The Wildheart Revolution

Hey, I heard you were a wild one.

You are a seeker, a freedom lover, a rule breaker…

You want to do things your own way and you understand that there’s no quick fix in life…

You long for a place that feels like home, but everything out there is just not you…

You, my dear, are a WILDHEART.





Wildheart is not just a type of person, but it’s an approach to life, a set of beliefs, and a way of simply being.

Imagine a life (YOUR life) worthy of the wildheart that beats within you…more freedom, love and happiness than you ever imagined possible, without all the typical “program” BS.

A little bit coaching, a little bit business, a little bit love, a little bit spirituality, and a lot of rock n roll. Full of encouragement, support, fun, learning, engagement.

The Wildheart Revolution is a place where you can let your wildheart run free—while knowing you DO have a grand purpose that needs energy, action, and accountability to come to life.

That’s what the Wildheart Revolution is all about.

And there’s nothing else like it.




The Wildheart Revolution fills 4 Needs: 1) coaching without feeling like you’re being irresponsible with your money, 2) coaching with a rad community of brave and vulnerable people, 3) coaching with a rad, brave, beautiful, vulnerable leader, and 4) it’s EASY. It’s like a little family. And i love it.
—Sarah Ramey, Musician at Wolf Larsen, Artist, Official Smarty Pants

Tucked away in the Wildheart Community, amazing things happen every single day with some of the coolest, most creative and inspiring people you’ll ever meet.

When you are a part of Wildheart, you get so much more than business or life coaching. You get to work on all of you and find your way to being your Wildhearted self.

Here’s the rundown on everything that Wildheart includes and how it helps you be a true Wildheart in all parts of your life.


Weekly Live Group Coaching Call with Sally: When your Wildheart gets a little lost and you need to be steered back on track with a swift (and totally loving) kick in the back pocket of your jeans.
($1200 value)

Weekly Facebook ‘Office Hours’ with Sally: Get personal coaching on any question, problem or challenge in the secret Facebook group.
($300 value)

Weekly Love/Relationships Coaching Facebook Office Hours’: Wildheart’s resident Love Coach (Natalie Vartanian) will answer all of your relationship questions.
($300 value)

Weekly Tarot Readings: Yes please! Our Wildheart Tarot Reader (Natalie Vartanian) will pull a card for whatever question you have in your life.
($300 value)

Work with Sally One-on-One: Get preferred pricing if you decide to work one-on-one with Sally as a Wildheart member.
($1000 value)

I’m not one for joining “groups” I pretty much think I have the world figured out, but something just seemed right about the Wildheart Revolution. It’s all about freedom and self expression and camaraderie in the most un-self help group sort of way possible. I’ve met the most awesome fearless people there and it has only helped me to become even more fearless than I already was. I didn’t know how much I needed the Wildheart Revolution until now, it’s invaluable to me.
—Shannon Drake, CEO at Social Media & Founder of The Dirt Paleo Skincare

Weekly Business Coaching Facebook ‘office hours’: Join Wildheart’s resident Business Coach and Money Making Expert (Ellen Ercolini) and get all your business questions answered.
($300 value)

Weekly “Accountability” Threads in Facebook: To help keep you on track with all of your goals.
($200 value)

Monthly Guest Teachers: Experts join us to teach you their signature THING. Coming up we have Grace Quantock, Victoria Prozan and psychic Licia Morelli teaching us how to actually be psychic. We cover everything under the sun with guest teachers including: Business Coaching, Love/Relationship, Writing, Finances (how to have awesome relationships with MONEY), Health, Cars 101 (all you need to know to keep your car running smoothly) and much more.
($1000 value)

My favorite thing about #wildheart is based on the saying “you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with.” I like to be surrounded by forward moving, positive thinking, self loving individuals, and that’s who’s in the Revolution. It rocks.
—K.P. Glasheen, Wildheart Member

Weekly ‘Round Up’ Email: Get the rundown on everything that happened in the group that week so you never have to worry about missing anything.
($200 value)

Monthly Calendar: So you never miss a single Wildheart event

Wildheart Resources and Subgroups: Wildheart Book Club, and Wildheart Meditates…where we do frequent 21-day meditation challenges.
($600 value)

Get Involved with Wildheart: As Wildheart grows, I think it’s super important you guys have a role that goes farther than just being members.

