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25 of the Coolest Gifts Ever (under $40)


So….the holidays are my favorite time of year. I love when the weather gets cold and the leg warmers come out. When having hot tea or cocoa with your friends is a completely suitable nighttime activity. When the Christmas music plays and the Christmas lights go up and the ridiculous huge blow-up snowman shows up on my neighbors lawn (I’m TOTALLY doing that next year).

This year for me, I had my Christmas tree and the lights up and all my couch accent pillows switched out to holiday ones the day after Thanksgiving. Which helps me get in the festive mood (as if I needed any help with that).

The holidays are also a time of gift giving, whether that be a small gift to a hostess of a Christmas party to your employees, to your family and friends, but sometimes it’s so hard to know what to get people without breaking the bank or getting them something generic that no one really wants.

Which is why I love doing this post every year. I scour the internet…shopping! I look around to find awesome, unique, fun, creative gifts that are all under $40 so we never again have to wonder what to get our VA. I hope you enjoy this list as much as I do. Let’s do this!


  1. Hand-carved slingshot and felt ammo because who DOESN’T need a slingshot?
  2. Good Morning Tea Gift Set for the tea lover in your life (*raises hand*)
  3. Live olive tree in a terra cotta pot
  4. Abalone Iphone 7 case
  5. Campfire candle (no tent required)
  6. Handmade mountain scene ceramic mug
  7. Gem essences for if you need a little extra help feeling grounded, making money, & being less stressed
  8. Great Outdoors National Park Scented Candles for those times when you want to see the world but are stuck at home in front of the computer
  9. Gold steer skull and air plant because…#badass
  10. Mason jar measuring cups
  11. Self Watering Tomato Plant for your windowsill
  12. Mandala stencil for DIY furniture projects
  13. Antropologie Lion Dinner Plate
  14. Stainless Steel Growler for the beer lover in your life
  15. Custom framed silhouettes 
  16. Personalized Amp Doormat (BADASS)
  17. Custom Mantra Bracelet for your 2017 “theme word” (special Wildheart discount)
  18. Shiny gold succulent plant in white pot
  19. Gold Metallic Heart BKR Water Bottle
  20. Perfect Stovetop Popcorn Popper
  21. Flannel Bandana for your dog
  22. Upcycled Pendleton Coasters
  23. Gold Metal Planter
  24. Anthropologie Glass cocktail shaker
  25. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

So there we have it! Some fun gifts for the fun people in our lives. Did you love it? In the comments below tell me one item that you must have for yourself and one item you want to get for someone else. (I definitely need 23 and 25).



You Get What You Ask For. So…Ask For Awesome Things. Here’s How.

12.9 blog

Lately, I’ve been putting together my Christmas list. Yes…my family still does that, even though my sister and I are both well into our 30’s.

My whole family puts together a wishlist of what they want for Christmas, just like we all did when we were kids, writing our notes to “Santa Claus” and sending them to the “North Pole.”

There is nothing better than asking for something, and then getting it. Which is what usually happens when you make up a wish list.

And as I’ve been dreaming up and perusing the internet for all the fun finds and things I would love to unwrap at Christmas, (like anything from this Pinterest Board), it got me thinking about life.

About how we forget to ask the Universal “Santa Claus,” or God or Universe or Goddess or Guides (or whatever you believe in) for the things we want in our lives.

We forget to put energy into what we DO want, how we want things to be and look, and instead we put a ton of energy into making the list of “things we don’t want.”

And it’s no wonder that that is what gets sent out into the metaphorical “North Pole” and thus, what we find showing up under our metaphorical Christmas trees, all the time.

Think about it…when was the last time the majority of your thoughts were spent dreaming of and expecting that you’ll have and get what you want?

I’m guessing a very minimal amount. And that’s what today’s post is all about.

If you don’t start asking for what you want, you will always get what you don’t want (tweet this!). Because that’s where the majority of your thoughts live.

And what you think about (ask for) is what you’ll get in your life.

So, you might be thinking, what can you do to change this?

Usually, I keep the lessons and applications of what I talk about on this blog inside the Wildheart Revolution but today I wanted to share with you the “#Heartwork” I shared with the members this week.

The exercise, tool, or thing you can try and play with in regards to this topic.

Because it’s awesome. And fun. And easy to do. And can change your life.

So this week is all about dreaming up the wish list for your life. And then sending it out to your “Santa Claus.”

Let’s watch and see what happens.


