Guess What?

Practicing self love is THE ANSWER to what you’re struggling with right now.

It seems everywhere you look, everyone and their mom is talking about “self love.”

We’ve all heard that it’s important.

Instagram tells us. Memes tell us. Our therapists and coaches tell us.

Heck…WE even tell us, and likely, we’ve been trying…like really trying, for years to do it because we’ve heard…

“No one is going to love you if you don’t truly love yourself” (yikes)


“You can’t truly love anyone else if you don’t love yourself


“Most of your current problems are actually self love problems”

Or maybe you don’t know about that third one but it’s true. Check this out…

  • Do you struggle with love and relationships?

  • Do you compare your life to other people’s and feel bad about yourself?

  • Do you feel like your value lies in what you “do” or what you’ve done in the past?

  • Do you struggle with how you feel about yourself due to a physical or mental illness?

  • Do you hate your body?

  • Do you feel “broken”?

  • Do you think negative thoughts regularly?

If you said yes to even one of these…then self-love is at the root. Because when you truly love yourself, none of these things can exist in the same space.

Now…this is NOT to say that any of these things are your fault. But it IS to say that there is something tangible you can do about it to turn it around.

So you might be thinking “ok but what is self love anyway? Does that mean taking baths and getting mani/pedis?” And let me first tell you what it’s not…

  • It’s not thinking you’re better than everyone else.
  • It’s not about disregarding other people’s feelings and needs.
  • It’s not about comparing yourself to others to figure out if you’re good enough.
  • It’s not about having a huge ego.

But it IS about feeling worthy of good things, just because you’re you. Not because of what you do for other people. Not because of the job title you have or how well-behaved your kids are or how “on-point” your website is or how skinny/fit/curvy/straight your body is. Or how sexy you are or how many books you sell or how successful your husband is, or whether or not you even have a husband.

But you feel worthy and good simply because you exist.

It’s about feeling valuable no matter what you’re able to do (or not do), or what you look like, or who loves you or doesn’t.

Still not sure how this applies to you? Let’s talk “self-love” and your life…

You’re doing everything “right” but do you ever ask yourself: why am I still not where I thought I would be?

Do you ever think…

  • I’ve read all the books on how to “heal my life”, so why do I keep falling into the same situations and the patterns??
  • I’ve gone to therapy and coaching and am not afraid “look at myself” and make changes, so why do I still feel unlovable and broken?
  • I’m smart and motivated, so why do I still feel unhappy and full of fear?
  • I do my affirmations, so why do I still compare myself to others and feel full of self-doubt?
  • I meditate, so why do I still have a loop of negative thoughts going on constantly?

If you already “do the work” and you’re still struggling, it’s time for something new.

In all my ten years of coaching, it never ceased to amaze me how many talented, smart, and capable people I saw who’s lives, deep down were a huge struggle and source of pain. People who were so paralyzed with fear that they played small. People who could run an entire company but who felt unloved and unworthy in their relationships. People who loved their families but hated their bodies. People who, no matter what they did, never felt like enough.

Here’s why: you’ve been working on the wrong thing.

You’ve been lied to. You’ve been led to believe that your problems are your fault and you, alone, are responsible to fix them. And that if you could just get the right information, hire the right person, or take the right course, then your problems would go away. But if you believe this, the worst can happen:

  • You doubt yourself
  • You believe that you’re bad or wrong for struggling
  • You beat yourself up for not “feeling better already”
  • You feel hopeless and broken

Here’s the thing, the problem isn’t you. It’s an epidemic worldwide and it happens to even the MOST capable and aware people. The problem is focusing on the wrong thing.

You’ve been told

  • Do more therapy
  • Read more books
  • Do more yoga
  • Get more sleep
  • Drink more water
  • Journal more regularly
  • Buy more courses

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to be kind to yourself.

And all of these messages add to the fear that no matter what you’re doing, it’s not enough.

Then, as you’re feeling “not enough,” and trying to do all the right things, and becoming more and more exhausted

You’re told

  • Try harder
  • Dig deeper
  • Do more

And the list goes on. And before you know it, you feel exhausted, disheartened and hopeless.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…you can feel unyielding trust in and total acceptance of yourself. You can have emotional freedom and it’s a lot more simple than you think.

