Meditation To Fulfill Your Destiny


Everyone knows that meditation, as we think of it, is boring. Who can sit there for an hour and try to “clear your mind?”

Hardly anyone is the answer.

Although I love that kind of meditation and find it really valuable, the thing I love about Kundalini meditations is that they are SPECIFIC. The instructions aren’t “sit there and watch your breath” but rather each meditation is geared specifically to the thing in your life you want to work on.

Want more money? There’s a meditation for that.

Want less heartache? There’s a meditation for that.

And so when I got an email from one of my students in my meditation courses asking for a new meditation so she doesn’t “self-sabotage” her big dream, I got really excited.

Finding meditations for specific issues is my jam.

And since what she asked is really universal, I thought I would share the recommendation with you today too in case you also have something you’ve been wanting, or if you feel stuck in a relationship, job, or thought pattern.

This mantra meditation is the miggity miggity miggity miggity mac daddy of all Kundalini meditations and is said to bring you to your destiny. It wakes you up to that which is best for you. And it kills any fate you’ve acquired that keeps you in a painful karmic cycle of repeating the same darn pattern in your life over and over again. It changes your destiny to complete prosperity. Although it doesn’t specifically prevent self-sabotage, it puts us in line with our destiny so all that self-sabotage naturally falls away. Check out my video that explains why this meditation is awesome.

And here’s how you do it.

Posture: Come seated into a cross legged position. If that’s not available you can sit in a chair or lay down in your cozy bed (I totally do this…whatever it takes eh?)

Eyes: Closed softly

Mantra (sing along or just listen):

Ek ong kaar, sat naam, karataa purakh, nirbho, nirvair

Akaal moorat, ajoonee, saibhang, gur prasaad. Jap!

Aad such, jugaad such, Hai bhee such, Naanak hosee bhee such.

Here is my favorite version (feel free to YouTube others)


One Creator. Truth is His name. Doer of everything. Fearless, Revengeless, Undying, Unborn, Self illumined, The Guru’s gift. True in the beginning. True through all the ages. True even now. Oh Nanak it is forever true.

What this means: 

We’re calling on that which creates everything in our lives. You might call it God or Universe. And we’re lining ourselves up with that. It’s the embodiment of “we are one.” So we’re saying that which creates is me and I am that which creates. It’s true now and forever. Once we’re aligned with that, we create in prosperity that which is absolutely best or us since the ultimate creator isn’t one in which puts us in crappy situations. We’re breaking out of that (“fate-killing”) and all we’re left with is our truth. Our destiny.


Do as little as 7 minutes and up to however long you’d like. You can keep it playing in the background all day for an extra punch.

Journal Exercise: 

Before you start this meditation write down everything you’re feeling right now. Then ask…”what is my destiny” and do the meditation.

When you’re done write down everything that comes to mind.

If you still want more info about this mantra, check out this awesome podcast all about it

And now I’d love to hear from you. Did you try this one? What do you think? How was your mood before and how is your mood after? Let me know in the comments below.

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