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Happiness. Revisited.

The inspiration is just not hitting. And I don’t like anything I’m writing. You know how sometimes you’re just in the creative flow and sometimes you’re just not? And when you’re not, trying to be creative is like trying to drag a 13 year old to a city hall meeting. It’s boring. And you hate it. And you want to […]


When you think you’re no good. But then you are.

“Why don’t you just play something and I’ll sing along,” he said. Which was something in our ten years of knowing each other and 4 years of being in a rock n roll band together, had never happened. We weren’t a “jam” type of band back in the day. We were a band that had songs already brought to the […]


What’s on the other side of something you didn’t want to do

Today is day 9 in a row of my 40 day “sadhana” (pronounced SOD-NUH) which, to be honest, has a different meaning to me every time I say the word. I looked it up in my Kundalini Teacher Trainer’s book and at the simplest form, a “sadhana” is a daily spiritual practice.  Which sounds simple enough until you keep reading. […]

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