Hey guys!

So….Did you know that one of the super fun perks of being a Wildheart member is that you have FREE access to not only me, but to my team of amazing Wildheart Coaches on the regular?

Take Wildheart coach Ellen Ercolini, for example. (that’s pronounced err-co-lee-knee)


Ellen is a Money Making expert and every Friday she coaches the Wildhearts in business inside the Wildheart Revolution.

(You can listen to a brand new 25 minute interview with Ellen at this link. But first…)

Why is this awesome?

I’ll give you 3 reasons:

1. Because Ellen helps the Wildhearts break down their business woes into small chewable, and actionable bites, so they can create what they want in the world and make money while doing it.

2. Because I know first hand that this chick gets RESULTS.

She is the one who helped me take Wildheart from an idea inside my head, to a thriving community of the best and brightest around (if I do say so myself).

But I’m not the only one… Ellen helped Erica Strauss, copywriter, go from a trickle of clients to being booked solid for months and helped her triple her income within one month of working with her.

Ellen also helped Sara Harrier, life coach for gifted adults, get from being completely fuzzy with no niche, to a place of total “clarity, inspiration and creativity.”

I could keep listing her success stories but I think you get the point. And…

3. Because usually, this costs over $150 an hour. But you get it for free by being a Wildheart member.

Ellen is not only available to you in WIldheart all week long to answer questions and support you and other members, but she has specific business coaching office hours EVERY Friday, where you can have a set time you can count on to get all your business questions answered:

* From how to find your niche,
* to getting help attracting more clients,
* to getting advice on how to make more money.

Did I mention that coaching with Ellen is FREE inside of Wildheart? ;)

How’s that for f-ing awesome?

Find out right now for yourself in this interview with Ellen on how Wildheart has helped her make more money and how she can help you do the same.

Wildhearting is fun, ya’ll,

p.s. In case you missed it, if you want private one-on-one coaching with me, you’ll need to get your buns into the Wildheart Revolution during the 4 day window that it’s open later this month… I am no longer accepting private clients outside of the Revolution. Don’t miss your window of opportunity. The doors are opening so damn soon!

P.p.s. Not already on the waiting list to get inside the Wildheart Revolution?? Make sure you put your name HERE to find out as soon as the doors open.