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Beach Camping. And Giving Thanks.

It’s been almost one week since I left on my latest adventure. Traveling around the Western US states in an old 90’s Chevy van. Destination, eventually, Montana for my hunting weekend. But I have six weeks to get there. So I’m meandering my way around, until the end of September. I don’t have a plan really. I just decide in the morning where I will go for the day. I’ve already cried numerous times, pulled over to take a nap in the van, hiked, been two more beaches than I can count, saw some friends, met some new ones, got lost, and found my way. Doing this solo is both exhilarating and scary. But overall, so far, I’m so so glad I’m doing it and so grateful to have the love and support of all you guys. More stories to come on Monday with my regular post, but for today…it’s ALL about GRATITUDE. Cuz you know why?? Gratitude is the bomb. And it’s Friday. TGIF…Try Gratitude, It’s Friday.

I’m grateful for:

My parents. And all their love and support and letting me borrow their van that I just named Miss Betsy Lee. Chris for letting me park in front of his house and for the smoothie. Mr. Blum for the nudges and the pushes out the door and the continuous support and nudges when I get scared. Lily…BFF 4 -eva. Natalie and Kerrie and Shannon and Rachel and Lisa and ALL my girls. Windy roads. Unknown hikes. Pulling over randomly on the side of the road because something looks interesting. Campgrounds that have available spots. Neighborhoods with flat parking. Fresh veggies. The perfect driving song. Not knowing what to do and then figuring it out. Going to bed early and waking up early. Writing. Coach.

Here are some pics of my week so far.

Day One. Driving Out To Jalama Beach Campground.

The Road To Jalama. Camp Spot.

Dinner and Camping At Doran Beach. Bodega Bay.

Finds at The Local Antique Store In Bodega.

Now it’s your turn! Leave a comment below with what you are grateful for today. Life doesn’t always go the way we want, but there IS always something to be grateful for. When nothing else works, when all else fails, try gratitude. (Actually…try it anyway. Even when things are good.)

Love, actually.

P.s. This trip reminds me of another trip I took last year. There’s a video involved. :)

15 Responses to Beach Camping. And Giving Thanks.

  1. Thankful I getta see YOU, today! Wonder twin powers activate — xo

  2. Daphne says:

    Thank you forgiveness
    Thank you my beautiful sister and her fast car
    Thank you California and its sun
    Thank you Sally for being such a beautiful person and share your journey with us

  3. For the nightmare surrounding my Mother’s estate to finally be coming to an end. Now she can finally rest in peace, and some of the ghosts may finally be dispelled.

  4. David "Diamond" Montanbeau says:

    Count YOUR BLESSINGS….. When you look around, someone will always be more successful, prettier, smarter, wiser, richer, healthier, closer to their loved ones etc. WHEN YOU LOOK AROUND, SOMEONE WILL ALWAYS HAVE MORE THAN YOU. With that being said, YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE MORE THAN SOMEONE ELSE! Therefore, count YOUR blessings and be grateful for what you do have because someone out there wishes they had it too!!!

    One of my favorite quotes that helped transform my life is: “It’s imposable to be Grateful, and Unhappy at the same time.” ~Jim Tressel

    So today I am grateful for; AMAZING friends and family, Country Music and Acoustic Guitars , The right to bear arms, and boobs in some country’s haha, My Ex-Finance (Weird I know lol), My car, My life experiences, An Extra Dirty Tanqueray Martini with Blue-Cheese stuffed Olives!!!!, Sushi, Jokes-Laughter, The ability to forgive, and knowing that the only limitations I have are the one’s I set upon myself:-)

    • Sallyhope says:

      Ok I honestly feel like I could have written that one! Especially the country music and the stuffed olives in your extra dirty martini. As Chrissy suggested, we ARE cut from the same cloth. Thank you for the inspiration with this wonderful list and quotes. Keeping on being your amazing self!

  5. Norma Jane! says:

    I’m thankful that the coyote that came to our yard yesterday, decided to turn around and go back the way he came we he saw us. I’m thankful that the bear that came right up to the open sliding glass door, turned and ran, when sister jumped up and slammed the door shut. I’m thankful for clean underwear.

    • Sallyhope says:

      WHOA! I can honestly say I’ve never heard ANY of those on a gratitude list. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the giggles.

  6. Michael says:

    I am thankful fo rthe moment of creation, of mine, others, others who helped me. Thankful that people tell stories of how their failies survived. Thankful for excellent friends who know how to laugh. (Even after my belt broke and my pants almost fell off and she said I could have beeen a plumber maybe with pants so low in the back.) Thankful that tomorrow is well tomorrow and that means future, and future and hope and promise are good.

    • Michael says:

      And wait, one more thing. I am thankful for people who make snap judgements who don’t really know me and never will and thankful that after all, they will not be around. I don’t think I need them.

    • Sallyhope says:

      Hahhahah! That is pretty funny about your belt. And I love what you said about being grateful for tomorrow. I might just steal that. :)

  7. Lisa C. says:

    I’m a little late, but this weekend made me grateful for, believe it or not, the PAST! We learn so much when we remember. We could learn so much more if we could just remember to remember!

    “When you think about me…
    Do you think about 17…
    Do you think of my old jeep
    Think about the stars in the sky
    Funny how a melody sounds like a memory
    Like a soundtrack to a July Saturday night”

    –Eric Church “Springsteen”

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