I knew you were a Wild One! I look forward to our call. Here are the instructions to get you all signed up and ready to go:

  1. Book your hour call on my scheduling link by clicking right here
  2. Tell me what you’d like to “pick my brain” on by filling out this questionnaire here
  3. Do a little happy dance (bonus points for recording it and sending it to me

Just as a reminder…this is a brain-picking session and not a coaching session. Which means that I’m not here to get inside your head or your business, but rather I’m here to answer any questions about how I built what I built, or how I’ve created what I’ve created.

By default, that helps you with your business, especially if you’re wanting to create something that I’ve already created!

Can’t wait to have my brain picked by you.

Chat soon!


Sally Hope

Welcome, Wildheart!