A Wildheart life.

Isn’t that what you want? A life where you’re loved (friends, family, partner), supported (financially, emotionally, spiritually), and celebrated (by you and by everyone in your life) just for being you. A life where you’re the best and most YOU version of you there could ever be.

I know you want this, because it’s what I want too. And what my whole Wildheart community wants.

And if you’re anything like me, I know you set all the intentions, the big impact goals, filled out all the worksheets, lit some palo santo and offered it all up to the universe this past New Year’s Eve.

Because it’s 2018, and it’s the year you’re creating and calling in the next level of your amazing life.

The perfect life that you’re preeeeeeetty sure is on it’s way, but sometimes seems like it’s taking its sweet ass time getting here. (I know, sometimes I think that too.)

And so you need a little faith boost, a little supercharge to draw all that you desire closer and closer to you.



That’s exactly what this meditation is for.


Imagine having a simple daily practice that was all about making you enchantingly irresistible so that you magnetize all that you desire straight to you…


Enter: Your Enchanting + Magnetic Personality Meditation


You’re probably thinking, “wait, what exactly is this??”

It’s a (super-quick!) kundalini yoga meditation that we’ll practice together, daily for 40 days (in as little as 7 minutes a day), that has the specific effect of giving you an “enchanting and magnetic personality.”

We’ll start on March 23rd and go until May 1st, with live group support, weekly Q+A calls, instruction videos and a guided meditation to follow along with. This is a live group where you’ll get support, attention, and allllll your Q’s A’d along the way! (Totally setting you up for success, btw.)


And here’s how I see What this all means:

You know all those big plans and goals you set, and are working your damndest to bring into reality?

They’re all out there for you. The dream house, the relationship, the clients, the creative fulfillment – whatever it is, it’s possible.

And with this meditation, you’re putting yourself in alignment with all of those desires, and literally magnetizing them to you. Calling them in.

I know first-hand that this stuff works. The first time I did this meditation? The next day, a complete stranger gifted me with a free motorcycle….the exact one I had been thinking about. Whoa. Talk about being magnetic!



So if you’re feeling like:

  • You KNOW what you want, but it’s just not arriving fast enough
  • You’ve got that niggling fear that life might always be how it is right now, and you’re totally not ok with that (settling is so 2017)
  • All that New Year’s goal setting momentum is starting to fade and you need a boost (faith, energy, inspiration)
  • 2017 was preeeetty rocky, and you’re determined to make 2018 the BEST
  • You could use some accountability and friendship on the path to your amazing Wildheart life (there’s no need to go it alone!)




…I’ve created this 40-day program JUST for you.

Because I KNOW you don’t want things to stay exactly the same as they are right now. I know you don’t want to wake up on December 31st 2018 and go “wait…where did the year go?? And why didn’t all my goals become reality?? And I can’t believe I’m here AGAIN.”

After 40 days of this meditation the universe will be finding you totally irresistible and a match for all you want to manifest in 2018

Heck, after ONE day of this meditation I had a complete stranger gift me a free motorcycle. Full. Power. Manifesting.



On my second day of practicing the enchanting & magnetic personality meditation, I had one friend invite me on a trip to Mexico, and another invite me to a concert. Within hours of each other. And in the span of 40 days I’ve attracted over $3500 from unexpected sources, and easily (like so easily it’s shocking) snagged my dream apartment for a few month stay in Vancouver. Not to mention all the new business contacts I seemed to be accidentally attracting to me online, and friends wanting to catch up on Skype. The magnetic, attracting quality of this meditation is NOT A JOKE!!” — Ainslie


This stuff works, for realsies.


You can expect to feel:

  • Lighter and more optimistic about your specific goals, and life in general
  • Willing to trust that the universe (god/the moon/whatever you believe in) has got you covered and you just have to do your part – not move mountains alone
  • Open to new possibilities, opportunities, and new friends
  • Like you’ve got a solid place to come back to if your faith in shit working out starts to waver (let’s be real, we alllll have those days!)
  • Like you’ve got a whole tribe of friends in this with you and cheering you on to success (umm, because you DO)


And while we can’t say what will come into your life, we can say that you’ll be open to all the possibilities, synchronicities, and gifts that are available to all of us daily (but we something miss because we don’t think they’re possible).


But don’t just take it from us. Take it from our members and their amazing experiences:


Krystal RayLynn $1000 testimonial


Cindy Testimonial


Carrie Montgomery Testimonial


Kasey Corbit Writing Contest Testi


Cathy Holway Enchanting Day 1 testimonial


Liz Lennon Testimonial


Abby Oliver Day Zero Testimonial



Krystal FB Testimonial


It feels like a solid foundation. To me, the benefit of meditating is allowing. Allowing myself to ask and receive—spiritual, emotional, physical manifestations. But the biggest benefit is trusting that I am being guided & all I have to do is focus my intentions and energy. I don’t feel alone. — Annelise Dekker

I really feel that meditation is helping me with life’s bumps and mountains to climb… keeping me more righted and not rocked so hard by the waves of problems we all are dealing with! – Louisa Cardinalli


So how exactly does this all work?

  • Starting March 23rd, for 40 days (until May 1st) we’ll practice one specific meditation so that we really amplify the benefits
  • You’ll get video instructions and a guided version of the practice to follow along with on our members-only website so you NEVER have to wonder wtf you’re supposed to be doing!
  • A Private Facebook community with a daily check-in and discussion to keep us all accountable, and make some new friends (that is afterall one of the effects of this meditation!)
  • Weekly livestream Q&A in the Facebook group to answer any q’s, share wins, and chat about what’s going on with all of us (seriously my favorite part!!)
  • Signature Wildheart “Heartwork” exercises to help you get super clear on what you want to be magnetizing and attracting into your life with this practice
  • Bonus #1: Our favorite “Evidence Log” exercise that seriously amplifies your manifesting powers and builds up your abundance mindset
  • Bonus #2: “Basics of Meditation” with Ainslie Greig, including the simplest meditation exercises you’ve ever encountered to get you living more intentionally, and with more ease every day.
  • Bonus #3: “Basics of Tapping” with Ainslie Greig – an intro to tapping geared towards making our meditation even more effective, and breaking down how you can use this no-brainer tool for a few minutes a day (or more or less) to clear out limiting beliefs that have been blocking you from the life of your dreams for years.


