Ready for some serious mega changes in your life in 2020 (cuz let’s be honest…2019 was kinda rough! Am I right?)

Congrats, Wildheart. You've landed. Welcome home.

But first…let me ask you something.

Has 2019 been a year of heaviness, challenges, setbacks, frustrations, and “what the heck should I do with my life?!” or “life…are you kidding me right now?!” moments?

Are you ready to see the fruits of your labor and call in what you’ve been truly wanting for your life? Are you ready for things to be…easier?

If so… you’re in the right place.

The next 40 days are all you need to create your dreams into reality and get rid of the blocks that are holding you back.

The best part? I’ve created the container to help you do just that.
And the even better than the best part? I’m here to help guide you on your way:

To Clarity.
To Purpose.
To Organization.
To Courage.
To Love.
To Abundance.
To Opening new doors.
To Closing old (unnecessary) ones.

All through a 40 day kundalini practice called “Beaming and Creating the Future”.

Here’s the thing – we have less than two months left of 2019 which means we have less than two months to wrap up whatever we need to from this past year and envision what we want to start fresh with in 2020.

And (if you’re anything like me) having a structure to put it all into place is key, otherwise it all falls to wayside.

This is the structure and container you’ve been looking for.

A 40 day Sadhana, which means “daily spiritual practice”, to round out the year and call in your dreams and goals for 2020.

You know you’re a powerful manifestor when you get focused, but will you actually get around to creating your vision and visualizations by yourself? Or will something else always take priority?

Here’s the support you need to create the habits that will set your year in motion and set you up for success – all within a short 40-day timeframe,

Why 40 days? In Kundalini 40 days is significant because it’s the amount of time it takes to change a habit. So this is why we’ll do a meditation everyday for 40 days. It’s for the sole (soul) purpose of:

  • Envisioning and bringing in the exact life you want.
  • Clearing your mind of distractions and attachments.
  • Opening up your creativity.
  • Zoning in on your focus so you can create the future you’ve been waiting for

And the best part? Anything that’s blocking your success will be brought to “zero” and non-existent.

(Kundalini is awesome like that – vision to calling in the new and practical momentum through emotional blocks – yes, please!)

Here’s the plan and what you can expect:

  • You’ll get a recording of the daily meditation from November 22 to December 31. (We do the same meditation the whole time for super potency!)
  • A private FB group with a daily accountability post and daily email reminders for those who don’t love FB
  • Live stream Q & A’s with me
  • Daily Discussions
  • And, of course, so much more support from me as you journey through the process.

Let’s get super clear on what you want and literally manifest that into existence!
Let’s see how much magic you can create in the last 40 days of the year.

Let’s show 2020 what you’re made of.

I have been doing kundalini meditations regularly for a five years now and can say that they are powerful and completely game-changing. One I did where I intended to bring in unexpected people and things in my life, I got gifted a motorcycle (a motorcycle! For FREE!) and reconnected with a college flame. When I worked on releasing fear of the future, my dream home showed up and was cheaper than I had budgeted (and it has a view!). When I worked on being in “flow” with my highest good I got the opportunity to record music, teach yoga at the best studio in town, got a free Jeep, started teaching salsa dancing and opportunities fell on my lap.

And apparently I’m not the only one.

“Kundalini yoga is like magic to me. Magic-crack. Whenever I’ve done regular kundalini practice, stuff has HAPPENED in my life. Like, energy-shifting, new relationships-new-jobs-emotional-healing-awesome-STUFF.

And the same thing seems to happen when I work with Sally Hope, so I KNEW I had to get in on this 40-day-sadhana-with-Sally thing, since magic was bound to occur.

When I signed up for the first sadhana, I was feeling serious doubt and confusion about nearly everything in my life. Trying to decide if I should go back to school, if I should move, if I should continue down the path I was on. Seriously all over the place. And then…that magic came. After just a couple of weeks of our daily practice, I started feeling grounded. Like I could trust myself to make decisions again. Like I knew what I wanted out of life.

Three months on from beginning that first sadhana, I feel like a completely different version of myself. And I know it has to do with the grounding of these daily practices, and the support of Sally and the community that she built for us around it.

