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Why do I even care?

As you know by now, I have a 40 Day Meditation Challenge coming up called Enchanting and Magnetic Personality meditation. I want to share a story with you but in case you don’t want to read all the way to the end I want you to know that TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF EARLY BIRD PRICING, which means that as of 6 pm PST tonight, the price will go up $50.

Now that that’s out of the way…back to the story… :)

As I was thinking about what I really wanted to share with you today, I realized I wanted to talk about WHY. Why am I doing this?

Why am I putting together a meditation course for you (which let me tell you…most people don’t jump at the idea of meditating…it’s not exactly something sexy to sell you like a business course or a “find the ONE!” course)?

So…why do I even care?

And as I was thinking about this, I came across this picture of myself that was taken over three years ago. I can remember the moment like it was yesterday… (btw #nofilter)

You probably wouldn’t guess by looking at it, but this picture was taken during a really overwhelming and hard time of my life.

My business had grown by three times in a really short time which was absolutely incredible in a lot of regards, but it also had me so busy and stressed that I was hardly sleeping, seeing friends, getting help, or talking to my family. I kept trying to hire people to help me and I just found myself tossing thousands of dollars out the window. At the same time I had a broken heart that I couldn’t seem to shake and didn’t have the emotional stamina to keep my business running. It felt like everything was falling apart and about to explode. I felt lost.

Right around this time my friend told me to check out this thing called Kundalini yoga. “I think you’d like it” he said. And so desperate to find anything that would help me, I found a class in town and went to it and IT BLEW MY MIND.

Within the first hour I was bawling. I didn’t know exactly why, but I knew I couldn’t (and didn’t want to) stop it. It was like all this stuff I had been hanging onto my whole life was finally getting released.

Things became clear that were hazy before. I had access to my emotions and myself that I had never experienced. I had a tangible tool to get me through specific emotions. And I felt like there was something I could DO to feel better.

So I decided to take on my very first meditation 40 day challenge (which was about 39 days longer of meditating than I ever had been able to do up to that point) and picked a meditation that I thought sounded awesome. It was called “enchanting and magnetic personality” which was supposed to make me irresistible to my dreams and bring new unexpected friends and opportunities my way.

Within a month a complete stranger had gifted me a motorcycle, I got free backstage passes to a show I really wanted to see, I had my first $20,000 month, 22 women from all over the US and Canada flew to Montana to join me at my first ever live Wildheart Retreat, and two people stepped in to run my entire business for a whole week so I could be completely “off” with no computer and no phone.

This pic was taken during that week. All I did was read and lay in my hammock and go to yoga and drink green juice and go mushroom hunting and see rock shows and go to the hot springs and get lost on a back road with a cute guy on the way to the hot springs. When I see this pic I see the clarity in my eyes. The absolute surrender. I was a magnet.

So what does this have to do with you? Well…everything.

I wasn’t always the type of person to bring things to me. And I definitely wasn’t always the type of person to meditate. In fact, I thought it was stupid and so boring. But I’ve seen what is possible when you commit to do something that is helpful for you in your life, and you do it regularly.

$20,000 months are great. But what is even greater is that I’m a better person now. I’m more loving to my family. I’m more honest with my loved ones. I’m more direct in my communication. I’m more clear on what I want. I’m less focused on getting people to like me and more focused on just being who I am. And all of these things combined make me a magnet for opportunities.

And by being this way, good things seem to come to me and I feel so grateful.

I truly believe that the more people feel these ways, the better we will be to the people in our lives. Which then has a ripple effect on the planet. When we are kinder, more fulfilled people, we contribute more kindness to the world. And the more we do that, the better the world will be and the less we will all suffer. And that is my greatest goal in life.

So why am I doing this?

Because I truly believe it can change the world, your world, and the world of everything and everyone around you. It only takes one person to be better to inspire a whole nation. It only takes one decision to change the entire landscape of your life. Is that person going to be you?

Today is the last day of Early Bird pricing. Don’t let today pass wondering what could have happened if you said yes.