1) Write out your ultimate wish list of things you want in your life. Here are some places to look if you’re unsure:

– Things you want to have

– Things you want to create

– Things you want to be

– Places you’d like to go

– Relationships you’d like to be in

– Businesses you’d like to create

Don’t be shy here. List it all out as if Santa was there just waiting to give it to you. Be specific too.

2) Share your list. One thing I’ve realized is that the reason it works to get what you’re asking for, is because you’re actually asking for it to the person who can give it to you.

In the example above, I asked “Santa.” But it’s the same thing when you ask the Universe or God or people in your life.

So after you have your list, share it with us in the comments below. Let us bear witness to it. And let us all hold that you will have exactly what you want.

Dreams like clarity. Just like Santa. Or your family who will be buying your gifts. Think about it…how much easier is it to shop for someone when you know exactly what they want? The Universe wants to give you what you want, but it needs to know what that is. The clearer the message, the easier it is to get what you want.

I look forward to hearing about all your wishes this week. Make sure you leave a comment below.

Pondering my own,


31 Things Dog Owners Know About Love That You Don’t

31 Things Dog Owners Know

I never knew that having a dog actually meant that I would learn about what it truly means to love another living being down to the bottom of my heart.

But that’s exactly what happens when you get a dog.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn how to clean up messes and love them through all of it. 

Here’s a list of all the things I learned by having my very first dog.

And I realized…that it goes way beyond dogs.

This is a list of how to love anything and anyone. 

Here goes:

1) Positively reinforcing behaviors is the only way to get what you want.

2) It takes time and work for things to be the way you want them to be.

3) You must be patient with the stage they’re in and don’t rush them with their growth

4) Sometimes you have to compromise things you want for the good of the partnership (“but I’m not ready to get out of bed yet, puppy!”)

5) With a mutual care, you can have a friend for life.

6) Don’t expect to leave them home, neglected for a long time without coming home to an upset dog.

7) Sometimes they make messes, but that doesn’t make them less lovable.

8) When the going gets tough, you work through it together, you try something new.

9) Yelling at them almost never works.

10) Setting clear boundaries and rules (and sticking to them) is necessary for a happy relationship.

11) Cuddling always feel good.

12) With enough exercise, love, and discipline, you will have a happy puppy.

13) If something repeatedly isn’t working, try something new.

14) Special outings make for a happy partnership.

15) Make sure you get your basic needs met before you embark on the day.

16) Handling the poop is part of the job.

17) Sometimes sloppy wet kisses feel amazing.

18) What’s good about it is so much more important than what’s bad about it.

19) You must MAKE the time for each other.

20) You must have a sense of humor to get through the bad days.

21) Sometimes they mess up, but they don’t do it on purpose to make you mad.

22) You aren’t going to feel love for them 100% of the time, but it doesn’t mean you should take them to the pound.

23) Sometimes they get smelly…just means it’s time for a bath.

24) You will smile and laugh so much more by having them in your life.

25) You never knew how much capacity you had to love until you saw your puppy get sick.

26) A good long walk outside cures a lot of problems.

27) If you want things to be different, YOU need to be different about it.

28) You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

29) When teaching them something new, be calm and assertive.

30) Be proud of their accomplishments and communicate that to them.

31) No matter how dirty they get, no matter how many messes they make, at the end of the day, the love and comittment keeps you together

What do you think? Do you have a dog? What have you learned about love from your perfect pooch (because let’s face it…he’s peeeeeeeeeerfect :) )?

Coach and Sally

Me and Coach (the great dane)

Leave a comment below with what you would add to this list. And of course if you love this list, share it with your peeps or your Pinterest. Yeehaw!



P.s. The doors for the Wildheart Revolution are still closed but a little birdie told me that enrollment is opening VERRRRRRY soon. Get on the list to get more info.



50 Of The Coolest Gifts Ever Under $25 (so good you’ll want them all for yourself)


It’s that time of year again…when it’s time to break out the ugly Christmas sweater and start going to parties.

And with parties comes gift giving. Which, in and of itself is AWESOME, but sometimes I feel like I never know what to bring.

I don’t want to just get something to get it. I want to get something that people might actually want. Or giggle at. Or be like “ohmigosh I never knew I wanted this but now that I have it I can’t imagine how I ever lived without it!”

So I decided to put together a list of the coolest, most fun, unexpected, gifts under $25 that you never knew you wanted.

And I swear…just putting this list together extended my own Christmas list by 50 items!! (Psssst…Santa…if you’re listening I’ll take ANY one of these things.

I hope you enjoy this and in the comments below, let me know which of these items you’d SWOOOOON over this Christmas.