I could not recommend doing one of these 40-day sadhanas with Sally more. Literally life changing”—Ainslie Greig, Web Designer & Magic Maker

“Previously I always said I wanted to meditate but never fully committed and took action. Same with many other things and I was always disappointed in myself.

In Sally’s first 40 day I committed and participated every day and beyond but this is the one that has dug in and grown roots for me.

I tend to start something and not always finish. It depends on what it is. I believe this has given me confidence and roots that will help me make and keep/stick to new habits/changes instead of reverting to old patterns in meditation and in other areas of my life. Tammra

“It feels like a solid foundation.

To me, the benefit of meditating (& this meditation) is allowing. Allowing myself to ask and receive—spiritual, emotional, physical manifestations. But the biggest benefit is trusting that I am being guided & all I have to do is focus my intentions and energy. I don’t feel alone. Annelise

“I went from being in an abusive relationship, in a job and town I hated, to moving to the beach, opening my own store,
making more money than I had before, and am dating an awesome and successful man.
This meditation is powerful.

When Sally first told me about the course, I thought there was no way I was up for any kind of challenge or extra time obligation. I was was consistently late for work already and the hours were long and sporadic. After work (and this was a pushy, stressful sales-job where I didn’t exactly fit in) I just wanted to go “home” and drink wine so I could get through the rest of the evening and sleep and do it all over again. My mornings were hectic and I couldn’t imagine having the time to sit and meditate (or even wash my hair for that matter).

I don’t remember exactly what it was that made me join, but WOW!! This mediation SAVED ME! Let me just skip forward real quick here, so you know what I mean and then I can explain more about why I loved Sally’s program and why I think it worked for me, and will for you. Now, less than one year later, I live in my dream little cottage in a beach town, I quit my job in April and opened my own awesome clothing boutique in the hottest district in town (near the beach). I’m making way more money and have been featured in 6 publications (without even doing any marketing yet).

I am creating every day. I am dating an awesome man and have been traveling a little when I can. My heath is excellent. I run almost everyday and do pilates and workout with a personal trainer. I have re-connected with so many friends and I feel happy and dynamic and supported and loved.

The changes I have gone through this year have been incredible. I truly think Sally’s program was the catalyst. I had never really meditated before, but here is what I found: I looked forward to it everyday. It cleared my crazy head. I was able to relax and see things more calmly and clearly and it was exciting to me to visualize the way I wanted my life to be, instead of focusing on the stress that it was. One of my favorite parts was “taking out the trash” of my mind. I was no longer frazzled when I was getting ready for work. I was actually able to show up on time, looking and feeling good and prepared for my day.

I felt a calm confidence that I just had to do what I had to do and worrying about everything else was a waste of time. It became clear to me that if I lived in the present moment and did the best I could right now, it would pave the way for the life that I know is mine. And things stared to shift. It’s easy to get caught up in fear and also to be paralyzed by past events. From my experience, if you can get that stuff out of your head, you can focus on the present and do good things. Meditation is key. Meditation, to me, is getting that crap out of your head and making room for all the good stuff. Julie

This stuff works.

Personally, I have a goal that you’ll manifest at least one of your things you envision during these 40 days in 2020 and I KNOW you can do it, WE can do it, together!

I’m hell bent on it.

And the best part? All of this for only $149 for the 40 days. That’s less than $3.75 per day. CART CLOSES NOVEMBER 16th.

No brainer.

So I gotta ask: You in?

Starts on November 22. And we’ll wrap up on New Years Eve.

I sure hope so because I KNOW it’s gonna be magic and you, my dear, have had the magic in you all along…it’s time to let it out and watch your life transform.

I’m telling you a meditation practice as old as the 11th Century can’t be wrong.



After clicking the button you’ll be sent to a portal where you’ll complete your purchase and then be sent an email with further instructions. No refunds here but if you show up and do the work I’m confident you will see a positive change in your life.


1. What do you mean about “Kundalini practice?” Will we be doing yoga poses?

In this practice we will just be doing a meditation. The same meditation for 40 days. It has three parts to it and each part is in service of bringing what isn’t working to “zero” and then projecting into the future what we DO want. I mean…pretty cool eh?

