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Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads where you don’t know what to do? Where you feel like each option carries so much weight, and you think you’ll turn into dust or something if you make the wrong decision?

Or maybe you have a decision to make and you’re feeling confused as to which way to go. You have a feeling about it but you’re not sure if that feeling is there because of intuition or because you’re scared of something.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then today’s post is for you.

I have a theory. That the emotion of confusion doesn’t exist, but rather what confusion is, is a knowing that you’d rather not know. And since you don’t like what you “know” you focus on being “confused” instead.

So it’s not surprising to me that I ADORED this Q & A from my good friend and psychic Licia Morelli all about how to tell if what you’re thinking and feeling is “intuition” or if it’s something you made up in your head.

I love it because it answers a question I get ALL the time. The question is…”how do I know that I’m making the right decision in my life.”

Licia gives so many amazing and wonderful tips that I wanted to share them with you today. So here goes:

I’ll cut straight to it – there’s nothing more I love than a good FAQ and as a clairvoyant psychic I get some doozies! Everything from “Can you read my mind? Are you doing it right now?” to “What if I get a curse cast upon me when I start trusting my intuition?”

Kooky? Yes. Valid? Abso-freaking-lutely.

Why? The answer is simple, the hardest thing in the world is learning how to trust ourselves and trust our intuition. We think it’s an “other worldly” gift that only the special people are given (I thought this too when I was young and now I’m a professional psychic!)

My most favey fave FAQ (besides “Can you read my mind?” (which by the way, I can’t and I’m super glad because that would be seriously bananas!) is “How can I tell the difference between an intuitive ‘hit’ and my mind talking me into it.”

I love this question because it really gets to the crux of why we have such a hard trusting ourselves and trusting the information that’s already present within us.

I’m completely guilty of asking anyone and everyone for help when I have a big decision to make instead of listening to the most important opinion – the voice inside me. I ask my husband, my mom, the mailman, the grocery clerk, poor Sally has had to listen me pontificate too! Tell me: have you also done this?

But inevitably, I always come back to the quote by Erica Jong “Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer and wish we didn’t”.

It’s so true. Most of the time, when we’re asking outside of ourselves for the information or to be guided we’re ignoring the intuition that’s already residing in front of us. The problem? We just don’t know how to trust it.

In response to the epidemic of intuitive lack of trust, I’ve created two lists, one on how to know if the answer is intuitive and one to know if it’s your mind talking you into it.

Intuitive Hits:

1. You get the goosebumps. Our body holds so many answers and one of the most basic recognitions of a YES is when we get the goosebumps when inquiring about next steps. Trust the bumps!

2. You feel it in your heart. You know the feeling, the warm and bubbly inside of you and your chest expands when you ask about the topic.

3. When you first saw the answer come through you didn’t deny the info. It was only after a moment or two that you let your mind start chattering. For example, you asked yourself if the course topic you just thought of was the right direction to offer your list and right away the following happens: goosebumps, heartfelt sense, a smile emerges on your lips (all intuition). Trust that initial fluidity – that’s where the true answer lies not in the WHAMMO head rolling “nope, nope, nope” that starts you second guessing about two minutes after the first feel good moment.

Your mind talking you into it:

1. You feel brain tired after asking the question. Literally, your brain feels foggy and tired and there is a repetition happening over and over inside of your head.

2. You feel like you’re telling yourself a lie. It just doesn’t “sit right” but you keep telling yourself that it’s right even though you feel cruddy about it.

3. You feel like you’re beating your head against a wall, over and over, and over again, asking everyone you know what they think until you get the answer you want to hear!

So the next time you have a decision to make or searching your soul for the best next move you need to make – take out this list and ask yourself:

*Where do I feel it? In my head (ego) or in my heart (intuition).

*How many people have I asked about this X,Y,Z problem today? (If it’s more than one –you – it’s not intuition!)

*Do I feel confident in myself? (Yes- intuition, no- your mind talking you into it.)

*Am I consulting the tarot deck multiple times a day over and over until I get the right card? (Your mind talking you into it)

*Do I feel light and airy when I think about the outcome? (Intuition)

It’s so fun being over here at the Wildheart Revolution today and I hope this has been helpful for you as you embark on your next decision making process. I would love to hear what you think!

Comment below and let me know: When is the last time you got the goosebumps and did you follow through on the idea? Also, tell me – how do you know if you’re having an intuitive hit rather than your mind talking you into it?

Inquiring minds want to know!


Licia Morelli

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Licia Morelli is an internationally recognized clairvoyant psychic, intuitive coach, speaker, media personality, and author.

Licia is currently awaiting the release of her first children’s book on mindfulness and meditation from Tilbury House Publishers in August 2015. She is the featured resident psychic on morning drive radio at the 92 Moose (92.3 FM or morning show and has been a featured blogger in elephant journal and Tiny Buddha. Licia is also the founder of The House of Woo and loves teaching people how to listen to and trust their intuition on a daily basis (even though she realizes she may work herself out of a job because of it.)

When she’s not invading the psychic sphere you can often find Licia eating frozen yogurt and searching for witty banter. See more at Licia’s website, Facebook and Twitter.