.
  8. Do things that make you feel confident, happy and alive
  9. Know that you aren’t broken. There is nothing wrong with you. That you are complete and whole just the way you are.
  10. Cut out any toxic relationships in your life

And there you have it! My favorite worthiness practices. Which one is your favorite?

Feeling enough is the basis of our happiness. Being content with what is right here, right now is where Heaven lies. If we could all be kinder and more gentle to ourselves right now, the world would be a better place.

Make sure you check out Andrea’s free Courage Challenge.

courage blog tour

And I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Where in your life are you feeling unworthy right now? And how does that affect your behavior? What might happen if you didn’t believe those thoughts?

Make sure you leave your discussion in the comments below and cheers to a life of worthiness.

Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to chatting with you real soon.



P.s. Doors to my online coaching and lifestyle tribe, Wildheart Revolution are opening before you can say “IAMWORTHY!” Make sure you’re on the list to find out the second registration goes live.

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The Fail Proof Method To Making The Right Choice In Your Life

blog 1.13

This week, something funny happened.

I realized that…I got what I asked for.

And you might be thinking “ok great…good for you…so what?” and that’s fair. I’d probably be thinking the same thing.

But in noticing that I got what I wanted (which if you remember one of my last blog posts I asked for “dual residencies in both Montana and California), I’ve also noticed that a ton of other unexpected things have shown up.

That is…what has happened in the aftermath of getting what I wanted, has been a whole new set of things to worry about and choices to make.

I giggle when I write this because I’m absolutely not complaining. Like “poor me! I got what I wanted and now I have choices…WAH!” but more like, I wondered how much this happens to ALL OF US.

The aftermath of the “ask” and the “get.” And the choices we are then left with when we get what we want.

Here’s an example:

I wanted dual residencies. And then less than two weeks later, I had the opportunity to have that. My awesome downtown apartment in Montana is still mine, and I found an awesome spot in California directly in the middle between two sets of my friends and all of my family.

The place is gorgeous, centrally located, well priced, furnished with all the things I need and extra fun bonuses like an entire garage (not that I have anything to put in it but still), a 42” flat screen TV, surround sound, and a washer and dryer. The house was also hand built by a Montanan wood-worker, so the entire thing is custom built with the most beautiful wood you’ve ever seen. It’s rad.

HOWEVER…what I didn’t think about when I was making my wish was that now I have two homes! Which means two sets of expenses. Two sets of rent, two gym memberships, two internet connections, two cars, two parking passes, two lives. And in order to maintain this for any amount of time, it’s bound to be more expensive than I’ve been used to. At least double, but actually more since Cali living isn’t quite as cost effective as Montana living.

Which leads me to choice. What should I do? Should I close shop in one place and combine all assets? Should I figure out a way to make more money so that it’s a non-issue? Should I rent out the other place while I’m not there?

And these questions rattle around in my brain all day long. And each day that goes by, is another day I haven’t decided. And when you don’t make a decision, your life is in limbo. You feel confused. You aren’t totally present anywhere because you’re focusing more on the “what ifs” and “what should I’s” then you are on enjoying the two new homes you just acquired. You’re not sure if you should buy a trash can and a broom, or wait until you make a decision and grab the ones you have from Montana.

And this led me to thinking about choice in general. About how every single day, from the second we wake up until the second we go to bed, our entire day is filled with a series of choices.

Some are small, like how many times to snooze or what to eat for breakfast, and some are big, like what direction to go in for your business or whether or not you want to stay in your relationship/your town.

I have noticed along the way, that a lot of people’s success is tied up in their ability to make beneficial choices for themselves.

And at this point you might be thinking…”well…that’s the problem. How do I know if it’s a good choice or a bad choice?” or “how do I CHOOSE and know I’m making the right decision?”

And you’re in the right place. Because I have a formula. And it’s fail-proof. But it does take some awareness on your part, so if you want it to work, you have to be super honest with yourself and your heart.

