YAY!!! It’s the new year! And that probably means that some of us have decided to take care of our bodies, which I’m ALL FOR. A healthy body and a healthy mind are so important for a healthy and happy life, so whatever it takes to get us there (in a healthy way), I’m on board with.

What I’m NOT on board with is crash diets and unhealthy (and unrealistic) health regimens that will only further discourage us from our goals. But that’s sort of beside the point.

I’m a huge fan of exercising in a way that feels FUN, which is why I include country swing dancing into my exercise routine,

and I go to Pure Barre lots of times a week (dudes…check it out, it’s the SHIZZZZZZY).  

Pure Barre Babes. Hot.

I’m also a huge fan of utilizing extra time we have to work on our fitness in small ways, which is why I LOVED this post from Violet Sage, called Lazy Girl Fitness. It’s all about the little things we can do to work on our bodies, while doing other things like brushing our teeth, doing laundry, or reading. They don’t take up much time, but if done consistently, can make a big difference. Make sure you check out her article!

Buns While Brushing via www.violetsage.wordpress.com

Lofty Laundry via www.violetsage.wordpress.com

Thighs While Thinking via www.violetsage.wordpress.com

What agreements have YOU made with yourself this year to take care of that dashing body of yours? If you have fun tips, make sure you share them in the comments below. And if you’re not already on my mailing list (no spam…only awesome things and to tell you when new stuff comes out), get on there! You can sign up by clicking here.