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Proof you are not alone

The other day I was at my very first Reiki healing and meditation circle. I got an email from a friend mere hours before the thing was supposed to start, and had previously been looking for more “spritual” like things to do around town so it was perfect timing.

So I jumped in the shower, with not even enough time to brush my hair, and rushed to the crystal shop two towns over where the circle was to be held. I didn’t know anyone who was going to be there, but for a traveler, this is not a problem.

So I get there maybe one or two minutes late and everyone is already sitting around in a circle, with the lights dim. I say “hello!” with a big smile on my face and before I could properly meet all the people, I saw the sweetest looking dog curled up by a woman’s feet.

Now…I’ve become quite the dog lover. Which is funny for someone who used to be so annoyed by the excitedness of wagging tails, shedding fur, and slobbery tongues. But now, whenever I see a dog, I MUST go pet it. I’ve been known to run several blocks to pet a great dane. True story. Two weeks ago.

So I go over to Penny, the puppy and she starts licking me and cuddling up to me. So much so that the woman who was sitting next to Penny and her mom, moved so I could be closer to the dog.

Penny near jumped into my arms (which apparently is very unusual for her), and so I picked her up like a football and cradled her like a baby in my lap as I rubbed her belly and she looked lovingly straight into my eyes.

This went on for about ten minutes before she jumped down to curl back up at her owner’s feet. My first reaction was to feel loss, like “noooo! come back!” but my second reaction was to say “thank you for hanging with me that long!”

Previous to this moment, it’s been a bit of a tough week. You know…one of those weeks where you just feel sort of lost. And tired. And you get some news you don’t really want to hear. And you don’t know what your next step is and not in that exciting “anything is possible!” way, but in that darker “shit…what am I gonna do?” way. And so I was feeling that. And feeling disconnected.

And so when I got to this Reiki circle, not knowing what to expect at all since I’d never been to one before, I guess I was looking for something. Some guidance maybe? A sign to tell me that everything was going to be all right perhaps?

And right in that moment, during the Reiki healing, when I felt my eyes start to well up with tears, I asked for some help. Some guidance. And right then, Penny put her sweet little face on my foot.

I kid you not. It was the exact moment I needed to know I was supported. And not alone. I sat there with my eyes closed, and took a deep breath and smiled.

Earlier this week my mom sent me a picture that came full circle in this moment. It was a picture she said always makes her feel not alone and makes her feel loved by the higher ups (whoever they are).

And this is what Penny said too. You are not alone. I am here. You are being cared for right in this moment, even if you don’t feel like it. You are in the palm of my hand and won’t be forgotten.

Maybe you’ve had a week like me. Maybe your week was really hard on you. Maybe you’re feeling lost and alone and not having any clue what to do next. And if that’s the case, consider this email the little Penny cuddle on your foot. The note to let you know that you’re not alone, you’re being held in the palm of my hand. And if you need the support more than ever, close your eyes and ask for it.

Sending you lots of Pennies,

If you want a different result in your life, do the opposite of what you normally do

opposite day

I would bet my best cowgirl boots that you…want something.

Maybe you’ve wanted it for awhile and it aches in your belly or your chest as a longing to have. Maybe it’s a new desire that that is slowly (then quickly) revealing itself to you. Maybe it feels exciting to want it. Maybe it feels like heartbreak.

The act of wanting is such a pure thing. You get a feeling, a desire, and your body and your mind says “YES. THAT.”

But then something else happens right after that.

You doubt. You wonder “how am I ever going to get there…it seems so impossible.” Or “what if I change my mind?” or “I’m not good enough/smart enough/pretty enough/deserving enough to have that” or “what if I end up doing it and it still isn’t the answer?” Or you think “I’m not allowed to have that” whether that’s a self-imposed decision or one you picked up from your family or peer group.

And then at this point, you have a choice. To follow the “YES. THAT” feeling, or the “it seems so impossible” one. I wish I had better statistics, but from what I’ve seen, most of us spend a lot of our lives wanting “YES. THAT” but actually making choices that align more with “it seems so impossible.”

And then we all wonder why we don’t feel happy and fulfilled or have the life we truly want. We wonder why “it’s not happening for me.” And we then use that thought to prove that it is, in fact, so impossible.

