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From abusive boyfriend to beach cottage…how she did it

In my last message I talked about your dreams, and why they’re important (and not that hard to get…no matter what they are), and today I wanted to share a story about someone else’s dreams…a girl who took my last 40 Day Meditation Challenge . It’s a bit long (but SO worth the read) so, if you don’t want to […]


I’m not mad at mimosas, but this is ridiculous

In my last email we talked about burning it all down so you can rise from the ashes as the person you’ve always wanted to be…the person you were meant to be before the traumas of life made you someone else. And this week I was thinking about the aftermath of that. What happens after the fire? Once you walk […]


Burning It Down

This is a time of transformation. A time of change. Not only because of the changing seasons or because the time of year (school years end, people graduate) but because life is reaching its boiling point. A time when you realize all the things you’ve already done that have gotten you as far as you are now, and you stand […]


Getting Through The Unthinkable

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about this week as everything felt a bit trite after last week’s share. I thought about writing about the positive mind since I just taught a workshop on that last night. Or about writing about how to reconnect to the “joy” in your life after listening to a pretty annoying (but super […]


Her breath on my neck and I could have sworn it was….

Last night, my dog breathed on my neck as she nuzzled up to me on my pillow and I could have sworn it was him.  Her warm breath on my neck after a deep inhale and a big sigh. The breathing…in and out…as our ribs ebbed and flowed against each other in the same rhythm. The warmth from our bodies […]

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