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Wildheart Celebrity, Kristen Glasheen. Roller Derby Girl & Self-Love Crusader.


The Wildheart Revolution opened its doors for the very first time four months ago.

And in that time, I have been absolutely, 100% BLOWN AWAY by all the members. They are fascinating, dynamic, and they each have a story to tell that we ALL can relate to.

And instead of just hogging all their brilliance to myself, I decided to share them with you.

Every one of them has something beautiful to teach us.

Our Wildheart Celebrity today is no different.

Kristen Glasheen has had a trying life (to say the least…abandonment, death, abuse). She’s worked extremely hard to be at a place where she is happy, healthy and madly in love with her husband and her life, and she wants to share some of that wisdom with us. I’m in awe of her words below.

I hope she inspires you as much as she inspires me! Meet…Kristen Glasheen.

“Hi! I’m Kristen Glasheen. I live in Bozeman, MT. I spend most of my days working hard to play hard.  I am an Operations Manager for a local Physical Therapist, and in my free time I love to play roller derby, ski, travel/ Overlanding, and spread light and love. I’m currently Wildhearting by living my dreams with my husband.  We are planning on living in Ireland for 1 year( 5 YEAR PLAN), and then spending parts of our years in Mexico.

I Wildheart by learning the best ways to love myself, so that I can love the world in the best ways possible.

And if I could give you one bit of advice it would be -Learn to love yourself, and the rest just happens naturally.  Forgive yourself and forgive others, regardless of who wronged who (TWEET THIS!).  It doesn’t matter. Do what you want TODAY, tomorrow isn’t soon enough!  Don’t let your fears hold you back. It’s really that simple.

In three sentences, give us the cliff notes version of your life. How did you get from where you were to where you are now?

My childhood and early adulthood was pretty darn ruff.  I learned to run from pretty much everything in life and myself that I feared.  I began to nurture my whole being and landed the life that I had always dreamt was possible.

What business or cause are you involved in?

I advocate for survivors of Domestic Abuse and Rape.

Here is one of the latest projects that I have been blessed to be apart of.

What do you love the most about your life?

I have the ability to live the life that I want. I take full responsibility for my happiness, and I love that I am truly full of so much happiness and joy!  I let myself feel my feelings and emotions and this ultimately is one of the biggest successes of my life.  I love that I have a happy life!


What has been your biggest struggle and how did you get through it?

Abandonment, loss and rejection are by far my biggest struggles.  I have suffered from loss my whole life.  My mother abandoned us kids in the early parts of my childhood.   I have buried a fiance and a brother, and I have been faced with losing myself in the process.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be “through it”.  I am triggered often and it doesnt ever seem to get easier.  I choose to not run from all that surfaces from those triggers.  I look it right in the eye and I let it wash over methrough me, and I let it go.  I know that happiness exist somewhere on the other side.  I have faith that I am capable of loving every part of myself through it all in order to find that happiness.  It does exist, but only if you want it to.

What has been your biggest personal breakthrough moment?

Forgiving my mother.  Not just saying it, but feeling it.  Loving her unconditionally without pretense.  Once I forgave her, I felt the love that did exist.. Once I forgave her it became easier to forgive myself. I began to truly love her and myself.  That little girl inside of me was no longer abandoned.  She was loved, nurtured, and capable of pretty much anything.

I had the opportunity to write and perform my very own Vagina Monologue.  This pretty much sealed the deal for me.

What is something we would never guess about you from looking at you?

I suffer from anxiety.  I am a stress case at times.  It doesn’t control me, I control it.

What is something you’re excited about right now?

I am excited about my career!   This is such a huge success for me.  I’m excited that I am working for a company that wants to see me succeed and live my dreams.

What does it mean to you to be a Wildheart?

It means living the life that you want, not the life you feel you have been given (TWEET THIS!).  It’s up to you!

It means being apart of a community of everyday, real life, go getters.

What has been your favorite Lesson and Heartwork inside the Wildheart Revolution and why?

Wildheart Lesson: Our Relationships Are Here To Grow Us

This lesson help me to realize that although I had forgiven my mother and my past, I was still allowing it to affect me and my relationships.  I was stuck in old habits and repeated cycles.  This lesson was a game changer for me.

What is your favorite quote?


If you could speak directly to the next generation, what message would you want to give them?

The only person who can love you the way that you need to be loved, is yourself (TWEET THIS!).  It is not up to your parents, your partner, your friends, or the world.  I promise you, if you put yourself first, if you choose to love yourself, everything else has a way of working itself out.

If we want to know more or get in touch with you, how can we find you?




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  1. A fantastic interview with such an incredible person! Thanks Sally for highlighting Kristen! You’re both such amazing people. Here’s a link to what I basically consider a follow-up interview to this one:

    • Sally says:

      What an absolutely beautiful follow-up and a beautifully important project you’re doing. This interview is filled with wisdom, vulnerability, and a peek behind the curtain of humanness. A view we don’t normally get to see when we all keep our curtains nice and clean and closed, as to save our hearts from being seen.

      Thank you for exposing this wonderfully raw story told by an inspiring, strong, resilient person. You guys are both admirable.

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