Worried about the time commitment? (it’s only 7 minutes a day) Worried about the money? (it’s less than your grocery bill and will last far longer) Worried it won’t work for you? (well it DEFINITELY won’t if you don’t try it)

Get all the info you need to join us and get your questions answered by clicking right here. You don’t have to just “wish” for your dreams. There is actually something you can DO. And you’ll be doing it together with me and a bunch of incredible Wildhearts who want the same thing that you do…a great life.

Early Bird ends tonight at 6 pm PST. Say yes.


Your Manifesting Sister

P.s. If you are like “I REALLY need this in my life but I literally can’t pay rent right now” reply to this email and let me know and I’ll see what we can do. But don’t do that if you technically do have the money but you’re not willing to spend it here.

Enchating & Magnetic Personality Meditation open NOW (time-sensitive bonus below)

A few years ago I was at the height of the Wildheart Revolution online coaching community where I talked to people all day every day about the various aspects of their challenges.

And as I learned more about what everyone was going through, I noticed that there was still something missing.

Now don’t get me wrong…coaching is INCREDIBLE and I believe in it with my whole (wild)heart. But what I came to realize was that it wasn’t the whole picture. That there were perhaps some things that we can’t get to, simply by talking about them, reading books about them or watching webinars about them, rather that there needs to be a deeper understanding of ourselves and the energy around us that governs our lives in order to make real change.

In other words, we need to know ourselves and be in cahoots with that-which-is-bigger-than-us.

It was at this point that I decided to make it my mission to find this thing that would help us all do that, in a way that is tangible, practical, simple, and anyone could do in less than 10 minutes a day.

To be fair…this wasn’t entirely altruistic. At the time I felt completely overwhelmed with my life and business, lost, and completely broken hearted from a recent breakup. I was “down in the dirt” (as they say), and needed to find something to lift myself up.

Little did I know that this journey of discovery would lead me to one of my own biggest personal joys in life (teaching Kundalini meditations), but also teaching something that has the ability to change people’s lives in a real and tangible way.

“What I loved about the meditation is how deep I went. I wasn’t expecting to do any releasing or have it impact my life in such a profound manner. So simple yet it really took me to my core. It changed my life by getting to the core belief that limited me and impacted my whole life. Through this awareness, I can now start living my life from a different place – more loving and compassionate towards myself. -Sarah G.”

“I feel excited to have connected with a meditation type that enhances my mental balance and which also puts aside time to visualise my dreams, goals and intentions. It feels really productive in a super zen way.” – Ballantyne H.

There’s a reason yogis have been doing this for thousands of years. It WORKS. And not just for monks on a mountain, but for everyday folks like you and me.

So then why don’t we all do it? Why don’t we all have a daily meditation practice?

Well…it’s because it seems hard. It seems like it takes too much time. It feels boring. We all feel like we’re “doing it wrong” because we can’t “clear our minds” which let’s be honest…NO ONE CAN (not even the Dalai Lama). And it’s because we don’t have proper instruction and enough support and encouragement.

That is…until NOW.

I’ve created the perfect container to get your meditation practice solid. Even if you’re not sitting around thinking “You know…my life would be a lot better if I meditated”, you’re probably saying “Why the hell don’t I have what I want YET…I’ve been doing all the right things for years…I’ve been reading the books and taking the courses, talking to my therapist/coach/shaman/astrologer…it should be here by now, and I’m tired.”

Well…what if this is the missing link?

What if this is the thing that is going to turn it all around?

What if this is the thing you haven’t tried yet?

Even if you’ve meditated before…you haven’t meditated like THIS. I mean…who else is going to teach you to be “Enchanting” and “Magnetic” and explain it all in a way that your 4 year old daughter or 90 year old grandma could understand?

“I always thought meditation wasn’t for me, but know I feel like it’s about the right meditation. It’s also made me feel like I am in control of how I feel and what I want. Having the accountability, daily check ins, Q&A etc was really useful and supportive, it was nice having a feeling that we’re all in it together. Sally is so approachable and easy to chat to especially as I was such a beginner.” – Vicky C.

So here’s what I want to say to you…

If you’re really ready to attract your dreams to you…

If you’re tired of asking God/Universe why you’re still suffering and struggling…

If you want to be happier…

If you want something you don’t yet have…

If you don’t want to approach 2019 and be exactly where you are now…

Then join us for the next 40 Day Meditation Challenge called “Enchanting and Magnetic Personality.”