But that’s not true. It’s not the case. Instead, the truth is that you’re getting exactly the thing you’re putting your attention and making choices toward. If you choose options aligned with “that’s so impossible” you’ll keep finding that it’s impossible.

So you might now be all like “Ummmm…yeaaaaah…ok so what do I do about that?”

And the answer is actually really really simple. And it is something that I was reminded of yesterday during an office hours chat with one of my members of the Wildheart Revolution.

And it reminds me of a game that we all used to play when we were kids. Remember “Opposite Day?” It’s where everything you said and did was to be the opposite. So if I told my mom “I really love it when you ground me…OPPOSITE DAY!” I am basically saying that I absolutely do NOT love it when she grounds me.

Well, the answer to the above question is similar to this game…

If you are finding the same undesirable result in your life and not getting what you’re wanting, then do the opposite of what you normally do. (TWEET THIS!)

So for example if what you’re really wanting is a successful and popular blog, but instead of writing you find a million excuses why you can’t (including drinking wine with your roommates), then the opposite of that would be to make the choice to write instead of drink.

If what you want is an amazingly beautiful, mind-blowing relationship, but you never leave the house and go talk to people, then the opposite of that would be to get out more.

The trick of the trade is to make all your decisions aligned with the thing you truly want, and by doing that, you make it happen.

You down to practice playing opposite day this week? This is how it works:

1) Discover what you’re unhappy with right this minute (boyfriend, job, kids, etc)

2) Think about what you would “normally” do in that particular situation

3) Do the opposite of that

4) See what happens

So I’m curious…what is something you’ve been wanting? And how much are your choices and behaviors aligned with that? And if they’re not aligned, what would be the “opposite”?

I’d love to hear from you so if you’d like to join in on the convo, hope on over to the comments below the blog and chime in and if you need help working through this exercise, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Have a great weekend! (not opposite day)


Red lipstick. My motorcycle. And the fear of sharks.

Fly on

Well hello there reader. :)

How are you today? How was your week? I hope good and if not, maybe something I say here can help for next week.

One thing I’m a big fan of is experiments. I imagine myself as a scientist in a lab…”What happens if I meditate every day for 40 days straight? What happens if I eat this way for a whole week? What happens if I only do things I really want to do?”

And from doing these experiments, I keep myself entertained, but I also learn A LOT about what works for me and what doesn’t.

This week in my private Coaching tribe, Wildheart Revolution, we all embarked on the experiment of “what happens when we find fun and fulfilling stuff for ourselves to do, and then actually do it.”
And I can tell you, it was awesome.

I called a friend and went to a new beach (and taco stand!) I’d never been to before.

While there we mused on college boyfriends, the irrational fear of sharks, and how annoying it is for her that people give her unwarranted parenting advice for her not-yet-born baby.

I went to see a KILLER band for free at the county fair all by myself even though I was kinda pissed my man got the days wrong and couldn’t go with me. I just slapped on some red lipstick and my best cowgirl boots (snake skin with embroidered uppers), grabbed a Bud Light and enjoyed myself.

Then I took myself on a moto ride and was reminded of why it’s so damn important to get out and adventure. While on my bike I remembered why I love riding so much.

My mind is usually going a mile a minute, but on my bike, there is only one thing. Presence. You to literally be here now like your life depends on it, because it does. There’s no time for extra worry or thoughts that don’t matter.

All you have is the wind and the air and the potholes on the ground. And because you’re present, you notice things you normally wouldn’t. Like the vultures I saw flying above. The bluebird flying from tree to tree. The playful pony in someone’s yard.

I know you don’t think of motorcycles and meditation as going together, but on that bike is the closest I ever come to being fully present. For me, it’s a spiritual practice. Playing with presence. And I had a great time.

And as I sit here on a Friday afternoon, getting excited to go see the Jason Aldean concert tonight at the fair and I’m gearing up for the Motley Crue one tomorrow, I think about how easy it is to plan things in my life that feel fun and fulfilling, and also how easily it is to forget that.

The beach is only a short drive away. My motorcycle sits in my garage constantly. There is music all around me. But the only difference this week is that I made the decision to go to the beach and get on my bike. And it completely changed my week and my mood.

