Live Wildhert


The only thing I’m sure of is that no Wildheart will be left behind.

That everyone has the chance to talk about what they’re going through—and get exactly what they need to move forward. The right people, the right words, and remarkable clarity that will be your compass for this journey you’re on—the one without the roadmap.

In fact, it’s one of the reasons why I coach. I believe you need people around you who are going to lift you up. Who are as passionate as you are. Who see beyond all of your layers, the ones that prevent you from showing who you really are. These are the kinds of people that you’ll have on your side for the rest of your life.

This is a place where honesty and vulnerability are emotions we’re proud of displaying. A place where we can go to learn the skills that will help us navigate these crazy waters.

And if there’s going to be a Wildheart Revolution, we’re doing it together. All hearts in, nothing left out.

 The Live Wildheart community is a place I’ve created for you to be you—to continue to learn, explore, and live the Wildheart life that is waiting for you to step in and begin.

 And this is what you’ll be a part of:

  • Weekly coaching lessons (delivered via email), homework, and discussions with your fellow Wildhearts. It’s taking action and accountability in its sexiest form.
  • One live group coaching call a week plus an hour of live Facebook Q+A time—for when your heart gets lost and you need to be steered back on track.
  • Contests and spontaneous giveaways—when Wildheart jewelry, one on one time with me, and other products and services from fellow Wildhearts are up for grabs.
  • The inside information on when new products, services, and retreats are released—and you getting the first opportunity to jump in.
  • Access to living a Wildheart life every day with a community of jam: People who get you, love you, and want to go forth with an open heart and spirit of adventure.

A life on your own terms, is what it is.

 And it’s only $35 a month.



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 But you know I have something else to give you. Because we’ve gotta do this right.

The first 100 people who sign up will be the Founding Fathers of the Wildheart Revolution. Which means that no matter how awesome this group gets, no matter when the price changes to reflect even more awesome, you will always pay your $35 a month.

And that’s a promise.

It’s an abundance of support that you are creating. It’s a community that’s led by you. Because what $35 a month really is? Committing yourself to taking off the shackles and doing what you didn’t think you could do. $35 a month is saying ‘YES’ to your unfettered life—the one where there is nothing in your way, and only the fire in your heart that’s leading you to the bold, the unknown, and the free. $35 a month is you saying: I’m making sure that no Wildheart is going to be left behind.

Because revolutions don’t just happen. They start with a group of people like you who are willing to bare it all, make a difference, and break new ground. It’s something I could never do just by myself.

So think of this as your recruitment to the place you’ve been dying to be a part of. Where it’s finally okay to declare to the world the Wildheart you really are.

A place you can call home.

 Join the revolution.



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Welcome, Wildheart!