2. Are you a trained Kundalini Yoga Teacher?

Yes! I am certified through KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) and I got my training through Golden Bridge in Santa Monica.

3. What if I start it and decide I don’t want to continue?

You have the right to start and stop as it feels right to you but there are no refunds. So if you feel called to do this I recommend that you join and make a commitment to yourself to continue with us. As Yogi Bhajan says (the guy who brought Kundalini yoga to the west) “commitment is the first step to happiness,” so you will benefit at the very least by committing to something.

With that being said, if something comes up for you during this time, you’ll have access to the material as long as it exists, so you can come back to it as many times as you’d like throughout the year.

4. I’m not very flexible. Will I be able to do this?

YES! This meditation involves sitting with your legs crossed indian style and your arms rested comfortably on your knees so everyone should be able to do this. If you can’t sit this way, you are welcome to lie down or sit in a chair for this meditation.

5. I’ve tried meditating before and I suck at it. My mind raced and I got bored. Should I do this meditation?

I get it. I SO get it. I have a bad case of “monkey mind” but the more I’ve meditated the better it has gotten. And truly, the point of meditation is to notice when your mind starts wandering and bring it back to the focus you intend for the practice (breath, intentions, in this case “your best future” etc), so really, as long as you’re noticing, you’re doing a great job. I don’t believe there is such thing as a “clear” mind or completely “clean slate” so that isn’t the point. I believe the point is to commit to do it and do your best and keep coming back even if it’s challenging or boring.

6. What if I accidentally skip a day during our 40 days?

Then you can get back on the horse the next day. :) The way that these meditations work is that every day you do it in a row, you build more potency. 40 days is the least amount of time it takes to change a habit, so you’ll want to strive for doing 40 days in a row.

7. This isn’t a good time of year for me, with the holidays and all, what should I do?

With so many things in life, it’s never going to feel like the “right time.” There is always going to be a bill to pay, time commitments, inconveniences, and bad timing. The important thing is to be intentional with your time and your life. If you want change, you can make it happen. And I find that when people really want something, they carve out the time. This meditation can be done in as little time as 7 minutes a day. Most people check their Instagram account 10 times this amount every day.

I had a friend who did this course last year and she has a full time job, two kids, and a husband and was dealing with deadlines and holiday. She also works out for an hour and a half every day. I told her that if she has the time to carve out 90 minutes for lifting weights, that she could carve out seven for bettering her mind and her life. She did. And stuck to it. And had incredible results.

With that being said…if it really won’t work timing wise, you can buy it now and do the course at any time. You’ll have access to the course materials as long as they are available. Just hang on to your login credentials!

8. It’s hard for me to stay on track if I don’t have someone watching me. Will this work for me?

Part of bettering our lives is learning to be more consistent with the things that help us, and learning how to be disciplined, and part of it is having support and help while we’re doing that.

If you’re afraid you won’t have enough one-on-one daily support (even though I’ll be in the group every day checking in), you can grab an accountability buddy in the group. The community aspect is one of my favorite parts and I’m guessing you aren’t alone in this feeling. If you want extra support, post in the group.

9. Do I have to come to the studio to do this? 

Nope! This is done entirely online from the comfort of your own home. Anyone in the world can join us.

10. Do I have to do it at the same time every day with the group or can I do it on my own?

You can do it on your own! Once you sign up you’ll have access to the meditation video and instructions, and you can do it wherever and whenever you want.

11. Ummm…what is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini is know as the “yoga of awareness” which in normal people talk just means that every pose, meditation, or mantra you do is meant to deliver an experience of awareness. It helps you become more aware of your mind, thoughts, body, spirit, truth, ideas, creativity and basically everything else in your life.


I have a feeling that 2020 is going to be a big year for a lot of people. I also know that some of us get tired of the whole “New Years Resolution” thing. How many times do we decide something and never move towards it?

Here’s the chance to have a tangible way to reach those goals. Are you ready? I am. #bye2019

Welcome, Wildheart!