3Sally Hope is a renegade life coach, leader of the Wildheart Revolution, pun fanatic, hot-pink lipstick lover and country dancer. Native Californian who now canoodles in Montana.

In the past three years, she’s lived in Costa Rica, travelled across the country and back – twice – in a RV nicknamed Bessie Lou,  travelled the country by van with her dog, all while building a business and starting the Wildheart Revolution.  Before becoming a life coach, she studied at UCSB, was a bass player in a touring rock n roll band and was a crossword puzzle writer and nanny.

Sally is available for guest blogging, interviews and speaking engagements.

Specific areas she would be happy to discuss include:

  • Building online community and group programs
  • Breaking the business rules – why niches may not be for you, how conformity breaks your spirit
  • Travel  – solo trips for women, mobile lifestyle, creating more adventure, building a business from the road
  • Life coaching – building a successful life coaching business that works for you, throwing out the rules of coaching
  • Relationships – how to really live on your terms, how to focus on the only relationship that really matters – the one with yourself, breakups and breakdowns and what they teach you

You can contact Sally at sally (at) sallyhope.com.


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Welcome, Wildheart!