Woo weee…well this week has been filled with such a mix of emotions. From excited to scared, to sad, to exhilarated. And I’m aware how cool the broad spectrum is. That we, as humans, are capable of such different, and strong emotions.

I’m down in Southern California, getting some things prepared for my venture. I left my “home” of the past couple months on Monday, and have since been spending my time getting supplies, running errands, gathering information, and acquiring maps and atlases. One thing I haven’t really been doing, is putting a solid travel plan in place. I honestly wonder if I’ll wait til the morning of departure to decide if I will be driving north or south. It all remains to be seen, but I’m so grateful for all the love and support you all have shown throughout this.

Maybe all of these. Maybe none.

And with that…IT’S GRATITUDE TIME!! Friday ya’ll. The day where we get to reflect on all the things that are amazing in our lives. The things that matter to us. The people that make a difference. The things we appreciate. Life isn’t always roses, but there always is something to be grateful for. And that turns around any bad day. When all else fails, when things aren’t going well, try gratitude. TGIF…Try Gratitude. It’s Friday.

I’m grateful for:

My family and all their love and support and encouragement. My best friend, Lily, who continues to be a rock in my life through all my ups and downs and crazy twists and turns. My grandma for teaching me silliness and fun. My mom and Gary for their support and love no matter what I decide to do in my life. Mr. Blum for all his encouragement and strength and support for my journey and giving me the courage and nudging me out the door even when he didn’t want to. For the VAN that I will be driving in. My puppy, for the cuddling. Travel websites. Target. French manicures. Excitement. Inspiration. Possibility. CTI. Meeting people that later turn out to be integral players in my life. Courage. Heart. Love. And awesome new iphone apps. YOU.

Also…this song. This is how I’m feeling right now. And I’m smiling. Like this :)

What about you?? What are YOU grateful for today. Leave a comment below and share your list with me. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. Know that I’m out here in Cali, sending you love, wherever you are.

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