One year ago at this time, I was in an RV, driving to Branson, Missouri, where I’d spend my birthday at Dolly Parton’s Dixieland Stampede. I was on the road with two friends, creating a web tv series called Girls Gone Moto.

The Dixie Stampede store.

One year later, it seems that every single thing in my life is different. So much has happened and so much has changed since then.

As I’m reflecting on my past year, I realize I’m not where I expected to be. Or rather, the flavor or what I’m up to is different than I envisioned a year ago. But I couldn’t imagine it any other way, and I couldn’t have predicted it would all end up like this, and I couldn’t be happier. One thing I know for sure, is I’m glad I followed the flow of life, instead of forcing things upon myself. This freedom has led me to CHOICE. I’ve chosen how I wanted to live, every day this year, and some pretty amazing things happened.

My birthday wish is to continue to live with an open mind and open heart and with wonder. To continue to love and grow and learn to be better. To have compassion, and to be curious about life. To go “all in” with all projects and experiences that this year will bring. To teach more, practice presence, learn new skills, and take up new hobbies. To let my creativity come bursting out. To play music again. To nurture the relationships of those I love, and make sure they know how I feel about them. And to show up in the day as a radiant and loving human. My wish for all of us is that we all feel loved and lovable, exactly as we are. And to know that we can create the kind of lives we’ve been dreaming of.

I also have a birthday request for you; 1) Leave a comment below with some things you are grateful for, as well as some advice you might have for my upcoming Montana move; 2) You tell someone you appreciate them today; 3) Fill out this quick anonymous survey about my blog…I’m changing things up, ya’ll, and I’d love your thoughts on what changes you’d like to see here.

It’s gratitude Friday! Let’s share:

I’m just so grateful to be here. To have been brought into the world and be amongst such wonderful, loving, and supportive people. To be able to learn what I learn. To be able to meet the people that show up in my life and force me to learn something. The ability to see beauty and feel love. For beautiful colors in nature. Playfulness. Family. Friends. Birthday wishes. Reflecting. Choice. Dancing. Cozy beds and warm socks. Surprises. Cuddling with my puppy. PG Tips tea in the morning. And smiling.

What are YOU grateful for? Leave a comment below.

Let's Celebrate