Contests and Spontaneous Giveaways: Wear unique Wildheart jewelry, one-on-one time with Sally, and other meticulously curated products and services are up for grabs. ($1000+ value)

The Inside Scoop: Be in the know when new products, services, and retreats are released—and a first-in-line opportunity to jump in.
(value: priceless)

24- Hour Support: The secret Wildheart Facebook group (plus all the Wildheart members) is there for you anytime you have a question, need support, or want to share the excitement in your life.

One of the simplest but most impactful parts of being in the Wildheart Community is Heartwork. This is a weekly prompt for you to dig a little deeper into yourself and seek out your Wildheart. Delivered by email each week, you have time to reflect, mull it over, and then discuss with the group. When members were recently asked what they valued the most about Wildheart, Heartwork was near the top of the list.

We may talk about our personal commandments, who we need to forgive or what we must do to move on in life, but Heartwork helps explore who we are and how to be the kind of person that lives the Wildhearted life we know we want.

“Doing the Heartwork each week is simply amazing. I don’t think I can even articulately express to you how much you and this group have changed my life.”
– Erica Cominsky

A $6,400 monthly value for less than $4 a day. Pretty darn sweet (like apple pie).


Ready to live Wildheart and join the Revolution?






Wildhearts: Living Free with an Open Heart

Wildheart is special. Where else will you leave no stone unturned from business to your love life and continually honoring your wildheart spirit. Whether it is an around the world backpacking touring, flying solo on Saturday night with your NetFlix, jumping out of a plane or doing crafts with your kids, being wildheart is living YOUR life your way, and doing it with a open heart. Being part of this community reminds me to stop and enjoy the ride.
– Maggie Patterson

Being part of Wildheart, I have a permission slip. Now I walk through life with even more swagger and shine my light even brighter
– Elisabeth Rossman

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Meet the Wildheart Team

Sally Hope – Leader of the Wildheart Revolution + Life Coach
Renegade life coach, leader of the Wildheart Revolution, pun fanatic, hot-pink lipstick lover and country dancer. Native Californian who now canoodles in Montana.

Ellen Ercolini
Money making expert, business coach, baseball fanatic (Go Giants!), spanish speaker and Latin American adventurer, loves soaking up the rays in Oakland and my dog Huxley.

Natalie Vartanian
Tarot reader, love + relationship coach, free spirited gypsy, burlesque dancer, silly, fun loving and always up for an adventure.




What do I get out of being a member?

A community filled with smart, dynamic, adventurous, interesting dreamers, fear facers, and action takers… JUST LIKE YOU.

You will learn how to be unabashedly YOU in all aspects of your life.

Tangible tools you can use in your EVERYDAY life to manage your emotions, love, spirituality, business, and relationships.

Opportunity to showcase your talents and meet potential friends and clients.

You will no longer be alone in defining and realizing your big goals and dreams.

Support system available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the challenges and victories that come up.

Answers, momentum, and help with your business pursuits

I honestly can’t imagine a better program, ESPECIALLY for the price. The weekly lessons are seriously like Sally is reading my mind. The coaching calls are informative and propel me to action. And all the amazing bonuses are so killer. Last week we had a business coach on the line and her lesson alone was better than the last two $2000 business courses I took. Best decision I’ve ever made.
—Vivian B.

Members have also…

Gotten clients

Hired each other

Quit their jobs

Realized their dreams

Found amazing relationships

Mended family relationships

Traveled the world

Formed lifelong friendships

With Wildheart my vibration has been raised, I feel sparkly.
– Amanda Terra

Ready to Wildheart?

Here’s what’s next…the Wildheart Revolution awaits you!
Simply choose which payment option you’d like and click the appropriate “Sign me up!” button.

As soon as you join, you’ll get a welcome email with all the details about your new place in the Wildheart Revolution. As well as information on how to unsubscribe if you wish to no longer be a part of the group.

Get ready to go wildheart!

Ready, Wildheart? Find your freedom and seek your truth.

No apologies. No filter. That’s what Wildheart is all about.
Join the Wildheart community now and start your new adventure today.

One More Thing…

Just so you know…you can cancel your membership at any time, and in no way are you obligated to stay after 3, 6 or 12 months. That might be just the right amount of time for you.

By signing up you are agreeing to recurring payments from your Paypal account. If at anytime you’d like to cancel your membership, all you have to do is cancel the payments via the PayPal confirmation you received.
Also, by signing up you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.



