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8 Easy Ways To Earn Six Figures In Your Business Within One Year

blog post 2.25

Ok. I have to apologize already.

Because I hate this conversation. And the title of my blog even more than you do.

And unfortunately, conversations like this happen WAY more than I’d like in business groups and circles.

It seems that everyone and their mom who has ever started a business has the illustrious “six figure goal” and not only that, they all seem to want to make that goal in like one year. Which I think for the majority of people is completely ridiculous.

And when I see this talk thrown around said business groups, I cringe.

Not only do I think it tacky to talk about specific earnings in your business, I think it’s actually damaging.

Bottom line is everyone’s business is different.

Yes…someone might make six figures in their business but you never know how many years they’ve been honing their craft outside of being in business, or if part of their earnings are from affiliate marketing, freelance, bridge jobs, or how fulfilled their life is.

Most of the time when people talk about earning six figures, I honestly doubt that it’s ALL just from their business, especially if they haven’t been in business for over three years, and even if it is…WHO CARES?! Why do I need to know that?

What’s way more important than how much money you make, is how much difference you make (find previous rant here). (Tweet this.)

BUT…for those of you who still want to know how to make six figures in your business…here are 8 things you should start doing…now.


1) Hone your craft.

Be excellent at what you do. Money comes and goes, but true talent and true skill will sustain you forever. Take the time to be amazing at what you do, even if that means doing hella free sessions for awhile.


2) Stop trying to make six figures and start trying to make a difference

There’s enough money in the world. And what more, really, do we need with a six figure income? What’s the point? Is it arbitrary? Or do you NEED it in order to survive?

The businesses that are the most inspiring to me are the ones that help the most people, and consequently, these types of businesses end up making the most money.

So focus first on giving and let the dollars follow you.

So when you’re wondering how to make more commas, change the conversation to “how can I make more of a difference today”?


3) Be willing to do whatever it takes

Don’t expect that people are going to throw their hard earned money at you for nothing. It takes time to hone a craft, learn how to market it, and make enough to keep your business afloat.

In the meantime don’t have too much pride to get yourself a “bridge job”, work for a little less than you want, or work with less than perfect clients.

I find that it’s the willingness to do “less than ideal” things in the beginning in order to hone your craft or figure out what you really want to be doing that pushes a business forward. That way, you know you really want it.


4) Learn skills you’re not already strong in

Being a business owner is so much more than the actual business you’re in.

Most people get into business because they like doing something…say…making hats.

But you forget that in order to take “making hats” from a hobby to a sustainable business, there are a million things you’ll need to know how to do, from marketing, to social media, website building, copywriting, accounting, and those are just off the top of my head.

Start learning those skills. There are awesome programs and personal coaches out there to help.


5) Care more about PEOPLE than about dollars

I appreciate good marketing. I do. But I can ALWAYS tell when someone is a good marketer but doesn’t really give a fuck about me as a person. It comes off that way. And that’s why I’ll never purchase from those types of people.

Focus instead on giving great service, being very clear on the ways in which you like to help people and where your brilliance lies.


6) Work on your own money issues

I think we all probably have some weird issues surrounding money. Maybe you don’t believe you’re worth it, or maybe you don’t believe you should have to work for it, or maybe you get it then spend it right away.

Whatever your flavor of money issue is, it’s likely that it’s getting in the way of you earning more.

This is an internal shift. And there are some great books out there that speak exactly to this. Kate Northrup’s “Money Love” is one I’d recommend.


7) Try a million things until one sticks

I find it really rare that business and earning money is linear. Like…no one I’ve talked to has a business idea in the beginning and is still doing that one thing and earning a ton.

Instead, most people have to try a bunch of different things until they find something that fits. And even then…it’ll probably change.

Business is ever evolving. A growing and changing organism. Be willing to explore and try new things.


8) Figure out why you really want to make six figures

This one is a bit tricky and also super important. Because honestly, my first year in business, I had this same goal. And I had it because I thought that it would prove something. Maybe prove that I was good at my job. Or prove to all the naysayers that I could do it.

When I look at it now, it’s different. Money is a means to more giving. With more money, I can provide more for the members of my Wildheart Revolution, I can create more, I can hire people to help me be better, I can be more creative.

When I shifted my thoughts around money and the goals around it, I started making more.

If wanting six figures is an arbitrary goal that you set just because everyone else is, or it’ll make you feel like you’ve accomplished something, then it’ll be harder to get it.

Become really clear on the impact you want to make on the world and keep searching for THAT. When you do that, money follows.


I’m not going to tell you how much money I make (see above). But I will tell you that I love my life. I work exactly the amounts I want to, I travel where and when I want, I love where I live, and I was able to live in other countries and travel 200 days out of the year all while running my business.

I love money. But I know that money doesn’t matter as much as fulfillment does. (tweet this)

Each of us gets to decide what is important to us. And I’m not saying you can’t have a six figure goal. I’m just encouraging you to have more consciousness around it. Be willing to do the work. Make a difference in the world. And THEN take all your six figure dollars to the bank.

See you in line,


P.s. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with what I said here? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

P.p.s. WILDHEART REVOLUTION. It’s the bomb. And the place where conversations like this happen all the time. Want in?

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22 Responses to 8 Easy Ways To Earn Six Figures In Your Business Within One Year

  1. Melanie says:

    Thank you for writing this, Sally! It’s not only about money and I know having more money appeals to us all but it’s about looking at what you need to be happy.

  2. Hannah says:


    I’m seeing this “6 figures” talk all over the place too, and for those of us just starting out, it can be a little disheartening. So this little ditty gave me a nice little kick in the ass! :) It soooo helps to remember that money is just energy, and getting all of our other ducks in a row (our values, our motivations, our own idea of “success”) will only help bring more of it into our lives. Whoohoo!