Why should you join us?

Because it’s 2018, and it’s the year you’re creating and calling in the next level of your amazing life.

The life that you’re preeeeeeetty sure is on it’s way, but you don’t want it to take its sweet ass time getting here.

And so you need a little faith boost, a little supercharge to draw all that you desire closer and closer to you.

That’s exactly what this meditation is for.

Imagine having a simple daily practice that was all about making you enchantingly irresistible so that you magnetize all that you desire straight to you…

Enter: Your Enchanting + Magnetic Personality Meditation

You’re probably thinking, “wait, what exactly is this??”

It’s a (super-quick!) kundalini yoga meditation that we’ll practice together, daily for 40 days (in as little as 7 minutes a day), that has the specific effect of giving you an “enchanting and magnetic personality.”

The day after I started this meditation the first time, a complete stranger gave me the exact motorcycle I had been wanting. For free. A complete stranger. So I know this works.

And because both me and the Universe like to reward quick decision makers who say YES to their best lives,, I am giving this to you today at an EARLY BIRD price. But you’ll want to hop on it now since this price is only here for two days. By end of day Friday, we’ll be back to regular pricing.

So if you’re ready to be a magnet for all those wishes and desires you held for yourself on New Years, head on over here and grab your EARLY BIRD spot to our next meditation challenge.

I can’t say what specifically will happen for you, but I can say if you commit to this and commit to yourself, your life will be better than when you started.

See you on the inside!


My life was actually kind of a mess (free exercise below)


Have you ever had a time in your life where things just worked? Where you met the people you were supposed to meet? Or turned a corner at the exact right time to see the exact right thing that led you down your exact right next path?

Close your eyes. And imagine it.

What was present for you at that time?

Who were you “being” at that time?

What did it feel like at that time?

In my last email, I told you about the next 40 Day Meditation Challenge I’m doing (“Enchanting & Magnetic Personality” Meditation)  and I used the word “enchanting,” which at the time felt like a fun and funny description of what Disney movies are made of.

But as I’ve been thinking about that word in preparation of this meditation and of this email, it meant so much more.

I thought about the times in my own life where I felt enchanting and magnetic. Where things came to me. Where I was literally attracting what I wanted (and some things I didn’t know I wanted until I got them).

From the time I got recruited to join a band in LA at the same exact time I wanted to do music in LA. Or the time I decided to go to LA for the summer to test out grad school and without knowing anyone there, within a week I had an internship in the psych department of UCLA, a house to live in, and a summer job. Or the time just last year that I decided on a whim to buy a house and then one month later I was in contract with my dream home. Or when I decided I wanted a new car and I didn’t want to pay for it and then a free Jeep landed on my lap.

In thinking about these things, I realized that there wasn’t anything exceptional or special about me at these times. My life wasn’t perfect and totally “in flow” when these came to me. I didn’t have the perfect vision board glued to my eyeballs 24/7. In fact, my life was actually kind of a mess (ok…totally a mess) and at a crossroads, feeling like I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing. I didn’t have a crystal clear image or goal of what everything needed to look like, but rather a feeling inside and a faint vision. I didn’t have opportunities falling on my lap (yet).

But what I do remember having is the courage to change it up.

The courage to take a step forward even though I didn’t know where that step would lead me.

The courage to do something different than I had done before.

And in trusting that those steps forward would lead me somewhere, I became the kind of person that drew in the things I wanted. I became “enchanting.’

When I looked up the word “enchanting” in the dictionary, this is what it said…

“Delightfully charming or attractive. Captivating, engaging, adorable, irresistible.”

And when I thought about the times in my life I’ve felt those ways, and looked at what was happening in my life, it all came together.

When we are enchanting, we are attractive.

When we are attractive, we become magnets.

When we are magnetic, we literally pull things into our lives.

And THIS is what the next 40 Day Meditation is all about. It’s about pulling in those things we’ve been wanting for ourselves, not by force, but by becoming the type of person who gets them. By becoming irresistible to them. And what better time to do that then right after the New Year, when our intentions and resolutions are still fresh.

The cart for the Early Bird price opens THIS WEDNESDAY, January 17, which is when I’ll also be giving you all the details about what this course involves (I can tell you for sure it’s going to be RAD) and how to join.