Here’s the formula: Decide what your goal is + make every choice you make and action you do point toward that goal. (tweet this!)

If it doesn’t point to that goal, then you don’t do it.

Here’s an example from my own life…

In this decision that I’m having to make right now, the choice is between keeping both places, or just having one.

And I’ve just realized that my biggest desire and goal right now is to have BOTH. To not have to choose between two things I love and want in my life.

So my decision then becomes… “Ok…whatever I do in regards to this, has to be in service of keeping both.”

The actions could be a variety of things like rent my place out to a sub-letter, rent it out as a vacation rental, or just make more money.

At this point, there is a new choice. The choice now is “which option to choose?”

So I can go back to the formula and start with my goals. What do I want now? Well…I want the most freedom. And second to that, I don’t want the double expense. I want to be able to come to both houses whenever I want and stay for as long as I want without hassle. Do I care if strangers stay in my house? I’m not sure yet. But since I’m playing with the idea I’m going to say no.

So the choice and option that gives me the most freedom and the opportunity to not have to pay double rent is renting it out as a vacation rental. That way I can choose the dates I want visitors in there, and have it for myself the rest of the time.

So as you can see here, the “right” choice for me is the one in which what I want, and what choice I’m making are aligned. (tweet this)

And here’s a fun video to explain this even further and to throw out a super fun challenge for you all!

Ready to practice this in your own life?! Below is a super fun exercise you can try. It is taken from the “Heartwork” (that’s “homework” for us Wildhearts) that I send out to the Wildheart Revolution Private community every week.


1) Think about what decision you are trying to make right now. It could be big or small. About anything.

2) Discover what you TRULY want and what your overall (big picture) goal is.

And I say “truly” because a lot of times we think we want certain things when really, what you want deep down is something else.

This is an important piece. Go to that place that knows your truth inside. And ask.

This can be a business goal, personal, life, etc.

3) Make a list of the actions that are in alignment with this goal

4) Choose it

5) Share your discoveries us here in the comments below.

Choice is a huge part of life. You could argue that it is one of the biggest parts of life in that nothing can happen without first making a choice. So here’s to all our choices and having all our choices make a beautiful impact on our lives.

And if you want even MORE discussion and personal help with this, or if you dig these exercises, you’re going to want to make SURE you’re part of the Wildheart Revolution when registration opens back up this month.

It is THE PLACE to be to learn how to make real changes in your life, with a group of dynamic and amazing Wildhearts, and three coaches at the top of the game who are hell bent on you getting the life you want.

Be the first to know alllllll about it by getting all up in the party right here.

Happy choice making and I look forward to hearing from you!


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Change Starts Here (no…seriously)

blog 1.8Girls Guide To Making REAL Changes

Last night I did something that I do almost every night before bed.

I wash my face, brush my teeth, put on chapstick, and then I go to get into my pajamas. And then…I promptly throw all of my clothes on the floor.

To be fair, it’s not like I actually throw them. It’s more like I let them fall to the floor and then I don’t pick them up. Sometimes for days. Or weeks.

I’ll sometimes let my clothes pile up so much that I don’t even bother going to my drawers when I want to get dressed for the day since I know all my favorite things are likely in a pile on the floor, or strewn across my vanity, or draped over a chair, or right on the bathroom floor where I left them when I got into the shower.

To me…it hasn’t been a huge priority of mine to neatly fold all of my clothes every single time I take them off. And plus, I’ve lived alone for so long that I don’t have anyone to impress or “clean up for” or anyone to have to teach what is or isn’t an ok place to leave your clothing.

And so my bedroom almost always tends to look like someone who is going through their entire wardrobe and making piles of what to take to the thrift store and what to keep.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had thoughts before like “I should really be better about putting away my clothes” or “yeah…I really DO like it so much better in here when things are put away” but somehow, neither of those feelings are strong enough to motivate me to do something about it on a regular basis.

So…laundry party for me! Or lack thereof, rather.

