Fly on

Well hello there reader. :)

How are you today? How was your week? I hope good and if not, maybe something I say here can help for next week.

One thing I’m a big fan of is experiments. I imagine myself as a scientist in a lab…”What happens if I meditate every day for 40 days straight? What happens if I eat this way for a whole week? What happens if I only do things I really want to do?”

And from doing these experiments, I keep myself entertained, but I also learn A LOT about what works for me and what doesn’t.

This week in my private Coaching tribe, Wildheart Revolution, we all embarked on the experiment of “what happens when we find fun and fulfilling stuff for ourselves to do, and then actually do it.”
And I can tell you, it was awesome.

I called a friend and went to a new beach (and taco stand!) I’d never been to before.

While there we mused on college boyfriends, the irrational fear of sharks, and how annoying it is for her that people give her unwarranted parenting advice for her not-yet-born baby.

I went to see a KILLER band for free at the county fair all by myself even though I was kinda pissed my man got the days wrong and couldn’t go with me. I just slapped on some red lipstick and my best cowgirl boots (snake skin with embroidered uppers), grabbed a Bud Light and enjoyed myself.

Then I took myself on a moto ride and was reminded of why it’s so damn important to get out and adventure. While on my bike I remembered why I love riding so much.

My mind is usually going a mile a minute, but on my bike, there is only one thing. Presence. You to literally be here now like your life depends on it, because it does. There’s no time for extra worry or thoughts that don’t matter.

All you have is the wind and the air and the potholes on the ground. And because you’re present, you notice things you normally wouldn’t. Like the vultures I saw flying above. The bluebird flying from tree to tree. The playful pony in someone’s yard.

I know you don’t think of motorcycles and meditation as going together, but on that bike is the closest I ever come to being fully present. For me, it’s a spiritual practice. Playing with presence. And I had a great time.

And as I sit here on a Friday afternoon, getting excited to go see the Jason Aldean concert tonight at the fair and I’m gearing up for the Motley Crue one tomorrow, I think about how easy it is to plan things in my life that feel fun and fulfilling, and also how easily it is to forget that.

The beach is only a short drive away. My motorcycle sits in my garage constantly. There is music all around me. But the only difference this week is that I made the decision to go to the beach and get on my bike. And it completely changed my week and my mood.

So I don’t know how this email finds you. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re in a rut of your own, like I did on Monday. Maybe you’re sad that your summer is slipping away. Maybe you’re rocking and rolling and caught up in work that you are forgetting to carpe your diem. Wherever you sit, I hope that you’re smiling and if you’re not…get outside. Get on your bike. Grab a bud light, and bob your head to the band. Choose your own adventure.

I’ll totally wave to you on the street from my bike,


P.s. The doors to the Wildheart Revolution have been closed for awhile. I do that because it feels like a family in there and I like to keep the numbers down so that we can TRULY connect. If you’re reading this and are all like “I need some of that in my life” send me an email to VIP list…here you come. XOXO