And it’s all about SELF LOVE. But not in the way you’ve probably been doing it. I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, you’ve tried self-love before. You know it’s important. You’ve known for a long time.

And even though you’ve tried  before, you’re probably reading this page because something in your life isn’t going the way you want it to.

And if you truly love yourself, why do you still suffer so much? Why does it still hurt so bad when someone leaves you or when things don’t work out the way you want them to?

And the answer is:

  • Because you don’t ACTUALLY know how to do it
  • You don’t REALLY know what it means
  • You have no idea what it LOOKS like in real life
  • You don’t know the signs telling you you’re NOT doing it

Signs like comparing yourself to others, giving your power away, not speaking up for yourself, getting in the same relationships and patterns over and over again, consistent and persistent negative self talk, feeling paralyzed by fear and not moving forward in your life, not trusting yourself to make the next right move.

But I’m here to tell you that…

Once you transform your relationship to yourself, your best path and rightful destiny aligns with you.

I know how incredible, magical and effective it is to learn to truly love yourself. I also know how destructive and painful it can be to not.

Imagine what life would be like if you:

  • Weren’t held back by fear, self-doubt and comparison to others
  • Had inner connection, feeling at home with all of you
  • Truly accepted yourself and your body
  • Felt peace, joy and presence regularly
  • Felt more able to ride the waves of life
  • Felt ok with your current physical health even if it’s not ideal
  • Had unyielding trust in yourself
  • Had mental and physical health
  • Had less anxiety and more action
  • Got better sleep
  • Took more risks in business and life
  • Had emotional freedom
  • Felt fully present and without fear
  • Felt confident that you’re worthy of having good things

Here are some lies about life:

  • You’ll be happy when you get that relationship/business/house/family you want
  • Someone or something outside of you is going to give you the answers
  • You’re doomed to be stuck where you are now, forever

But here’s the truth: Most of your problems are actually “Self Love” problems.

Loving yourself, deep down, is the vehicle that takes you where you want to go in life. You might think it’s about working hard or “barreling through”, and while that might be part of it, it’s not the whole picture. Because it doesn’t matter how hard you work or how many goals you set and reach, if you don’t truly honor and love and appreciate yourself, none of it will last, and it certainly won’t make you happy long-term.

“I’m the type of person that can reach my goals. I’ve done almost everything I set out to do. And as I was sitting at the top of my own self-made mountain I looked out and realized I was miserable. Because achieving “things” is easy for me but it never made me truly happy. It wasn’t until I realized that nothing outside of myself would ever fill the void I felt inside that things started to change for me. This meditation was the beginning of a whole new life for me and I’m so damn grateful because now I love the mountain I’ve built on loving and honoring and cherishing myself. The view is so much better from there and I can honestly say I feel peace now for the first time ever in my life” – Jamie C.

Now before you start saying… “but what about….” let me say this…

No, you can’t “self-love” your way out of your chronic illness. But what you can do is love yourself enough to know that even though you’re struggling, you’re still worthy and lovable and wonderful and valuable.

No, you can’t “self-love” your way into your husband being more present with you or your mom’s alcoholism to go away. But what you can do is love yourself enough to know it’s not your fault and that other people’s behavior is not a reflection of how worthy you are of good things.

No, you can’t “self-love” your way into clients paying you more or for building your business to where you want it to be. But what you can do is to know deep down that you’re talented and deserving and to keep going even when you’re scared and it’s not working out.

No, you can’t “self-love” your way out of being laid off from your job or from your partner leaving you. But what you can do is know that being laid  off or being left has nothing to do with good you are, deep down.

Loving yourself alone isn’t going to fix whatever chaotic and undesirable thing is going on in your life, but what it is going to do is help make you both strong and also soft in the face of it. It’s going to show you that whatever struggle is happening is not your fault. That you are worthy and good and deserving.

And it’s my belief that it’s from that place that the most beautiful things show up in our life and that you can get some relief of the pain in the face of it. This is where that “inner peace” all those yogis speak of comes from.