1) Why do I sign up for three months at a time?
I have found that when people commit to doing something for a certain amount of time, they get way more out of it. And from coaching hundreds of people and watching the changes with the members of the Wildheart Revolution, three months is a great amount of time to see some real changes taking place.

2) What do I do if I want to continue my membership after three months?
No worries! Your payment will recur every three months unless you cancel it via your PayPal invoice (which you can do at anytime before your three months are up in order to not have your payment recur the next round).

3) You talk a lot about business when referring to the Wildheart Revolution. Do I need to be a business owner to get some value out of it?
Nope! The Wildheart Revolution is for anyone who wants to have a better life. And for a lot of my clients…being a business owner is a part of their life. But not everyone in the group is a business owner. You’ll be in great company.

4) What if I want a refund?
Customers who purchase access to The Wildheart Revolution may request a refund if for any reason they are not entirely satisfied with the program or feel that they did not receive the value they were looking for. A 100% money back guarantee is open for 14 days from the date of purchase. Send an email to to let us know and your money will be refunded. Your refund will be issued within 14 business days.

5) Is this a “course?” And if so, how long does it go for?
This is not a traditional course in that it doesn’t have an official start or end date. The Wildheart Revolution is an ongoing tribe. You can stay for as long or as short as you’d like and feel is right for you.

6) Will I get one on one attention?
Yes!! But only if you show up to opportunities to get it. As with anything in life, you get out what you put in. If you want personal attention, the best way to do that is show up on the coaching calls and office hours, and be very active in the FB group.
We make it really easy to get one-on-one help, either in the live coaching calls, or the three online FB coaching hours (and we also provide a place where you can ask a specific question even if you can’t make those times). In addition to that…fellow Wildhearts are incredibly helpful. So you’ll have plenty of opportunity to get help if you reach out and ask for it.

7) How will it really help me live my best life?
Wildheart is unique in that it is a wealth of opportunities and resources to have everything you might need to make a major change in your life…but you have to work it in order for it to work. Which means participating in the weekly #heartwork exercises, showing up to the coaching hours, and being active in the group.

Me and my team of Wildheart coaches are dedicated to helping you in every area of your life, which is why we have a business coaching hour, a relationship one, tarot readings, and two opportunities a week to personally get coached by me on anything you’d like. So all that is to say….if you want change in your life and you’re willing to chat about it with us, you will have all the tools you need to make major changes in your life.

8) I’m too multi-passionate. How do I know I’ll fit in here? I feel like I don’t fit in ANYWHERE?
Well…you’re in the right place. :) This is a common characteristic of many Wildhearts. We’re dynamic, introspective, multi-passionate, and wanting to live life on the skinny branches (no status quo for us).
Plus, if you don’t like it, you can just cancel your membership before the next pay period rolls around.

9) What am I actually going to get out of Wildheart? What’s in it for me?
Other than the opportunity to get top notch coaching from THREE coaches at the top of their game (for a seriously affordable price that you’ll find nowhere else on the planet), free tarot readings, a community that is there for you 24/7, free resources and tools to make your life better, you’ll get ALL the resources you might need to make changes. Whether you use all the resources in there is up to you.

Some specific results Wildheart members have seen include (but are definitely not limited to):

  1. Leaving their mediocre relationship to find the love of their life
  2. Have their first $10,000 month in their business
  3. Approach their dating partners with 100% truth, honesty, and acceptance in who they are
  4. Gotten clients, hired each other
  5. Launched successful programs in their business
  6. Felt more a sense of community and friendship than they have anywhere else
  7. Pursued their dreams (one in particular finally became a burlesque dancer which had been her dream forever)
  8. Quit their soul sucking job to pursue their passion

Basically…whatever it is you’re wanting, if you show up in the group and reach out for help when you need it and use the resources available, I believe 100% that you WILL have it.

10) If you have all the answers to my problems, why not teach them in a 4-6 week course? Why is it ongoing?
Because life does not happen in a 4-6 week period. Life happens constantly. And even the most smart, educated, aware, enlightened people need to be reminded of what they know. They need to PRACTICE what they learn. And Wildheart is a place to do that in an environment that’s fun and all-inclusive.

Also…I’ve taken courses. And they’re amazing. But what happens is that when the courses end, I go back to my same old habits. Wildheart is a way to stay accountable to what you want, and have all the resources you need to stay on track. It’s like the daily meditation practice for your life…the most important part is to keep showing up and if you do, amazing things will happen.

Welcome, Wildheart!