But in the meantime, I wanted to give you another little exercise you can do right now to start noticing all the good stuff coming to you. I use this ALL the time to remind myself that I’m attracting great things into my life all the time. Here it is…

  1. Open up the “notes” function on your phone (or you can use good old fashioned pen and paper too)
  2. Title the Note “Evidence Log” (as in “Evidence of all the awesome things in my life”)
  3. For the next day, write down every single good thing that happens to you. It can be as small as a warm smile from a stranger and a door being held open to getting an email landing your dream job

The idea here is that the more we are aware of the good things that are in our lives, the more good things come. Try this out and I would LOVE to hear back about how this goes for you. I’ve personally found this to be one of the most impactful exercises I do!

Happy Monday and see you again on Wednesday with more info on how to become Enchanting!


Make sure you’re on my list to be the first to find out when this goes live.

I stole this from a Disney Princess

Recently I talked about how annoying New Years resolutions can be because we put way too much pressure on ourselves to have the “perfect” year, and that weight just becomes too heavy. But…at the same time, I’m a huge fan of being intentional, as I totally believe the more intentional we are, the more things come to us.

By now, we’re two weeks from the turn of the new year, and the panic is probably already starting to settle in. You might be thinking to yourself…

  • What if I don’t get all the things I wanted this year?
  • What if I’m already starting out the year lazy?
  • What if all the “releasing into the universe” what I wanted for myself for the new year didn’t reach the Big Guy up in the sky and next year I’m in the same place I was last year?
  • And then “That would be THE WORST possible scenario.”

I know you’re probably already low-grade panicking because that’s how I am. Which is why I personally am doing the next meditation I chose for the next 40 Day Challenge I’m leading in February, so that I can pretty much guarantee that Im putting myself directly in line with what I want and being super intentional with Uni about what that is, in case they didn’t hear it on December 31.

I can’t give out all the details yet but they are coming soon (next week to be exact!). And I’ll give you a little hint about what’s coming up. It’s all about you become enchanting and magnetic. Enchanting…that’s right. We’re taking “enchanting” back from the Disney princesses and woodland faeries and bringing it right into our 2018s.

But because I like to give you tangible tools that’ll help your life beyond the courses I run, in the meantime I wanted to give you a super fun exercise that I use anytime I want something in my life.

I used to grab a ton of magazines and create a vision board, but now that there is the internet, I make a Pinterest board instead to inspire me. The super cute meditation nook in my house is a direct result from my “meditation nook” board (what? You don’t have one??) :)

Here’s the exercise:

  1. Create a Pinterest board called “My Best Year Ever” (or whatever other creative title you have)
  2. Pin pictures that are:
    1. How you want to feel
    2. What you want to have
    3. What you want to do
  3. In the description of every picture say “I ……” and then fill in the blank as if it has already happened. For example “I live in a sun-filled loft in Paris for one month”
  4. Look at it every day
  5. Watch everything come to you like magic (I mean…why not shoot for the stars!)

Having a clear picture of what you want is the first step to having it so use this super fun tool to get your vision going. And then look in your inbox next week for more details about how to actually BECOME the person who draws all these things to you during our next meditation.

Happy Friday and here’s to a Happy New Year.



When your whole life changes from one decision you made

In my last post I mentioned that I manifested a free Jeep, and although I’m going to tell you the whole story soon, today I wanted to share a story about a girl who took my last 40 Day Meditation Challenge. It’s easy for me, the person selling this program, to say how it affected me, but the beauty is in the changes I’ve seen from everyone else.

It’s a bit long (but SO worth the read) so, if you don’t want to read the whole thing know this: 1) She went from an abusive relationship in a town and job she hated, to living in her dream beach town, opening up her own extremely successful and sought after business, and dating an amazing man. All within 6 months of doing this meditation. Early bird ends tomorrow so if you want to skip the story and join us, click here.

Now…onto Julie’s story…

“Almost a year ago, I participated in Sally’s Kundalini meditation program. At the time, I had recently left a long-term (7+ years) domestic relationship that was very abusive, moved to another state with hardly any of my belongings, no where to live, and no car. I was able to transfer with my job, but it was a new location, new people and everything was different.