Those old stories that keeps playing in your mind, YOUR story and the way you process it, is all made up. The pain is real. The frustration is real. But the story we’re telling ourselves about it is not. And the good news is that we can make something else up.

We’ve already made up that we’re not good enough, and not worthy of love. We’ve already made up that we’re not strong enough or smart enough to go after our big dreams and it’ll never happen for us.

But what if we could make up that we’re everything we’ve always wanted to be?

What if we could write the story of it working out better than our wildest dreams. That all of our visions are not only possible, but that they’re destined for us.

What if you could fill your heart and mind with positive, helpful messages instead of damaging and harmful ones.

You can and I’m going to show you how.

And Self Love is the answer

Because we can’t control anything that happens in our lives.

We can’t control others.

But what we can do is change the story we tell ourself about it.

If any of things rings true for you, you’re in the right place.

I’m here to help you learn  how to truly love yourself, and I’m going to do it in a way that feels sweet, easy and fun.


Introducing Phoenix Rising: A Meditation for Radical Self Love

A 40 day practice in reminding yourself who you are at your core and knowing that you’re worthy of good things

I always thought “self-love” was a super cheesy phrase my woo woo friends used to explain why they were taking so many baths. But then I realized that it was the basic foundational piece of having a good, harmonious, and wonderful life. I’m sold. Everything is about self-love. You’ll see.” – Jen F.

You’re probably thinking, “wait, what exactly is this?”

It’s a really easy kundalini yoga meditation that we’ll practice together, daily for 40 days (in as little as 7 minutes a day), that has the specific effect of giving you “self-esteem and self-love.”

Why 40 days? Because it’s the least amount of time it takes to change a habit.

Why Kundalini? Because it’s known as the “yoga of awareness” and uses mudra (hand position), mantra, and straight up science to create real and lasting changes in your life. (Don’t worry if you’ve tried Kundalini before and didn’t like it…this is super easy and fun)

Why a repeated meditation? Because just like going to the gym, change happens when you do something over and over again for an extended period of time.

We’ll start on June 10th and go until July 19th, with live group support, weekly Q+A calls, instruction videos and a guided meditation to follow along with. This is a live group where you’ll get support, attention, and allllll your Q’s A’d along the way! (Totally setting you up for success, btw.)

So if you’re feeling like: 

  • You KNOW what you want, and what you’re supposed to do but it’s just not arriving fast enough
  • You’ve got that niggling fear that life might always be how it is right now, and you’re totally not ok with that
  • You’re tired of working so hard but not getting the results you want
  • You could use some accountability and friendship on the path to your amazing Wildheart life (there’s no need to go it alone!)

…I’ve created this 40 day program JUST for you

Because I KNOW you don’t want things to stay exactly the same as they are right now. I know you don’t want to wake up next year and be in the same place you are now.

After 40 days of this meditation your brain and body will default to your most positive thoughts about yourself and the Universe will match this vibration to help you achieve all that you’re meant to. 

Heck, after ONE week of this meditation lifelong thoughts and patterns changed so dramatically I thought I figured out the secret to the Universe. Full. Power. Magic.

“I never realized how often I hedged bets against myself in my mind until doing this meditation. As soon as I started, I thought ‘no wonder my life is a mess, I am always beating myself up and worried about my life and telling myself how wrong I am.’ As soon as I started this meditation I realized that I could change the messages I’m telling myself about my life and doing this made me feel more accepting and loving of myself which in turn brought me what I was seeking…internal harmony. I now feel like it doesn’t matter what happens in my life because I know I’ll be ok no matter what.” – Sammy B.

This stuff works. For reals. 

You can expect to feel:

  • Worthy of your dreams
  • Capable of achieving the desires you hold (and FINALLY seeing them through)
  • A belief in yourself that transmits to the world – one that is full of confidence and ease
  • Like you’ve got a solid place to come back to if your faith in life working out starts to waver (let’s be real, we alllll have those days!)
  • Like you’ve got a whole tribe of friends in this with you and cheering you on to success (umm, because you DO)

And while I can’t say what will come into your life, I can say that you’ll be open to all the possibilities, synchronicities, and gifts that are available to all of us daily (but we something miss because we don’t think they’re possible).