So I don’t know how this email finds you. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re in a rut of your own, like I did on Monday. Maybe you’re sad that your summer is slipping away. Maybe you’re rocking and rolling and caught up in work that you are forgetting to carpe your diem. Wherever you sit, I hope that you’re smiling and if you’re not…get outside. Get on your bike. Grab a bud light, and bob your head to the band. Choose your own adventure.

I’ll totally wave to you on the street from my bike,


P.s. The doors to the Wildheart Revolution have been closed for awhile. I do that because it feels like a family in there and I like to keep the numbers down so that we can TRULY connect. If you’re reading this and are all like “I need some of that in my life” send me an email to VIP list…here you come. XOXO

Football. A Supermodel. And the Secret Ingredients To “Making It.”

blog 7.9

Don’t fall over in your chair or anything, but this weekend I was watching a “behind the scenes” profile on football quarterback, Tom Brady.

Now…I haven’t been much of a sports fan up until this point. I’ve watched a Super Bowl or two, had beers on Sundays with my buddies who were watching the games. I thoroughly enjoy going to a baseball game.

But I’m not the girl that you’ll usually find in front of the TV watching a show on sports on a Sunday morning, but last weekend it happened.

And what’s even more surprising is that I got way into it.

It was a show all about the story of Tom Brady. Quarterback of the New England Patriots. Winner of four (out of six) Super Bowls and three MVP Super Bowl awards. He helped set the record for the longest consecutive win streak in NFL history with 21 straight wins over two seasons. He has thrown more passing yards and touchdowns than any quarterback in NFL postseason history. He’s known as the “comeback kid’ for being able to bring his team up from being behind, and winning the game and I could go on and on. Plus…he’s married to a supermodel.

He is basically life’s golden child, and considered by many to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

But it wasn’t always this way.

In his early career, he wasn’t considered much of anything. His stats weren’t great. He was too skinny, too slow. He was said to have an “ok arm” and a “not very tight spiral.” One coach even said that it looked like he had never seen a weight room.

So when the NFL draft came around in 2000, no one was exactly chomping at the bit to get him on their team.

6 rounds of draft picks went down (that’s 198 players were picked by other teams) before he was finally selected. He was only 56 players away from being picked dead last.

So how did a too skinny, too slow, ok arm, go on to being one of the best quarterbacks of all time and what can we all learn from it?

This is the question that had me staring at the TV instead of walking on the beach last Sunday morning (don’t worry…I walked on the beach after). And it’s one that I think merits us all to look at. Especially those of us who have our own businesses or our own dreams that feel big and impossible.

Tom Brady’s story was wildly inspiring to me, and there are four major takeaways I can see as his secret to success. I believe if we all incorporate these ideas into our businesses, we can all have NFL Highlight-like careers.

Let’s dive in to the four secret weapons of success as learned through Tom Brady:

1) You have put in the time and the work

Tom Brady wasn’t the most naturally talented quarterback on the planet. But he had something a lot of other people didn’t. Absolute, sheer determination. He was hell bent on showing everyone that he was the absolute BEST guy for the job, and did what it took to get there. He practiced, he played, he studied. He went the extra mile when others didn’t.

In business it’s the same thing. You can’t just rely on your talent or skill (or lack thereof). You have to work at it. If you’re not a great coach yet, become one. Practice. If no one is listening to the songs you’re writing, go play them every single day until people start listening.

The NFL won’t come knocking on your door just because you want it and you know deep down you have a skill and talent that the world needs. They’ll knock because you’ve put in the time and you’ve proven yourself.

2) You have to believe in yourself and your abilities even (and especially) when no one else does.

Every review of Tom Brady went something like this: “Poor build. Very skinny and narrow. Looks a little frail and lacks great physical stature and strength. Can get pushed down more easily than you’d like. Lacks mobility and ability to avoid the rush. Lacks a really strong arm. Can’t drive the ball down the field and does not throw a really tight spiral. System-type player who can get exposed if he must ad-lib and do things on his own.”

It’s clear to see that he wasn’t at the top of the list. People didn’t believe that he’d amount to much. They thought 198 players were a better choice than him. But instead of letting that derail him completely, what he did instead was work harder and believe in himself more.

I hear it a lot in the business world that people stop creating when they don’t get the feedback/likes/props/engagement/customers they want. And after being a coach for six years now, what I REALLY want to say is “welcome to the club!”

