So….the holidays are my favorite time of year. I love when the weather gets cold and the leg warmers come out. When having hot tea or cocoa with your friends is a completely suitable nighttime activity. When the Christmas music plays and the Christmas lights go up and the ridiculous huge blow-up snowman shows up on my neighbors lawn (I’m TOTALLY doing that next year).

This year for me, I had my Christmas tree and the lights up and all my couch accent pillows switched out to holiday ones the day after Thanksgiving. Which helps me get in the festive mood (as if I needed any help with that).

The holidays are also a time of gift giving, whether that be a small gift to a hostess of a Christmas party to your employees, to your family and friends, but sometimes it’s so hard to know what to get people without breaking the bank or getting them something generic that no one really wants.

Which is why I love doing this post every year. I scour the internet…shopping! I look around to find awesome, unique, fun, creative gifts that are all under $40 so we never again have to wonder what to get our VA. I hope you enjoy this list as much as I do. Let’s do this!


  1. Hand-carved slingshot and felt ammo because who DOESN’T need a slingshot?
  2. Good Morning Tea Gift Set for the tea lover in your life (*raises hand*)
  3. Live olive tree in a terra cotta pot
  4. Abalone Iphone 7 case
  5. Campfire candle (no tent required)
  6. Handmade mountain scene ceramic mug
  7. Gem essences for if you need a little extra help feeling grounded, making money, & being less stressed
  8. Great Outdoors National Park Scented Candles for those times when you want to see the world but are stuck at home in front of the computer
  9. Gold steer skull and air plant because…#badass
  10. Mason jar measuring cups
  11. Self Watering Tomato Plant for your windowsill
  12. Mandala stencil for DIY furniture projects
  13. Antropologie Lion Dinner Plate
  14. Stainless Steel Growler for the beer lover in your life
  15. Custom framed silhouettes 
  16. Personalized Amp Doormat (BADASS)
  17. Custom Mantra Bracelet for your 2017 “theme word” (special Wildheart discount)
  18. Shiny gold succulent plant in white pot
  19. Gold Metallic Heart BKR Water Bottle
  20. Perfect Stovetop Popcorn Popper
  21. Flannel Bandana for your dog
  22. Upcycled Pendleton Coasters
  23. Gold Metal Planter
  24. Anthropologie Glass cocktail shaker
  25. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

So there we have it! Some fun gifts for the fun people in our lives. Did you love it? In the comments below tell me one item that you must have for yourself and one item you want to get for someone else. (I definitely need 23 and 25).