And all of this was fine and dandy until last night. As I watched myself carelessly leave my belongings on the floor, even though in my new house they absolutely all have an organized home to go to, I remembered something.

I remembered a phrase I had heard many times along my journey.

Which is…


This flashed in my mind along with all my New Years intentions to do things differently this year. And all the thoughts I recently had (and the lesson I wrote only hours previous to my private Wildheart Community about how to create REAL change in your life (hint…it’s by changing your habits by doing the opposite of what you usually do).

And in that moment, everything came to a head.

I may not care about clothes on the floor, but what is this act signifying? It’s saying “eh….I don’t want to handle it…I’ll do it later.” And what happens? Later never comes. Well…I mean, it does come, but not until it’s forced to come either by company coming over or by me getting so disgusted with the state of my bedroom that I HAVE to do something.

Letting my clothes sit on the floor for days or weeks is an act of avoidance. An “I’ll do it later.” And since I know that “how you do one thing is how you do everything” I knew that I must be putting off a lot of other things in my life, that are likely way more important than whether or not my clothes end up in their drawers.

And thoughts rushed through my mind. Of all the things I’m currently avoiding. Of my knee jerk reaction to do just that when certain things show up. To slough off responsibility and say “oh…it’s fine…I’ll do it later.”

Tell that to my unopened mail that’s been sitting in my entry way for weeks. Or that phone call to a good friend I meant to return back in November. Or that gym practice I said I’d start “after all the craziness from the holidays die down.”

We are all so obsessed with “later” that the exact behaviors keeping us there create ONLY more “laters.” Because even if I pick up the pile of clothes on my floor, unless I’ve actually changed the root of the habit that got them there in the first place, the next time I get into my pajamas there will be a whole new pile.

This internal conversation happened quickly. And within five minutes, I picked up all my clothes, hung them up, put the laundry in the laundry basket, organized the closet (quickly), went into the kitchen and shut all the cabinet doors (that’s another habit I have…leaving them wide open), stacked on the dishes, and then I went to bed.

When I woke up…my house was orderly, neat, clean. And so I cooked breakfast, did the dishes, and went to my kundalini yoga class.

Change is in the little things we do every day that make that change happen. (tweet this!)

It’s in the decision to pick up the clothes off the floor even when I don’t really care or feel like it. To shut the kitchen cabinets when I notice them open even when they are ALL the way on the other side of the room.

Me avoiding this stuff is synonymous with me avoiding anything in my life. And by continuing those habits, I perpetuate the bigger problem of avoiding things that actually matter. Like my dreams and goals.

Change is a practice, just like anything else. Just like playing guitar. Or learning marketing skills for your business. Or learning how to meditate.

You have to do it over and over again in order for it to make a difference. And when you find yourself not doing it, you notice, and then you get back on the horse.

Last night…that’s what happened. I’m pretty sure that from here on out, I won’t pick up my clothes every single day, but last night was a turning point. A noticing that the way I’ve been doing things doesn’t support the things I want most in my life. And a change needs to happen.

Little by little. Piece of clothing by piece of clothing. Until always doing it is the new norm.

And this is a Wildheart life. It’s in the noticing. The dedication to trying to do things differently. To deciding what it is you want and be willing and open to learning the lessons to get there.

That’s why I created the Wildheart Revolution as an ongoing coaching and lifestyle tribe and community. To help us all notice these inconsistencies and be there to help you course correct.

It’s like the angel on your shoulder, except your angel is a group of amazing and dynamic badasses, plus three coaches at the top of their game.

Registration for Wildheart is going on RIGHT NOW and is time sensitive. If this resonates with you, then you’re a Wildheart. Join the group that will help you live these practices every damn day.

And in the meantime, here’s a little “#heartwork” (or homework…if you will):

Ask yourself: What is my “leaving my clothes on the floor”? Meaning…what is the thing that I’m doing that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s all part of a bigger picture of something I don’t want in my life?

Share: I’d love to hear what you come up with. Leave your answers in the comments below. 

Cheers to a “clothes free” floor!


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