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Wildheart Lesson: Find Your Cosmic Twinkle

When I was a little girl, I never knew how to answer the question “what do you want to do when you grow up”? It seemed that none of the packaged options out there were things I wanted to do.

And when I look back on how I used to spend my time, and some of my favorite by-myself activities, I remember that I used to design outfits for my dolls (my favorite one being a black and white polka dot two piece…tank top bearing the midriff and bell bottom pants), and then I would have those dolls perform on a stage.

Then, I would put on fun outfits and lip sync and dance in front of the mirror in my room, and then I’d video tape it.

I didn’t think I necessarily wanted to be a singer, but I loved the energy of performance, fun outfits, and dance. PLAY.

And when I think about it now…those are STILL the things that feed one of my most fun and creative sides: dance, outfits, and being silly in front of a camera.

Life has the tendency to get so serious. We have relationships and jobs that take our time. We have stresses that we didn’t have before. People get sick and need us to take care of them. We get sick. We have bills. And businesses. And kids.

And as life happens, we tend to forget to do those things that make us happy. We forget to play. We forget to be creative. And we forget to dance around and lip synch in front of the mirror.

I truly believe that THESE are the things that feed us the most. Those things that naturally made us happy and fulfilled before we knew how to analyze ourselves. Or before we were told that those things were silly. Or before we had any real responsibilities.

Growing up, my dad was a pediatrician. And he used to call this the “Cosmic Twinkle.” That thing that babies are born with. The thing that makes them who they are before they learn to change themselves. It’s the thing the soul came here to do, or came here to express. It can’t be learned. It’s there from the beginning.

My belief is that the more we engage in our own “Cosmic Twinkle” the happier we’ll be.

So what do you say, Twinkle Toes, wanna have some fun?

Weekly Heartwork:

1) Ask yourself: What was my favorite thing to do when I was a kid?

A good place to look for this was how you spent your time when you were by yourself. Or try to a time when you were a kid when you were really happy.

2) And then: What could I do THIS WEEK that taps into that side of myself?

3) Action: Do at least one thing that feeds your child-like self.

4) BONUS: Post a pic of you PLAYING with your comic twinkle showing.

5) Action: Once you know what your cosmic twinkle is, and something you could do this week to engage in that part of yourself, share it with the group! Have fun this week.

Ok! That’s the lesson for this week. I can’t wait t get a glimpse into your child like self and see your twinkle shine bright.



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