Marie ForleoWe adore Sally Hope! She’s been an incredible member of our community – so loving, kind and truly dedicated to helping people achieve their best.”

—MARIE FORLEO, founder


“Sally Hope couldn’t have a more appropriate last name. What she brings to the world- HOPE- she brings so honestly and from such a pure-hearted place. She’s gorgeous, sparkly, and full of life. And you know how you sometimes kinda don’t like people like that? ;) Well, when you’re around Sally all you feel is this expansive sense that YOU can be even more gorgeous, sparkly, and full of life just by being in her presence. She’s definitely one of those magical souls who leaves every room a better place than the way she found it.”

—HELEN HUNTER MACKENZIE, CEO, Hunter Mackenzie Group

If you’re thinking of hiring a life coach, Sally Hope is THE clear choice. I’m in love with her energy, her honesty, her whip-smart savvy and off-the-hook talent. She’s the Universe’s answer to the dry, corporate coach with a checklist of items to cross off and no soul. She’ll make you feel & see your specialness so you can do & have what you want in life. Hire this woman if you think you can handle feeling like it’s your birthday every day of the year!”

—ERIKA LYREMARK, Creator & Mastermind, Daily Whip

Sally Hope is like this combo of Jack Daniels and yoga.”


Sally is honest, courageous and an inspiration.”


Sally Hope ROCKS MY WORLD and I LOVE the way I feel like I can take on MY world after each and every call, and feel totally supported along the way. She’s a BLESSING


Sally is a truly conscientious, intuitive and brilliant coach with a depth of heart and care that will help you leave every session with her feeling determined, open, authentic and grateful. She is a truly real person and cares about every one of her clients like a friend.

—DAVE URSILLO, Leader, Author at

Sally Hope came to The Blogcademy in L.A. and I instantly connected with her. She is badass, and I think you’ll like her too.


I’ve been to a therapist once in my life and I hated it. I felt like I was just paying someone to bitch for an hour. When I met Sally I was a little skeptical of coaching, sounded like therapy and after all I had my life figured out already (besides the whole “not knowing what to do with my business part”) After two sessions with Sally I was hooked, she was fun to talk with, insanely smart and very efficient and on point with her “homework”. I made more progress in my business and personal life in the 3 months I worked with her than I had in the past YEAR on my own. If you’re a go-getter and looking for that “edge” to level yourself up in life, working with Sally is invaluable. The best investment you will make all year!

—SHANNON DRAKE, CEO at Social Media & Founder of The Dirt Paleo Skincare

“Sally is the type of person you go to when you have problems or are feeling uninspired because she has a knack for digging up the real issues and figuring out how to deal with them. Her instincts are solid and her attitude is that of a best friend who gives good advice but pulls not a single punch. It helps that she’s able to tell you about any metaphorical spinach in your teeth with charm and ‘we’re in this together’-ness.”

—COLIN WRIGHT, Founder of Exile Lifestyle

I super enjoy the fact that you have the rose-coloured glasses off, but the badass aviators ON like donkey kong. I resonate with those who take their spirituality
out of the temple and into the trenches and you totally fit the bill.”

Erin McDonald

One call with Sally Hope is the adult brain’s equivalent to 7 minutes in heaven. Quick, raw, and wondrous.”

—ANNIE PASSANISI, Executive Chef at

In all the times that I have talked to Sally, whether solo or in a group, I always leave hearing exactly what I needed to. I always learn something new, find a new perspective, a fruitful challenge, and wonderful inspiration! She is certainly a coach you would benefit greatly from!”

—CeciBarretto, wine blogger and shop owner at

“In one call, Sally had me pumped up, standing in my own greatness, and ready to take on a challenge I was freaking out about for weeks. She has this amazing, gentle heart, yet she isn’t afraid to jump in and help you get things moving and flowing. I was amazed at the instant connection, like she was an old friend I wanted to spill all of my secrets too, because I know she always has the “right” answers.”

