It’s my friend’s 30th birthday today. And that got me thinking about new chapters and new beginnings. I remember when I turned 30 it felt like a BIG deal. I was closing the door to my wild and raucous 20’s, I was going to be in a new “group” and I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be considered youthful anymore. Instead, what happened was that I felt more myself than I ever had, I had the maturity I lacked in my 20’s but held on the spirit and spunk and vivaciousness that lives in me no matter how old I get, and I had an understanding of life that I couldn’t have even imagined in my 20’s. My 30’s have ROCKED so far. And had my 20’s never come to an end, I never would have known how amazing 30 was, right around the corner.

This got me thinking about this part of my RV trip coming to an end. In three days, we will be back in Camarillo, returning Bess to her rightful owner. Just four weeks ago, we knew absolutely zero about RV’s. I feared driving it, parking it, doing the dumps, figuring out the generator, pulling up to the gas station…literally, EVERYTHING about it scared me. Today, we are troubleshooting water pump issues, doing three point turns in crowded city streets, and parallel parking with an ease that all the guys around us are in awe of. And I just feel so proud. So proud of us for pushing through the fear it took to get in the driver’s seat and start moving. Proud of us for busting through the stereotype that girls can’t drive and operate RV’s. And proud of us, for leaping into a completely unknown (and perceived dangerous) world of a life on the road.

Life seems to always be about one door closing and another one opening. Nothing new happens without something old ending. A turning of a page. A brand new chapter. And as I sit in the RV in the middle of the Utah desert on the road to Dead Horse Point State Park, with the jagged, red mountains to my right, and desert trees to my left, I ponder (and am so grateful for) how I ended up here. And the only thing that keeps coming up as an answer to that question, is that I left the house. Plain and simple. Nothing new ever happens, no change is ever created by staying in one place. By doing the same thing you’ve always done.

It takes movement to change your life. And it’s absolutely possible to do so, as long as you move. Literally. Or figuratively. Either.

As this door closes, I think about which door I will open. Which chapter I will write. What will fill the pages and who the characters will be. Wonder what the arc of the story will be and what love affair will ensue (since there MUST be a love affair in any story I write). I imagine myself and Natalie, two fun and free wild women with wind in our hair, giggling and singing, and loving and crying and talking and philosophizing and marveling that this IS our life. That’s how we are now. And I know it will continue.

All I know is that I want to keep going. I’m not done living in an RV. I’m not done meeting people and inspiring them to take on their own adventures in freedom and fun. I don’t care that we haven’t seen ONE woman driving an RV in all four weeks and all 8 states and all (at least) 300 RVs we’ve seen. I love it. I want to keep going. And I want to now, give back.

Natalie and I are starting something new, called “Girls Gone Moto.” It’s all about how to create a mobile lifestyle, and create the kind of life you want, by getting moving. Getting moto. We want to continue this lifestyle and impact people’s lives, all over the country. A website is happening. A truck and a trailer are happening. We’re getting moto, no matter what it takes. The details are being worked out, but I wanted to let you all in on the secret now, as I imagine this thing will grow and develop over time. And I will be continuing to talk about it.

Power on my computer is about to run out and we don’t have electricity hook ups in the RV. But before I go, I want to tell you something. I know you have a dream. An idea of something you’ve always wanted and never thought you could have. I know it lives in your heart, not your head. And I know that it’s been in there for a VERY long time. I’m here to give you permission. You can HAVE it. You CAN do it. NOTHING is impossible. But you must, make a promise to yourself that you will go out and try to get it. And don’t leave any room for fear to take over. Stand strong in your desire. See it clearly in your head. DECIDE it is going to happen. And then leave the house. And close the door. So that you may open another one. Also. I love you.

What’s your secret dream? That thing you’ve been wanting and not allowing yourself to have? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it.