A lot of times, girls act like crazy people when it comes to love. We’ll get involved with a guy that we know isn’t right for us, then we let him treat us like we know we shouldn’t be treated. THEN, when he breaks up with us, all we want to do is be back together and we act stupid trying to get him back. We call, we email, we try to “talk,” and understand what happened and hope that he miraculously realizes how amazing we are, and profess his undying can’t-live-without-you-I’ve-seen-the-errors-of-my-ways love. And what for? So we can still be with some guy who isn’t right and doesn’t treat us how we know we want to be treated. It’s madness.

Which is why I loved it when I stumbled upon this picture on Pinterest. This dude rules. And every girl deserves a picture like this. Every girl deserves to be with a guy who is STOKED when he gets to marry her. We should all feel loved and cherished and appreciated and worthy of an epic fist pump. And if we don’t feel that way, what’s the point? Life is to be lived as love.

So where are you at in your relationship? Fist pump status? Or groveling for the wrong guy? Leave a comment below and feel free to write me directly (sally@sallyhope.com) if you don’t feel comfortable sharing publicly.



P.s. Dudes….of course this applies to you too. Your lady should also make you feel like a million bucks. Obvs.