Jewelry Designer/Owner at Amber Bryce Luxe Bohemian Jewelry

“Within 10 minutes of talking to Sally about my relationship concerns I was able to pin-point what was missing from not only my current relationship but my previously failed marriage as well. I feel like my love life has been saved from a future of being forced into a cage – it’s now been given permission to live and celebrate all the wonderful things that it is.”

—Laura Jelinek, Advocate for the Modern Man,

“I don’t know what I’d do without Sally. She’s gently guided me through a storm and helped me get out of it with a whole new understanding of who I am and why I do what I do. I wouldn’t want to miss her. She’s my life guard.”

—Iris Barzen, Coach and Blogger at

“I went into our session feeling foggy and unclear. Sally pointed out that I was completely clear already and gracefully mirrored back to me all that I was saying in a different light that illuminating everything! I woke up the next day feeling amazing with a clear direction and a WAY better understanding of what I’m really wanting to put out in the world.”

—Mariah Neeson, Confidence Catalyst & Mindset Maven,

“I couldn’t ask for a better person to guide me to step by step finding my true inner self. I learned so much in one call that I will be able to practice for the rest of my life. I left the call feeling like a light bulb went on and seeing what really was in front of my face. Sally is a magnificent, caring and patient coach and I recommend her to anyone looking for a positive change in their life.”

—Elizabeth Harper, Photographer,

I could not believe how Sally was able to dig out the core out of everything I had to say what I thought didn’t make much sense or wasn’t connected to each other. Even though I was miles away from Sally, on a different continent, with 16 hours of time difference between us and just talking on a phone to her – I felt this incredible connection. It was so easy for me to open up and talk to her. Have you heard about asking the right questions? Sally is brilliant at this too!”

—Olya Kornienko

“Let me start by saying that it’s hard to explain just how amazing Sally is. I started working with her about a year ago. As soon as I met her I knew our spirits clicked and that I wanted to have her positive energy in my life.

I had just launched my first business and I knew I needed to work through my mindset issues if I was going to be my own boss. Hiring Sally was quite honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, both personally and professionally.

When I first met Sally I didn’t really know what coaches do. I struggled with paralyzing insecurities my entire life and I just knew I wanted to change that. I’d seen psychologists before but I never got the results I was hoping for. Working with Sally has been an eye-opening experience. We don’t just focus on rehashing the past over and over again, we focus more on how to achieve what I want with my future. When I get off our calls I feel alive, positive, full of self-acceptance and armed with the tools I need to pursue my dreams. All I can say is that I wish I had a coach like Sally earlier on in life because she’s helped to give me a whole new outlook on myself, on life and on how to achieve my dreams.

And I have to say this – Sally is the best listener I’ve ever meant. I mean she REALLY listens. I’m not sure I knew what great listening was until I started working with Sally. She hears even the slightest change in your voice, the tiniest stutter, and she knows there’s something’s going on that needs to be worked through and tackled. I think that’s one of her many gifts.

Sally has the most contagious positive energy, the most generous spirit, and the most loving heart you can find. In her I’ve found an amazing coach and a lifelong friend. I’m so grateful to have her in my life. In so many ways she’s shown me that it’s okay to just be me, to nourish the things about me that I love and to embrace the things I used to wish I could change because they’ve taught me important lessons.

I’ve honestly never felt so good about myself or my direction in life before and I thank Sally for that.

Sally, ‘I just love you!’ :)”

—Liz, Gentle Living

“Working with Sally has translated to an entire life overhaul for me, and in a very short period of time. I went from unhappy, unsure and insecure to confident, conscious and ready to rock my life! Her skills as a coach are evident from the very first call. She’s both professional and accessible. She’s intuitive and has crazy good instincts while still allowing and encouraging me to find the truths that lay within. I’m not just saying this because I adore her, but I truly do feel like a new, sexier, more kick-ass version of me is being brought to the surface…thanks to my work with Sal…

Meeting and working with Sally has been incredibly fortuitous. I started out insecure and slightly unsure of what I wanted to do (other than be my own boss) and within, I kid you not, a mere three sessions with Sally, I’m clear and ready to rock my new biz in 2011. I’ll be launching my blog and creating a revenue stream for myself in the next few months. I’m on fire!