But don’t just take it from us. Take it from our members and their amazing experiences:

I really feel that meditation is helping me with life’s bumps and mountains to climb… keeping me more righted and not rocked so hard by the waves of problems we all are dealing with! – Louisa Cardinalli

So how exactly does this all work?

  • Starting June 10th, for 40 days (until July 19th) we’ll practice one specific meditation so that we really amplify the benefits
  • You’ll get video instructions and a guided version of the practice to follow along with on our members-only website so you NEVER have to wonder wtf you’re supposed to be doing!
  • A Private Facebook community with a daily check-in and discussion to keep us all accountable, and make some new friends (that is afterall one of the effects of this meditation!)
  • Weekly livestream Q&A in the Facebook group to answer any q’s, share wins, and chat about what’s going on with all of us (seriously my favorite part!!)
  • Signature Wildheart “Heartwork” exercises (3 times a week) to help you get super clear on what you want to be magnetizing and attracting into your life with this practice
  • Lifetime access to the Meditation and Heartwork
  • Bonus #1: Our favorite “Evidence Log” exercise that seriously amplifies your manifesting powers and builds up your abundance mindset
  • Bonus #2: Self-Love Spotify playlist for when you need a little extra boost of love (dancing encouraged but not required)

Investment: $147 

Live Group June 10th-July 19th



Previously I always said I wanted to meditate but never fully committed and took action. Same with many other things and I was always disappointed in myself. In Sally’s first 40 day I committed and participated every day and beyond but this is the one that has dug in and grown roots for me. I tend to start something and not always finish. It depends on what it is. I believe this has given me confidence and roots that will help me make and keep/stick to new habits/changes instead of reverting to old patterns in meditation and in other areas of my life. – Tammra Sterling


1. I’ve tried meditating before and I suck at it. My mind raced and I got bored. Should I do this meditation?

I get it. I SO get it. I have a bad case of “monkey mind” but the more I’ve meditated the better it has gotten. And truly, the point of meditation is to notice when your mind starts wandering and bring it back to the focus you intend for the practice (breath, intentions, in this case “your best self” etc), so really, as long as you’re noticing, you’re doing a great job. I don’t believe there is such thing as a “clear” mind or completely “clean slate” so that isn’t the point. I believe the point is to commit to do it and do your best and keep coming back even if it’s challenging or boring.

2. What if I can’t clear my mind?

Don’t worry, neither can I. And neither can the Dalai Lama. The point of meditation isn’t to “clear your mind,” but to become aware of what’s going on IN your mind so you can get some distance from it. Not to get tooooo deep in a lil FAQ section, but if there’s ONE single most important lesson from all types of meditation, it’s this: you aren’t your thoughts. Thoughts just happen, and they fill your mind, and usually we believe them even when we don’t need to! Meditation is just about creating some space around those thoughts so that we can choose whether to believe them or not (and it’s usually or not.)

Also…this meditation is not a boring “sit there and watch your breath” kind of meditation. It’s active and it’s guided so you won’t get bored. Plus…you can do it in as little as 7 minutes so it’s SUPER do able.

3. I don’t really feel like I need “self-love” right now…should I do this?

Although this is  a self love meditation, the actual mantra we will be using is individualized for EVERY person. So someone can pick a self love mantra, whereas someone else can pick something totally different. Which means you get to decide what you say during this meditation. It’s set up to have a certain mudra that is geared for “turning inner emotion and commotion into devotion” based on the hand position and the breath pattern is calming and relaxing. So even if you aren’t into “self-love” right now, you can work on whatever you want to during these 40 days. 

4. This isn’t a good time for me, what if I get busy and can’t keep up?

Only you know if you truly have time for this, but here’s the thing: there are ALWAYS excuses and reasons in our mind why it’s “not a good time” to take time for ourselves, for our development and growth. And I get that, but I like to look at it like this: if not now, then when? When WILL it be a “good time” to gift ourselves with some love and attention on calling in the life we really, truly desire most?

