I know it’s Saturday and I don’t usually write here on the weekend, but I have to share something really cool with you, and I also wanted to make absolutely SURE you heard about the Wildheart Revolution so you don’t miss out on the inaugural lesson happening this Monday, August 19.

(Sooooo excited to get started with you!!! We have lots of AMAZING Revolutionaries in here so far!)

As you know, I’ve been telling you about the Wildheart Revolution for awhile now.

And got to thinking…it’s easy for me to know ALLLLL about how cool it is because I’m in it, day in and day out.

Creating it. Loving up on it. Planning and preparing for the exciting things coming just around the corner.

But I realized that YOU only know the tip of the iceberg about it—the bits and pieces that I’ve been leaking.

And so I thought, what better way to help you see what the Wildheart Revolution is like than to hear from a real live Wildheart who has taken part in the Revolution?

So…I’d like you to meet Ellen Ercolini, Founder of The Creative Giraffe and Coaching Business Jumpstart (and all-around kickass, talented, gorgeous human being).

Below, she shares how her life has changed since being in the Wildheart Revolution, and why it rocks so much that you MUST be a part of it. ;)

Pay close attention because you’ll see that Ellen didn’t join Wildheart because she felt lost, broken, or in need of intensive coaching.

She was doing just fine, in fact—and you’ll see how the benefits of being a Wildheart actually took her by surprise!


Ellen_Ercolini_Headshot_RedHow would you describe the Wildheart Revolution?

EE: It’s a collective opening of our hearts to our daily desires. It’s a place to admit what we really want, and do something about it.

It’s a place to gain courage and confidence to carpe the hell out of your diem, and get clear, powerful support when you feel stuck on what that actually means or what it looks like in reality.

It’s not a place for just talking about things, it’s a place for doing things that lead you towards your dreams, goals, and best freaking life.

It’s also really fun + Sally is an awesome revolution leader.

Wildheart to me, it really listening to and owning your hearts desires. No matter how silly they might seem, or how different from yesterday (or an hour ago), they’re yours and that’s important.

So the Wildheart Revolution is the art of people getting in touch with their hearts, and then following them.

Where were you at before you joined the Wildheart Revolution and where are you now?

EE: I was good. Post Wildheart, I’m freaking great.

I took a lot of ideas I was sitting on, and through Wildheart developed confidence and action steps to make them a reality.

I’ve revamped my business to be much more me, which in turn has made it easier than ever to get clients and make money.

I’ve become much better at dating (which, let’s be real, can SUCK) – but with Sally’s support, insight and coaching, that entire process has unlocked for me and it’s actually fun!

Mostly I’m able to notice when I’m getting stuck or holding myself back – when my heart is not truly wild and free – and then DO something about that.

What is your favorite part about being in the Wildheart Revolution?

EE: The live coaching with Sally! She’s sooooo insightful and everytime we talk I learn something new about myself & how to move forward with my life (even if the next step is a good cry).

I also love being part of a community of kindred spirits, who want to rock their lives to the fullest as well. It’s incredibly refreshing to be surrounded by such open hearted, loving, going hard for your dreams folks!

What is something that surprised you about being in the Wildheart Revolution?

EE: That my life actually changed!

The Wildheart Revolution brought new energy and ideas to my life, and I took the steps to implement them!

My business shifted, getting better and easier like WOAH, and dating got way more fun and easy, plus I’m a lot more gentle on myself listening to my heart and what I do and don’t want to do – which makes my entire life seem less hard and stressful.

What specific changes did you see in your life from being involved in the group?

EE: Business and Boys! Better, easier, happier experiences with both.

I shifted my business to harness my talents of business building + money making + unconventional idea connections to work with solopreneurs and business builders.

I also launched Coaching Business Jumpstart, which is making a huge difference to life coaches struggling to get clients and make money. So I feel like my impact in the world has really increased!

As to dating, it’s been going waaaaay better. I’m not as caught up in the ‘shoulds’- I find myself having a much easier time being ‘me’ (which has been a lifelong challenge) – I am also attracting way more interesting dudes, which is great.

If someone were on the fence about joining, what would you tell them?

EE: For this price-point, it’s a slam-dunk YES PLEASE.

Think about what you pay $35 a month for – your biweekly latte bill. Dinner and a movie. Nice dinner. A pair of pants.

It’s easy to reinvest that money in something that’s going to actually impact your life. Because it’s not just about what you ‘get’ – it’s about how you feel on the way.

Who doesn’t want to feel better, more inspired and empowered all the time? If this were a $200 program, we could talk more about the money. But it’s not, and you have $35. You know what to do.

I think of Wildheart like a life tune up. Right now, I don’t really need a full time, full price life coach. But I do need someone to call me on my shit.

I need someone to help me bust through my fears and insecurities, to tell that voice in my head to GTFO.

I need someone to remind me of how powerfully awesome I am, and a place to share my wins with other like minded folks.


Now Wildheart, if you want amped-up energy & results like this in your life for only a teeny-tiny investment, do yourself a favor and get your hot buns in the Wildheart Revolution right now.

NOTE: The Original Wild One spots have all been scooped up. (You know what they say about the early bird!)

But I’ve got plenty of love, attention, and coachy skills to handle EVERY new Wildheart with extra-special care.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Me and the other Wildhearts can’t wait to greet you…


P.S. I almost forgot! Stay tuned, because tomorrow (yes, I’m writing on the weekend again) I’m going to share with you a special technique to help you instantly eliminate painful emotions that can keep you stuck. It’s one of my best secret weapons for living a Wildheart life!

P.P.S. Don’t forget, the very first live (virtual) meeting of the Revolutionaries is happening this Monday, August 19. You won’t want to miss it! Get yourself hooked up right here.