50 Of The Coolest Gifts Ever (under $25)

  1. Skull and Flower Tote Bag (I have this print as an iphone case and LOVE IT!) – $22
  2. Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic”, on vinyl – $21.98
  3. The Dirt- Trace Mineral Tooth Powder (best toothpaste on the planet…I swear by it) – $20
  4. :“Clueless” Prayer Candle (“When I get my license I fully intend to stop for animals”) – $15.42
  5. Leather Personalized Beer Holster – $25
  6. Instagram Magnets – $14.99
  7. These badass Britain Buckle leg warmers $24
  8. Vintage Style Elk Antlers Bracelet – $4.99
  9. Eagle Rare 10 yr Bourbon (YUM!!) – $24.99
  10. Personalized Swiss Army Knife – $12.95
  11. Hot Chocolate on a stick  – $24
  12. Johnny Cash Postage Stamps – $7.36
  13. Polite As Fuck” tank top – $20
  14. “Carpe The Hell Out Of This Diem” pillow – $25
  15. Rose Studded Iphone Case – $9.99
  16. Antique Bronze “Love” Bracelet from Ad Inc Jewelry – $20
  17. Corksicle Wine Chiller – $24.95
  18. Ipad Mini “American Flag” Leather Case – $24.99
  19. Kiva Loan (the gift that keeps on giving) – Name your price
  20. Guinness and Bourbon Marshmallows – $22.50
  21. Personalized Name Necklace – $17.95
  22. Air Plant and Crystal (THIS RULES!!!) – $18
  23. Personalized Smith & Wesson Dagger – $24
  24. Yes or No Decision Maker Coin – $15
  25. Punny Tea Towels – $15
  26. “I Pick You” Brass Guitar Pick – $9
  27. Long Silver Bullet Crystal Necklace – $22
  28. Southern Sayings Greeting Cards (“I love you more than sweet tea and Garth Brookes”) – $18
  29. Ryan Gosling “Hey GIrl” Flex Love Journal – $9
  30. Pick Punch (make your own guitar picks!) – $25
  31. Scratch Map (you scratch out all the places you’ve been…sure beats a push pin) – $20
  32. Erika Lyremark’s Book “Think Like A Stripper: Business Lessons to Up Your Confidence, Attract More Clients, and Rule Your Market” – $12
  33. Fortune Keeper key chain (to put that fortune cookie fortune in…sweet) – $24
  34. DIY Duct Tape Wallet Kit – $18
  35. Matchbox Candle Set – $20
  36. Pocket Utensil Kit (in the shape of a swiss army knife) – $16
  37. Garlic Rocker (you’ll never have to chop garlic again) – $15
  38. “Gettin’ Cheeky” Benefit Cosmetics Lip & Cheek stain and a Bronzer – $17
  39. Leather Journal and on the first page write 10 things you love about the person you’re giving it to $16.95
  40. 2 Year Subscription to “O” Magazine – $24
  41. Pink Tea Kettle – $25
  42. Motley Crue’s “The Dirt: Confessions of The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band” – $15
  43. Anthropologie Monogrammed Mug in metallic gold – $10
  44. Personalized Beer Growler – $24
  45. “Best Bitches” Friendship bracelet – $18
  46. Dexter, Season 1 – $12.99
  47. OPI Nailpolish Set of 10 – $19.99
  48. Wildheart Cross Stich in a frame – $18
  49. Triangle ring in gold – $14
  50. “Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose” Tote bag (Friday Night Lights) – $24

And now I want to hear from you! Which one of these items is going on your personal Christmas list? Are there any awesome gifts I totally missed? Leave a comment below.

And if you like this list…share it with your peeps! Wouldn’t want us to be the only ones getting this ridiculously awesome gifts.



P.s. Do you like these gifts? Like ma vibe? Then you’ll LOVE The Wildheart Revolution. It is currently closed for enrollment, but HOLY MOLY, when it opens back up in 2014, it is going to be THE BOMB! You will not want to miss it, so make sure you’re on the waiting list to get more info about it. Ho ho ho.

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4 Surprising Things That Are Preventing Your Happiness

This is how to be happy

Just popping in to give you a little Wildheart Update and to pass along some tips on how to get the happy back in your life!

The doors for Wildheart enrollment have been closed for about a month now while I’ve been preparing behind the scenes for the grand re-opening which will be happening SO soon!

Want to be among the first to know when registration for the Wildheart Revolution re-opens?  Sign up here!

Since we’re still a few days away from all of that, I wanted to give you some helpful advice on some common happiness killers.

