I know I’ve been writing to you a LOT lately, but it’s just because I’m soooo excited to bring this Wildheart Revolution into the world and I don’t want you to miss out on a single second of the fun.

(Pretty soon I’ll be so busy Wildhearting it inside the Revolution you’ll miss getting so many love notes from me.) ;)

Speaking of which, there are already dozens of brilliant, inspiring Wildhearts inside the Revolution, meeting and greeting each other.

Making new connections.

Lifting each other up and giving each other friendly shout-outs.

ALREADY. And the doors to that group just opened a couple days ago!

Now, I promised you yesterday that I’d give you one of my TOP tips to instantly eliminate painful emotions that can keep you stuck.

And I’ll share that in a minute—but I want to take you on a little journey with me first.

It begins in your imagination.

Let’s go…

Can you see it?

You’re driving down the road, mid-day, sun shining, your favorite song on the radio.

Mountains to your left. Big puffy clouds fill the bright blue sky. Wildflowers blooming.

You get out of the car and look around and think…This. Is. It.

This is living.

This is freedom.

This is exactly where I need to be.

And you look over and you see someone who looks a lot like you, who dresses a lot like you, who is blasting the same song as you.

She gets out, breathes in the air, looks around, and nods right at you with a big knowing smile.

We’ve made it, you both think.

And then someone else rides up on her motorcycle. Wind in her hair. Smile on her face. And comes up to give you both a giant hug.

You don’t know each other but somehow you do.

You are Wildhearts.

The Original Wild Ones. The first peaceful warriors. The loving misfits.

You’re the first ones in the door. The ones who just KNEW that this is the place to be.

You’re the bearers of the torch.

The spiritual renegade leaders of the Wildheart Revolution.

Which is SO fitting because you’ve always felt a bit different than everyone else.

Always understood things that most people don’t understand.

Wanted things that most people don’t want.

You’ve always done things a bit differently.

And this is no different.

Except now, you have an army of people just like you to love and support you.

Imagine being an Original Wild One.

(Which I know isn’t a stretch for you. Since you already are.)

And then come on in and get your badge.

Because here’s the thing about this journey.

It doesn’t have to exist only in your imagination.

If you, like me (and like so many of the Revolutionaries who are already connecting), prefer:

• Being alone to being in a huge group of people who ‘follow the crowd’

• Dancing when no one else is dancing

• Raising your kids unconventionally (and with unconditional acceptance)

• Taking off for the weekend without a map

• Sporting a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing or jewelry or a crazy awesome eye-catching shade of nail polish

And if you, like the rest of us Wildhearts, also see that there is SO much more that connects us than these surface things (though awesome) that set us apart…

Then you’ll LOVE the vibe inside the Wildheart Revolution.

If you haven’t yet taken the time to soak up all the amazing goodness that is in this on-fire program, be sure and go here to read all about it and claim your spot.

(The first lesson is happening, TOMORROW, August 19!)

But I can’t leave you without sharing that tip I promised you.

So, a little backdrop first.

You know how sometimes (or maybe a lot) you can find yourself in a negative spiral of emotions?

Like something bad happens—and it may have even happened a long time ago—and you can’t seem to get yourself to stop feeling miserable about it? And the more you try to feel better, the worse you actually feel?

Well here’s the thing about emotions. They’re like a two year-old nagging at you and the more you ignore them the louder they get.

And most of us try our hardest to ignore those emotions that cause us pain.

So the two year-old (our pain) just gets more and more persistent.

“Pay attention to meeeeeee, Mommy!” it screams.

And you might THINK you’re paying attention to these nagging emotions, because… well, you feel them, right?

So you MUST be paying attention to them.


The thing is that these tough emotions are so painful that we’ll do just about anything to resist them.

We’ll drink alcohol, or seek out attention from others, or go on a shopping binge.

We do just about anything to STOP feeling those feelings. And then we wonder why they keep coming back.

But like that nagging two year-old, all those emotions want is a little attention.

Once they get it, they stop screaming and hurting your ears.

But this is a tricky subject and paying attention to your painful emotions can feel counter-intuitive, so I’ve created a little guide to help make it easy for you.

(You may have seen me share this before, but it’s been such a life-changer I had to bring it back by popular request!)

Sally Hope’s Fancy Pants L.O.V.E. Technique, for when you feel like THIS



L – Let whatever feelings that are there FULLY be there. Really feel them and let them wash over you.

Say:  “I’m experiencing myself feel _______”

O– Observe. Observe where in your body your feel these feelings.

Ask, “Where in my body do I feel this right now?” and, “What does it feel like?”

Keep feeling that feeling in your body.

If you truly feel it, and observe and feel it in the body, the emotion if likely to shift into…

V– Vulnerability. This is the next level emotion (closer to truth, hence the word vulnerability) underneath the one you      started with.

Ask, “What’s here now?”

And then go back to “L” by then letting that feeling be there.

There isn’t ALWAYS another feeling underneath the one you started with, so if not, just keep feeling the original one.

You’ll know you’re done with the exercise when you get to “E” which is…

E– Ease. You’ll know you’re done with the exercise when you feel a sense of ease or calm.

You might still feel the emotion, but it won’t have the same hold on you that it did before.

That’s when you know you’re done.

If you don’t get to ease, it’s likely there is still an emotion that you haven’t let yourself feel yet.

So there you have it, my (in)famous L.O.V.E. Technique, which has helped hundreds of my private clients shift from pain to ease in minutes (even if they’d been feeling that pain for a long time).

I hope you’ll try it out on anything you’re feeling discomfort about right now, in this moment.

(Because information without action is kinda useless. And Wildhearts like you take action.)

You probably know by now that pain is a part of being a human.

We all experience it often. But even though we have pain, we don’t need to have suffering.

By practicing this technique, you eliminate the suffering that is attached to our pain. Try it. I promise it’ll work if you really give it a go.

Let me know how it goes in the comments below. You know I always love hearing from you.

And if you want tips like these as a regular part of your life, plus personal attention from me every single week helping you through your most painful challenges (or even the small ones)—then let me see your shining face in the Wildheart Revolution, will ya?

We’re having our very first meeting of the Revolutionaries on Monday, August 19 (ooooh yeah, that’s tomorrow!) and I’d be so excited and thrilled to see you there.



P.S. There are already so many cool peeps in The Wildheart Revolution and I’m absolutely sure it could use your gorgeous face and energy! I hope you’ll join us and change your life and the world, one Wildheart at a time.