I was renting a small, furnished guest cottage (for 3x the rent I was paying in Utah and making less money). The few things I had (mostly clothes) were spread out between a friend’s storage unit, my brother’s’ garage and a tiny closet. I was stressed about money, about where I was going to live, about the new job, about my break-up. I was extremely heartbroken and anxiety-ridden.

I bought a used car and within a couple weeks it completely stopped working and I just had to cut my financial losses. Everyday was hard just to get myself to work and have food in the fridge. I had to Uber or walk everywhere… and it was the rainy season. I think the hardest part was that I craved any sort of comfort but there was NO familiarity. Every thing in my life was changing and it was hard. At times I just wanted to sleep in my own bed or curl up in my ex-boyfriend’s arms or just eat soup out of my favorite bowl but I couldn’t have any comfort. I was drinking too much too… that’s pretty much all I could do to get out of my head.

When Sally first told me about the course, I thought there was no way I was up for any kind of challenge or extra time obligation. I was was consistently late for work already and the hours were long and sporadic. After work (and this was a pushy, stressful sales-job where I didn’t exactly fit in) I just wanted to go “home” and drink wine so I could get through the rest of the evening and sleep and do it all over again. My mornings were hectic and I couldn’t imagine having the time to sit and meditate (or even wash my hair for that matter).

I don’t remember exactly what it was that made me join, but WOW!! This mediation SAVED ME!

Let me just skip forward real quick here, so you know what I mean and then I can explain more about why I loved Sally’s program and why I think it worked for me, and will for you. Now, less than one year later, I live in my dream little cottage in Santa Barbara, I quit my job in April and opened my own awesome clothing boutique in the hottest district in town (near the beach). I’m making way more money and have been featured in 6 publications (without even doing any marketing yet). I am creating every day. I am dating an awesome man and have been traveling a little when I can. My health is excellent. I run almost everyday and do pilates and workout with a personal trainer. I have reconnected with so many friends and I feel happy and dynamic and supported and loved.

The changes I have gone through this year have been incredible. I truly think Sally’s program was the catalyst. I had never really meditated before, but here is what I found: I looked forward to it everyday. It cleared my crazy head. I was able to relax and see things more calmly and clearly and it was exciting to me to visualize the way I wanted my life to be, instead of focusing on the stress that it was.

One of my favorite parts was “taking out the trash” of my mind. I was no longer frazzled when I was getting ready for work. I was actually able to show up on time, looking and feeling good and prepared for my day. I felt a calm confidence that I just had to do what I had to do and worrying about everything else was a waste of time. It became clear to me that if I lived in the present moment and did the best I could right now, it would pave the way for the life that I know is mine. And things started to shift. It’s easy to get caught up in fear and also to be paralyzed by past events. From my experience, if you can get that stuff out of your head, you can focus on the present and do good things. Meditation is key. Meditation, to me, is getting that crap out of your head and making room for all the good stuff.

I know this is a long testimonial, but I am beyond grateful for Sally’s assistance and direction with this and I obviously think it would help anyone in any situation. It’s a great tool to learn. Another thing that’s very cool, is now, when I get stressed or overwhelmed or unsure, I know that I can choose to quiet my mind and re-direct my focus through mediation.

If you, like me, are concerned about time, I promise you’ll end up having more time to get things done because you won’t be running around all frazzled and disorganized.

I have also read so many articles about very successful people (and believe me, they are way busier than you and I) and one thing many of them have in common is they get up early and meditate.

I love you Sally!!!!! <3 <3 <3”

Reading Julie’s testimonial made me cry. Her story is so beautiful and her story is ALL of our stories. None of us have the time. All of us are going through something hard. Most of us don’t know how to get out of the hole we’re in that seems way too deep.

And what I’ve found for myself and hundreds of others who have gone through meditations with me, is sometimes, just committing to yourself that you want change to happen, changes everything.

Early bird pricing for this 40 Day Meditation Challenge (where we will be closing out 2017 by letting go of anything in the way of our best life, and intentionally creating our 2018) ends tomorrow so make sure you get on in today by clicking here and scrolling down to the “HELL YES I’M IN” button. Send me an email if you have any questions at all and I can’t wait to read your success story. :)



Wildheart Revolution