As a life coach, people are always coming to me wanting to find happiness. And it seems that they all think happiness is something that happens once they GET something. Whether it be a new relationship, more money, or that business they’ve always dreamed of getting off the ground. 

And the more people I coach, the more I realize that happiness really isn’t about GETTING anything.

But rather, it’s about releasing the things that aren’t working, to make room for the things that will. 

Here are 4 things you might be hanging onto that are (very likely) getting in the way of your happiness.

1) That Toxic Relationship

I’m not gonna lie.

Love and relationships are the most important things on the planet.

They have the power to completely change our lives, make us happier than we’ve ever been, but they also have the power to completely take over our lives in a bad way.

Everything in our lives is connected. If things are going terribly in your love life, it’s going to spill over into business, fun, family and happiness.

And since relationships tend to have more power over us than anything else, if things are not going well in your love life, the rest of your life is going to suffer tremendously.

We all know when we’re in a toxic relationship (and yes…a toxic relationship is different than just having some quarrels). There’s a pit in our bellies. Or a general feeling of “this is not right.”

You will try to talk yourself out of it. And say things like “I just know this relationship is here to grow me,” or “I can’t leave…what would I do with the (house, kids, dogs, parakeets, whatever).” or “I will leave WHEN x, y, or z.”

But these are all excuses and preventing you from living the life you’re truly supposed to live.

The sooner you leave a toxic relationship, the closer you’ll be to finding happiness.

2) Your Bad Attitude

We are all powerful beings and we create our lives. When we think things are shitty and everything is going wrong, guess what? We’re going to find that everything is shitty and we’re going to look for the things that are going wrong.

Now…I understand why you do this. It’s the same reason I do.

We, as humans, are much more used to and (somehow) much more comfortable with things not being very good.

Think about it…think about the last time someone asked you how you were doing? How did you respond?

My guess is that you rattled off 10 things that are going wrong in your life: The kids, your work, your boyfriend, all the things that are stressing you out.

The more focus we have on things that aren’t going well, the harder it is to see the things that are, and the more we do this, the less happy we’ll be.

Dont know how to do this? No worries. That’s what the Wildheart Revolution is for.

3) Your Bad Habits

How often is it that you experience the same exact problem?

Like, “Here we go AGAIN! This guy is exactly the same as the last guy I dated.” or “I didn’t write a blog post today AGAIN, I’m such a loser.”

The reason we get the same results as we’ve always gotten, is because we’re doing the same things we’ve always done.

If you want to see change, you have to change the way you’re doing things.

I know this is easier said than done, but at the same time, I actually think it’s much more simple to do than you think.

Whenever I am getting the “oh great…not this AGAIN” feeling…this is what I do:

a) Recognize what pattern I’m currently in
b) Think of how I would normally react in that situation
c) Do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I would normally do

I swear…enough times of doing this, you will form a new habit that serves you much better than the old one.

4) Your Same Old Story

I don’t know why we do this, but humans LOVE to hang on to their old stories. This is what that looks like:

“Well I have never been able to complete a task. I mean I just start things and never finish them. And it’s always been this way. I remember being in the third grade and starting softball, then quitting. And then I started dance and quit. I’m just a quitter. That’s how I’ve always been and probably how I’ll always be.”

And you’ll tell this same story to yourself and others over and over and over again. It’s on replay in your mind.

And the more you hang on to it, the more you’re going to a) see it play out in your life; and b) create it in your life.

This story that you’re telling yourself is causing you pain.

Think about it. If you truly believe that you’re some quitter loser who never follows through, how likely is it that you’ll start something you love and continue doing it?

Not likely. Because at the first sign of familiarity, at the first sign that this is following a similar to path to all those other times in the path, you’ll want to react the same way.

And you will. And then you’ll feel bad about yourself. And feed the story. And you’ll be right back in the cycle.

One way to get rid of a story is to create a new one.

You can do this:

a) Find out what story you’ve been telling yourself
b) Look for the evidence that disproves it
c) Create a new story based on all that evidence

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” -Barack Obama

I know these things may seem impossible to implement. After all, you’ve had your entire life to form this way of being.

But there’s some GOOD NEWS for you!

It’s actually easier than you think to change. And I’ve discovered the formula.

Change = Learning + Action + Support.

And the even better news is that that’s exactly why I created the Wildheart Revolution

To be the place where you learn awesome lessons that make your life better, have actionable steps to see them play out in your life, and be among a group of people who are invested in your success.

The Revolution is currently closed for enrollment but make sure you get on the waiting list so you know first thing when it opens up.



Wildheart Revolution