Investment: $149

Live Group March 23rd-May 1st





It’s been really so incredibly helpful to me. I can’t even describe. I’m MANIFESTING the FUCK out of shit rn. I’m up for a gig painting a mural at the Beverly Center in LA. which would be reallllllly huge for me  — Stevie

Previously I always said I wanted to meditate but never fully committed and took action. Same with many other things and I was always disappointed in myself.

In Sally’s first 40 day I committed and participated every day and beyond but this is the one that has dug in and grown roots for me.

I tend to start something and not always finish. It depends on what it is. I believe this has given me confidence and roots that will help me make and keep/stick to new habits/changes instead of reverting to old patterns in meditation and in other areas of my life. – Tammra Sterling




1. What do you mean about “Kundalini practice?” Will we be doing yoga poses?

In this practice we will just be doing a meditation. The same meditation for 40 days. It has a beautiful mantra, and a simple arm movement that works on making us enchanting and magnetic, ie calling in all our desires to us. I mean…pretty cool eh?

2. Are you a trained Kundalini Yoga Teacher?

Yes! I am certified through KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) and I got my training through Golden Bridge in Santa Monica.

3. What if I start it and decide I don’t want to continue?

You have the right to start and stop as it feels right to you but there are no refunds. So if you feel called to do this I recommend that you join and make a commitment to yourself to continue with us. As Yogi Bhajan says (the guy who brought Kundalini yoga to the west) “commitment is the first step to happiness,” so you will benefit at the very least by committing to something.

With that being said, if something comes up for you during this time, you’ll have access to the material as long as it exists, so you can come back to it as many times as you’d like throughout the year.

4. I’m not very flexible. Will I be able to do this?

YES! This meditation involves sitting with your legs crossed and some simple movements with your arms. If you can’t sit this way, you are welcome to lie down or sit in a chair for this meditation.

5. I’ve tried meditating before and I suck at it. My mind raced and I got bored. Should I do this meditation?

I get it. I SO get it. I have a bad case of “monkey mind” but the more I’ve meditated the better it has gotten. And truly, the point of meditation is to notice when your mind starts wandering and bring it back to the focus you intend for the practice (breath, intentions, in this case “your best future” etc), so really, as long as you’re noticing, you’re doing a great job. I don’t believe there is such thing as a “clear” mind or completely “clean slate” so that isn’t the point. I believe the point is to commit to do it and do your best and keep coming back even if it’s challenging or boring.

6. What if I can’t clear my mind?

Don’t worry, neither can I. And neither can the Dalai Lama. The point of meditation isn’t to “clear your mind,” but to become aware of what’s going on IN your mind so you can get some distance from it. Not to get tooooo deep in a lil FAQ section, but if there’s ONE single most important lesson from all types of meditation, it’s this: you aren’t your thoughts. Thoughts just happen, and they fill your mind, and usually we believe them even when we don’t need to! Meditation is just about creating some space around those thoughts so that we can choose whether to believe them or not (and it’s usually or not.)

AND, super cool fact about this particular meditation – we’ll be using a mantra during the practice, which means that your mind has something else to focus on (besides your thoughts) which by default sort of “clears your mind” without you even trying! Bonus! Mantra has some other rad benefits that we’ll be exploring more inside the meditation!

7. What if I accidentally skip a day during our 40 days?

Then you can get back on the horse the next day. :) The way that these meditations work is that every day you do it in a row, you build more potency. 40 days is the least amount of time it takes to change a habit, so you’ll want to strive for doing 40 days in a row.

8. This isn’t a good time for me, what if I get busy and can’t keep up?

Only you know if you truly have time for this, but here’s the thing: there are ALWAYS excuses and reasons in our mind why it’s “not a good time” to take time for ourselves, for our development and growth. And I get that, but I like to look at it like this: if not now, then when? When WILL it be a “good time” to gift ourselves with some love and attention on calling in the life we really, truly desire most?

We chose to do this particular practice NOW because we wanted to build on all that good goal-and-intention-setting we did around New Year’s, so we think this actually IS the perfect time for this practice – especially if you feel busy!

9. Is this only for women?

Definitely not! Meditation is an equal opportunity co-ed sport ;) We always have a few dudes in every one of these programs, and we love them!

10. There are tons of meditations online for free…why should I pay for this one?

You’re right! There are lots of meditations for free. And my question is…how many of them have you done for 40 days in a row on your own? I’m not trying to be a jerk here but here’s the thing…there is something really powerful when you COMMIT, not only to yourself, but to others and to your bank account, that you are going to do something.

Joining something like this gives you ALL the information you need to understand the meditation and all its nuances, to get daily check ins and accountability for when you want to quit (which you will), a community who is doing it with you to support you, live streaming Q&A’s, bonuses, and everything you possibly need to be successful. If you already have a strong meditation practice and don’t need or want any of the things above then totes do it how you’ve been doing it.

Investment: $149

Live Group March 23rd-May 1st







Thank you for providing this container to develop a practice. I’ve already gotten so much out of it. I have had things fall into place at work, like all the confusion and tension melted away and what I had been seeking but unclear about for months finally manifested. It actually came to me, people called and reached out. — Sunshine

Welcome, Wildheart!