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Hey Wildheart (yeah YOU!). I might be a teeeeeeeensy bit psychic, and I have a suspicion that these are some things you’ve been upset about lately.

1) You want a, connected, sparked, passionate, vibrant relationship but you don’t have it. 

2) You’ve been dreaming of living a Wildheart Life, but you feel like it’s so impossible. 

3) You’re in pain and it is consuming you.

4) You feel confused. Overwhelmed. Not knowing your next step. Or how to create what you want.

5) Your business isn’t going the way you want it to

6) You want FREEDOM. In your job. Your relationship. Your life. 

Here’s the thing…you’re super smart, dynamic, fun, a bit rebellious, sensitive (even though you don’t show it on the outside), ambitious, free-spirit type who feels like something just isn’t quite right in your life right now. And you’re afraid that if you don’t change something, you’re going to be like this forever.

If you nodded your head yes to any of these, it’s time to talk to a Life Coach. ME.

It’s time to talk to me.

And the good news is that I’m wanting to talk to you.


There is nothing I love more than helping you with ALL of this stuff. It’s my favorite thing to do. And because of that, we both benefit. If you’re curious…even a little bit…get your free 20 minute call.

I want to help you on your Wildheart Way. With this new “FreeHeart” call.

To Live. Free. To Have. Love.

I know it’s kind of scary to talk about this stuff but, and you might be feeling a bit shy, but:


Nothing ever changes if we don’t change the way we’re doing it.


I have five spots open for this free call each week. First come first serve. Get it while it’s hot.

In order to get your call…just answer these questions. After you hit the “submit” button, on this same page, you will get a link to my online scheduling system where you can book your call. Right here. Right now. I look forward to talking to you. No better time than right now.


And in the meantime, enjoy this video. This is the song I like to sing when I’m ready to make a big change.

Your Wildhearted Companion,


Email me with any questions: sally@sallyhope.com

P.s. Know what always helps me when I’m upset? Bawling my eyes out for a little while, drinking some tea, then putting on my favorite lipstick and taking myself dancing. What about you?

P.p.s. Also…wanted to give you a heads up that is soon going to be a brand new way to work with me. A subscription…$35 a month will get you a weekly coaching lesson and homework, and private facebook group to discuss homework and other Wildheart type things, one live group coaching call per week, one live Facebook office hours coaching per week, and random contests and giveaways. If you’re interested in getting more info when it’s ready, sign up HERE.

Welcome, Wildheart!