My Favorite part about working with Sally is that she’s got killer intuition. I love that when I’m feeling stuck she feels it, speaks to it and helps me to reframe…all in a matter of minutes. I also love how much I can relate to her and how down-to-earth she is. She’s confident, cool and knows her shit! Plus the girl is MAD inspiring…hello, rockstar?! :)

Sally is one of the most amazing women I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. As a fellow entrepreneur, I am SO excited for Sally and see nothing but life-changing amazingness for her and everyone that’s lucky enough to work with her!”

—Stephanie Watanabe, Creative Producer + Filmaker + Multi-passionate entrepreneur,

“Sally is truly a master coach and ONE OF A KIND in this industry! Rockstar, Coach extraordinaire, Sexy, Fun, Super Intelligent–she brings it ALL to her coaching. She will not let you down even for one minute! I have experienced many coaches and this girl has a mega gift for cutting through the BS and seeing what is crucial in this moment for you to move forward, and getting you to jump through whatever hoop is necessary to get you where you want to be. Her intuition is BAR NONE! I have been able to slip stuff by so many mentors and consultants that I can’t hide for two seconds from this Mistress of Sass and Success. Miss Hope is also a genius idea maven–her creativity is always working overtime in her clients’ favor and will get you out of your rut in no time. The best part is that she is so fresh that she actually makes all this transformation & achievement stuff irresistably FUN, even while she is kicking your behind into action. My business has doubled in the time I’ve known her and with so much ease because of her inspiring, confident and supportive presence in my life. Sally has helped me see that I can put the full, unique ME into my business without fear–and she does this as much by her own real example as by her mad skills. If you want to achieve business success on your own terms, and have fun and look good while you’re doing it, you best call Sally Hope NOW before this chick Blows UP bigtime!”

Zoë Wild, CPCC, ACC – Life, Business & Spiritual Coach at

“Working with Sally has really helped me step into my leadership abilities and stop playing small. She has helped me see that it’s not so important to try and please everyone. First, I have to please myself and back myself up!

When I met Sally I was at a transition point from solo entrepreneur, doing readings and teaching tele-classes, but feeling like something was missing.I wanted to expand and I had no idea what that meant. In just less than 2 months of working with Sally, I am proud to say that my business has continue to grow and I will be hosting and managing my first live tele-summit with 5 other amazing women!!!

I appreciate Sally’s ability to go with the flow in our sessions while simultaneously creating structure within that flow. I love that she tunes into the body and what it is trying to communicate and that she calls me out on my stuff when she feels it in a loving, supportive way. PS: I also like that she cusses sometimes (I do too!) and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

—Diana Dorell, Intuitive and Radio/TV Personality,

Sally is an amazing coach because she doesn’t accept excuses or bullshit stories. I was getting coaching from Sally about a month ago and I was explaining to her how I was excited about a new endeavor but also scared and how it was such a big deal that I was doing it. She called me out immediately. She asked me what was with the contradiction; I didn’t truly seem scared of anything. She helped me realize that I could be excited and brave without calling attention to the role of being “scared” and asking for that validation. To this day, it is one of the most important lessons I have ever learned. It is as simple as “be yourself, always”, but the way Sally coached it had it make sense in a way that I could really apply it.

My favorite part about working with Sally is also my favorite thing about Sally, which is that she is incredibly intuitive. She listens between the lines and understands what is being left unsaid better than anyone I have ever met.

My other favorite part about Sally is that she really is a rockstar (not just that she technically was a rockstar). Sally has an intangible quality where she can walk into a room and without saying anything command attention, but in an incredibly humble manner. Because of this quality, talking to and being around Sally is inspiring. As a coach, she inspires her clients to be their own best rockstar selves.”