The truth is that no one really cares what any of us do at first. People won’t believe in you. They’ll think your skills are crappy or your ideas are stupid. That’s all just part of the game. And it’s not a reason to stop creating.

The thing is that we have to make them care. And the way we do that is by working hard and believing in ourselves enough to not quit when the first family member, friend, colleague, or coach thinks you’re not good enough. Successful people HAVE to believe they can make even when no one else does. And that is the difference between becoming a Tom Brady or an Oprah Winfrey or not.

3) You can’t buckle under pressure.

This was one of my favorite parts of the documentary because it speaks to something that we don’t talk about a lot in the business world. Which is that people who “make it” are often people who know how to deal with and get through their stresses without completely falling apart.

I mentioned earlier that Tom Brady is known as the “Comeback Kid.” Which means that he has often been put in situations that are very stressful (ummmm I mean imagine playing a sold out stadium with millions watching all over the world) and has been able to perform and execute without the pressure getting to him.

Same thing happens in life and in business. Life is stressful. Business is stressful. There is no way around it. But in order to create something, do something, BE something (and maybe even end up in the Hall Of Fame), you have to be able to get through those stresses without buckling.

You must come up with systems to build your mental, spiritual, and emotional stamina in order to cross the finish line. (Click to Tweet that!)

4) You have to have heart.

I love this. And not just because “heart” is one of my favorite words and is part of my brand, but because this is perhaps the most important one. It is often discussed in the business world that in order to succeed you need to know your “why.”

Which means that you have to have a strong connection to why you’re doing what you’re doing. In other words, you have to have heart.

It’s the one thing you can’t measure on a stats card. It’s the one thing that will separate this player from that player, or this coach from that coach. And that is…how bad do you want it? And how much or little is your heart in the game?

It isn’t always the most “talented” person or the one who has all the statistics in their favor (time, money, resources, natural ability) that make it. It’s the ones that want it bad enough. (Click to tweet that!)

Tom Brady said it best when he said: “A lot of times I find that people who are blessed with the most talent don’t ever develop that attitude, and the ones who aren’t blessed in that way are the most competitive and have the biggest heart.” – Tom Brady

I still don’t know that I’ll be at the next football game but I love what this story is here to teach us. Really, I think success is simple. You have to:

1) Work your buns off

2) Believe in yourself even when no one else does

3) Learn to deal with your stresses

4) And care. Care more than anyone

I’ve been called too optimistic before but I absolutely truly believe that anyone can create the life and/or business they want to create. It doesn’t matter where you come from, the parents you were born to, the financial cards you’ve been dealt, or the unathletic body you’ve been given. These stories, of people like Tom Brady, or Oprah Winfrey show us that we can all be the greatest versions of ourselves if we’re just willing to do what it takes to get there. (click to tweet that!)

And now I’d love to hear from you….

Have you ever felt like your “statistics card” was stacked against you?

Have you ever had to be the “comeback kid” and pull out some mental strength from your back pocket?

Are you in this place right now where you’re not sure if you should keep going? 

Do share in the comments below and as always, if you like this article, make sure you share it with your friends.

Go long!


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What’s the difference between an intuitive “hit” and your mind talking you into it?

blog 6.7

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads where you don’t know what to do? Where you feel like each option carries so much weight, and you think you’ll turn into dust or something if you make the wrong decision?

Or maybe you have a decision to make and you’re feeling confused as to which way to go. You have a feeling about it but you’re not sure if that feeling is there because of intuition or because you’re scared of something.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then today’s post is for you.

I have a theory. That the emotion of confusion doesn’t exist, but rather what confusion is, is a knowing that you’d rather not know. And since you don’t like what you “know” you focus on being “confused” instead.

So it’s not surprising to me that I ADORED this Q & A from my good friend and psychic Licia Morelli all about how to tell if what you’re thinking and feeling is “intuition” or if it’s something you made up in your head.

I love it because it answers a question I get ALL the time. The question is…”how do I know that I’m making the right decision in my life.”

Licia gives so many amazing and wonderful tips that I wanted to share them with you today. So here goes:

I’ll cut straight to it – there’s nothing more I love than a good FAQ and as a clairvoyant psychic I get some doozies! Everything from “Can you read my mind? Are you doing it right now?” to “What if I get a curse cast upon me when I start trusting my intuition?”

