It was six years ago and I had just finished coaching school. I had gone there because it felt like a calling. Something that just pulled to me. Something that when I read the description of what a “life coach” did my body felt warm and my heart felt full and my mind said YES.

I knew this was something I was meant to do and so I turned down the Master’s program I had just gotten into for Marriage and Family Therapy, and jumped aboard the coaching train.

A year later, I found myself with a certificate in hand that said “You’re a coach now…officially!” (not really…that’s not EXACTLY what the certificate said), which was absolutely exciting. For about five minutes.

The time that followed was absolutely terrifying. Because for the first time, I really realized that being a coach meant that I was to be a business owner. “Shit” I thought. I had no idea how to run a business, much less market one or get clients.

So I felt scared. I had this spark in my heart to do something great in the world and help people in a really profound way, but felt so overwhelmed by the “business” side of it.

And then one day, I stumbled across the girl that would change my life forever. Marie Forleo. Exactly at the moment I was saying “shit” she was rolling out a brand new program called “B-School” that taught us all how to grow a business and a life that we love, online.

Her sales videos were her dancing around in her living room to rap and throwing money around and saying super smart things along the way.

The program was way more than I could afford at the time. And I literally waited until five minutes before the cart closed to put that program on my credit card and hope for the best.

Looking back now, that was an absolutely life changing turning point in my life. I had no idea that buying that program would not only teach me all of the foundational tools I needed to have and run and maintain an online business, but that I would create and be hooked into a community of people who knew EXACTLY what I was going through and who were, themselves, doing the most incredible things in the world.

We hired each other. Shared in the wins, the tears, the ups and downs. And we knew we weren’t alone.

It’s been 6 years since I started the very first B-School Facebook group and I’m so proud to say that I still am involved. I run the group of almost 16,000 dynamic and smart entrepreneurs. Coach and support all the B-Schoolers. Answer questions. Give that nudge. And offer all the knowledge I’ve gained from being in business for the past six years in that group. Really, right now, it’s one of the only ways to work with me, and it’s one of my favorites.

I’m telling you this because B-School is just about to open again for enrollment. Marie only does it once a year. So if you’ve been wondering how to build that business you’ve always dreamed of. Or wondered how to get started online, I encourage you to check out B-School. I am an affiliate, but that’s only because I believe in it with my whole heart and I’ve been with them since the beginning.

If this interests you even a little, check out this link and get involved. She will explain EVERYTHING.

And if you have any questions WHATSOEVER, I’m opening up some time for personal phone calls to answer any questions you have. Just email me at

B-School literally changed my life and continues to do so. I’ll help you decide if it’ll change yours too.