    Thanks :)

  3. Xine says:

    I completely agree with the above and sort of laughed at how FAR I am from making 6 figures… Having just begun my biz journey, it’s sort of an end goal for me, but definitely not something I expect to achieve in the next year! (I’m still trying to see this end goal by adjusting my binoculars) Does this mean I lack the motivation or power “oomph” of becoming a business goddess? Or dose that just mean I am realistic about my approach…?

  4. Susie says:

    Ohhhh girl I love this!

    Once we move from just focusing on money to focusing on transforming lives….real beautiful things happen.



  5. Courtney says:

    Bing! Sally hits nail on head. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the “six figure” topic.

    It’s important to understand WHY we want to make (insert magic number here) before we set out to achieve that goal. Ultimately, we want our “magic number” to include not only enough to pay our bills and put food on the table, but to include FREEDOM.

    Financial freedom, freedom of time, freedom from staff, freedom from location, and freedom to express yourself fully.

    Well said, Sally. :D

  6. Miranda says:

    All great points! You’re totally on target about it being: skill + making a difference + tenacity + learning + relationships + managing expectations + trial and error + knowing the WHY.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Looking forward to more awesome blog posts!

  7. Ellen says:

    I LOVE this article SO MUCH. I work with my clients on these things all the time, and work to help them come out of the comparison-itus thing, which can sometimes leave them feeling small, or like they’ve done something wrong.

    It takes a lot of work to make good money, and more hard work to keep it up and create consistent income. I wish I had written this myself it’s so damn on point!

  8. Share Ross says:

    Nailed it! Yes, Sally. This is so spot on!!!

    Couldn’t agree more that it’s nobody’s beeswax what I’m making and I don’t really care to hear what they’re making.

    And yeah… it just takes a whole lotta work and dedication. So you better love it!! ;-)

    You wildheart you.

  9. Gemma says:

    I love this. I am so sick of business owners on the web either trying to sell themselves or sell you on their course by how much money you can make. There are so many ways you can be wealthy that have nothing to do with money. Myself personally I would rather be time, freedom and health rich and do meaningful work and have amazing relationships with my friends and family than be financially rich. Money is nice and once you aren’t living paycheck to paycheck its even nicer but all the things I really want in life aren’t for sale. I think this concept is utterly missed by most of the the internet business personal empowerment become self employment crowd.

  10. Thanks for writing this! I’ve been hearing a lot of 6 figure talk lately too, and frankly it was getting me down. I really like thinking about it in the way that you’ve described here. Thanks Sally!

  11. […] Want a great take on what it takes to make 6 figures? This article by my girl Sally Hope is so good, I wish I’d written […]

  12. Melissa says:

    Love this article and love how you really encourage good work over just making money. I think it is easy to become too focused on money and forget the whole reason we are here – to give back and help others :)

  13. Yet against your honesty hits me hard in the gut. So spot on. Thank you for calling like you see it and calling bullshit. I love you for it.

  14. Simone says:

    I love this Sally! Why IS it that “6-figures” is such a magical number anyway? (Though I am guilty of wanting to reach this…but now I am not even sure why!)

  15. Fabulous article Sally! Love love loved your honesty, simplicity and no ‘BS’ approach!

  16. Eman Emanniya says:

    Exactly I agree with you Sally, no one is going to give you money because you want it. No! everyone wants money and only the people with something to offer others, will in return receive funds for their goods or services.
    I loved this article because it served as a reminder, this is what it reminded me of; yeah, everyone wants to make money, but you have to help people and try a variety of ways to achieve the best way to help them!
    Only than will you find your niche that you can fill for society, than the money will come to you.

  17. I couldn’t agree more.

    Though I can understand why some internet marketers feel the need to be THAT transparent posting their income statements to prove they are credible, it kind of bothers me that we as a society are becoming okay with asking others how much they make.

    When I used to work in corporate America before I became an online business entity, it was always bad etiquette to ever ask anyone how much money they made. Even though things are changing and we now live and work in the connection economy, I don’t believe we need to lose our etiquette (if that’s what we want to call it).

    I don’t care about 5 Ways to Become Rich Overnight or 7 Steps to Sell More Shit. Like you, Sally, I care about whether the work I did today helped someone to feel better about their own self-worth. I don’t care how much money someone makes. That doesn’t tell me what kind of person they are or whether they made a positive impact in the world.

    How many people did you help? <<< I think that's the question we need to be asking of each other.

    And if you happen to make good money doing it, that's gravy on top. But I refuse to define you by the money you make.

    Thanks for this post, Sally.

  18. Patsie Smith says:

    Hey Sally LOVE your blog! Love the way you write/speak and the way you write with truths from the heart. Likewise here, I have respect for money but certainly not a slave or chaser of money. Keep writing girl, I’ll be tuning in to your rants quite a bit, love them xo thanks for sharing

  19. Blog Love says:

    […] 7 business goals better than earning six figures in one year >>> […]

  20. Halley says:

    This is a breath of fresh air. I really do want to make my business profitable, but I think focusing on people is way more important.

    Thanks for this reminder!

  21. Sally, I love this post! So many great points.
    “Money comes and goes, but true talent and true skill will sustain you forever. ”

    I think this was one of my favorites. I know for myself, sometimes I want the success so bad right now, that I forget that true skill takes time. A LOT of time actually. So I constantly remind myself that I’m in an “apprentice” phase right now. That I’m still learning the ropes. That I have quite a few ways to go before I’m considered an expert.

    Thanks for the reminder !

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