Kooky? Yes. Valid? Abso-freaking-lutely.

Why? The answer is simple, the hardest thing in the world is learning how to trust ourselves and trust our intuition. We think it’s an “other worldly” gift that only the special people are given (I thought this too when I was young and now I’m a professional psychic!)

My most favey fave FAQ (besides “Can you read my mind?” (which by the way, I can’t and I’m super glad because that would be seriously bananas!) is “How can I tell the difference between an intuitive ‘hit’ and my mind talking me into it.”

I love this question because it really gets to the crux of why we have such a hard trusting ourselves and trusting the information that’s already present within us.

I’m completely guilty of asking anyone and everyone for help when I have a big decision to make instead of listening to the most important opinion – the voice inside me. I ask my husband, my mom, the mailman, the grocery clerk, poor Sally has had to listen me pontificate too! Tell me: have you also done this?

But inevitably, I always come back to the quote by Erica Jong “Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer and wish we didn’t”.

It’s so true. Most of the time, when we’re asking outside of ourselves for the information or to be guided we’re ignoring the intuition that’s already residing in front of us. The problem? We just don’t know how to trust it.

In response to the epidemic of intuitive lack of trust, I’ve created two lists, one on how to know if the answer is intuitive and one to know if it’s your mind talking you into it.

Intuitive Hits:

1. You get the goosebumps. Our body holds so many answers and one of the most basic recognitions of a YES is when we get the goosebumps when inquiring about next steps. Trust the bumps!

2. You feel it in your heart. You know the feeling, the warm and bubbly inside of you and your chest expands when you ask about the topic.

3. When you first saw the answer come through you didn’t deny the info. It was only after a moment or two that you let your mind start chattering. For example, you asked yourself if the course topic you just thought of was the right direction to offer your list and right away the following happens: goosebumps, heartfelt sense, a smile emerges on your lips (all intuition). Trust that initial fluidity – that’s where the true answer lies not in the WHAMMO head rolling “nope, nope, nope” that starts you second guessing about two minutes after the first feel good moment.

Your mind talking you into it:

1. You feel brain tired after asking the question. Literally, your brain feels foggy and tired and there is a repetition happening over and over inside of your head.

2. You feel like you’re telling yourself a lie. It just doesn’t “sit right” but you keep telling yourself that it’s right even though you feel cruddy about it.

3. You feel like you’re beating your head against a wall, over and over, and over again, asking everyone you know what they think until you get the answer you want to hear!

So the next time you have a decision to make or searching your soul for the best next move you need to make – take out this list and ask yourself:

*Where do I feel it? In my head (ego) or in my heart (intuition).

*How many people have I asked about this X,Y,Z problem today? (If it’s more than one –you – it’s not intuition!)

*Do I feel confident in myself? (Yes- intuition, no- your mind talking you into it.)

*Am I consulting the tarot deck multiple times a day over and over until I get the right card? (Your mind talking you into it)

*Do I feel light and airy when I think about the outcome? (Intuition)

It’s so fun being over here at the Wildheart Revolution today and I hope this has been helpful for you as you embark on your next decision making process. I would love to hear what you think!

Comment below and let me know: When is the last time you got the goosebumps and did you follow through on the idea? Also, tell me – how do you know if you’re having an intuitive hit rather than your mind talking you into it?

Inquiring minds want to know!


Licia Morelli

PS If you’re way into tapping into your own intuition more and more check out my new course The House of Woo – 4 weeks to show you how to increase your psychic and intuitive hits to get ahead in business and life! xo


Licia Morelli is an internationally recognized clairvoyant psychic, intuitive coach, speaker, media personality, and author.

Licia is currently awaiting the release of her first children’s book on mindfulness and meditation from Tilbury House Publishers in August 2015. She is the featured resident psychic on morning drive radio at the 92 Moose (92.3 FM or morning show and has been a featured blogger in elephant journal and Tiny Buddha. Licia is also the founder of The House of Woo and loves teaching people how to listen to and trust their intuition on a daily basis (even though she realizes she may work herself out of a job because of it.)

When she’s not invading the psychic sphere you can often find Licia eating frozen yogurt and searching for witty banter. See more at Licia’s website, Facebook and Twitter.



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