—Aaron F. Steinberg, Writer

”Sally helped me clear out & organize my mental clutter so that I feel less stressed & am mentally present for my family, especially while spending time with my kids.

Before working with Sally I felt overwhelmed with all of my To Do items, business & personal. I felt guilty that when I was spending time with my kids I wasn’t really mentally there. I was busy thinking about what else needed to get done. Sally helped me find perspective, to recognize everything I do is amazing & more important than focusing on what I am not doing.

My favorite part about working with Sally is that she is super intuitive! Sally knows what I’m thinking even before I do. LOL

Sally kicks ass! She’s a bright spirit full of love & encouragement.

—Gini Martinez,

”To be a great coach requires a certain skill set that few rarely attain. To be a truly amazing coach requires something a little extra. Sally brings her charisma, natural intuition, and a host of amazing life experiences that gives each client the best possible chance for success, not matter what their background. By working with Sally, I’ve had the amazing experience of becoming “unstoppable” in literally every facet of my life. No matter what the topic, each new coaching session breaks down old barriers leaving me feeling empowered and inspired until our next call. Sally has truly been instrumental in my life. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Brendon Mahoney,

Coaching with Sally serves as a reminder of what is truly important for me, as well as what is needed to make it happen, in an effortless and exciting way. She has a way of honing in on my truest passions and desires and not only making them feel completely acceptable but undeniably possible! Often not many words are needed on my part … she understands on that deep of a level. I know my personal success is her undoubted commitment. Best of all, she is super fun to work with. She is such a naturally intuitive person who is real and pretty damn amazing! Who wouldn’t achieve beyond their wildest dreams with someone like Sally in their corner?

—Natalie Vartanian, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire at

Working with Sally made me realize why so many successful business women swear by the whole life-coach thing.

I’ve always had a hunch that when someone is Really good at what they do, it’s usually because their heart is sized way out of proportion and they’re not just working with YOUR best interest in mind, but with the best interests of HUMAN BEINGS everywhere. Sally possesses that rare quality. You’re not just getting coached, but inspired.

I made a big life decision halfway through our coaching month, and Sally was one of the first people I told. And when she responded, she really got it, in a way that others who have known me for way longer didn’t. Her intuition is so remarkable that she understands you on an emotional level, long before it takes the rational mind to work through complicated life stuff. Oops, did I just give away your secret Sally?

If I’m at it, I might as well go all the way. Working with Sally isn’t about getting help, it’s about figuring out how to help yourself. I discovered it wasn’t so much about receiving permission to be exactly who I am, as realizing that I could open enough to find that permission on my own. And that, my friends, is no quick fix. You have to be willing to work for it (hence why it’s called working with Sally, not her working for you), but what you’ll get is amazing change in the long run!

Oh, and did I mention- this girl is PROMPT! Awesome cheerleading, advice, or just a “Can’t wait to talk!!” buzzes into your inbox before you can say “help!” Just an email or tweet from Sally always lights up my day and makes me seriously grateful that I stumbled upon her on the internet. Her passion is absolutely contagious!

—Tessa Zeng,

When I started working with her, I had fallen out of love with my work. I wasn’t sure I could make the money I needed to support my family. I didn’t feel like I was doing my best work. Sally took me project by project through my recent work and help me discover all the goodness in each project. She gave me tools to pull myself out of focusing on minute project details and helped me see the bigger picture of the a11mpact of my work.

My favorite part about working with Sally is that she is a detective. She draws you out. She asks the right questions and then really listens. She knows when to follow up on the pauses — where you are thinking something but holding back — and when to let you gripe about life, just because you need to get it off your chest.

The most valuable thing I’ve gotten from working with Sally is control of my inner critic. I did not realize how loud my inner critic was and how much of her advice I was taking to heart until I started working with Sally. She helped me identify that voice and gave me tools to cope with the constant stream of abuse.”

—CHRISTIE HALMICK, Writer/Website and Ebook Designer,

Welcome, Wildheart!