Plus…it’s literally only 7 minutes of your life. I guarantee you spend more time than that making coffee, scrolling through instagram, procrastinating on getting to work, and watching Netflix. I truly believe that EVERYONE can find 7 minutes of their day to block out. 

5. What if I overthink it and bring my perfectionist self into it and then feel bad about myself if I don’t “do it right”?

Oh I feel you. This is me! And this is A LOOOOOOT of people. I’ve brought over 300 people through these meditations and I can say that pretty much everyone feels like this. Kundalini tends to show us our habits, patterns and blocks, and I’m guessing that meditation isn’t the only place where your perfectionism comes into play. 

My best advice is to take this as an opportunity to try something different. To approach your perfectionism in a different way. This is the self love meditation after all which is all about being kind to yourself and honoring yourself for doing the best you can so this is a perfect opportunity to practice this. 

6. Is this only for women?

Definitely not! Meditation is an equal opportunity co-ed sport ;) We always have a few dudes in every one of these programs, and we love them!

7. There are tons of meditations online for free…why should I pay for this one?

You’re right! There are lots of meditations for free. And my question is…how many of them have you done for 40 days in a row on your own? I’m not trying to be a jerk here but here’s the thing…there is something really powerful when you COMMIT, not only to yourself, but to others and to your bank account, that you are going to do something.

Joining something like this gives you ALL the information you need to understand the meditation and all its nuances, to get daily check ins and accountability for when you want to quit (which you will), a community who is doing it with you to support you, live streaming Q&A’s, bonuses, and everything you possibly need to be successful. If you already have a strong meditation practice and don’t need or want any of the things above then totes do it how you’ve been doing it.

8. What if I start it and decide I don’t want to continue?

You have the right to start and stop as it feels right to you but there are no refunds. So if you feel called to do this I recommend that you join and make a commitment to yourself to continue with us. As Yogi Bhajan says (the guy who brought Kundalini yoga to the west) “commitment is the first step to happiness,” so you will benefit at the very least by committing to something.

With that being said, if something comes up for you during this time, you’ll have access to the material as long as it exists, so you can come back to it as many times as you’d like throughout the year.

9. If I don’t like it can I get a refund? 

There are no refunds so make sure you’re ready to jump in. With that being said, if something comes up for you during this time, you’ll have access to the material as long as it exists, so you can come back to it as many times as you’d like throughout the year.

10. What do you mean about “Kundalini practice?” Will we be doing yoga poses?

In this practice we will just be doing a meditation. The same meditation for 40 days. You will be seated or laying down (hey…whatever works for you!) No need for downward dog. :) 

11. Are you a trained Kundalini Yoga Teacher?

Yes! I am certified through KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) and I got my training through Golden Bridge in Santa Monica.

12. I’m not very flexible. Will I be able to do this?

YES! This meditation involves sitting with your legs crossed. If you can’t sit this way, you are welcome to lie down or sit in a chair for this meditation.

AND, super cool fact about this particular meditation – we’ll be using a mantra during the practice, which means that your mind has something else to focus on (besides your thoughts) which by default sort of “clears your mind” without you even trying! 

13. What if I accidentally skip a day during our 40 days?

Then you can get back on the horse the next day. :) The way that these meditations work is that every day you do it in a row, you build more potency. 40 days is the least amount of time it takes to change a habit, so you’ll want to strive for doing 40 days in a row.

14. What if I get bored? 

Welcome to the club! Which means…you likely will have times when you feel bored of the meditation and that’s ok. Changing a habit and learning a new one can sometimes be boring. Doing anything for 40 days will bring up lots of emotions and experiences. Kind of like going to the gym every day…is that always fun and exciting? No. But you do it because there is a result you want at the end. Meditation is the same way. So know that boredom will likely be part of it. 


Investment: $147 

Live Group June 10th-July 19th



I always thought I loved myself. But yet, I found myself getting into similar situations that weren’t good for me. I knew in all my years of therapy and coaching that there was something missing. I didn’t know until I did this meditation that it was self love. I feel so much happier now. Thank you so much for this gift of a meditation. And holy crap it’s SO easy to do. — Julia C.

Welcome, Wildheart!