According to my internet feed…this was the best week ever! Here is a collection of the latest and greatest things I found while hanging out online . ENJOY!

  • Possibly the coolest high school science nerd of all time. With the best yearbook quote on the planet.

  • Angelina Jolie is pretty rad. Smart girl. Got her priorities straight

  • I was pretty fascinated with these photos of girl hunters at their homes. Controversial topic…what’s your take?
  • Loving this DIY project. Getting all 90’s up in herrrre with this studded bra.
  • My Business coach, Erika Lyremark rocks. And who could resist a girl who’s opening line to her book, “Think Like A Stripper,” is “So how did a smart girl like me end up flashing her boobs for crumpled dollar bills?” Love her.
  • I’m thinking of doing a juice cleanse. This one looks aight. What do you think?
  • 7 sexy character traits of happy people. I couldn’t have said it better myself. 
  • Quite the discussion ensued in the comments of my latest blog post about motorcycles. Won’t you chime in?

And here’s a little something for all you INDEPENDENT ladies out there. “She got her own house. She got her own car. Two jobs, work hard you a bad broad” YES!


What has made this YOUR best week ever? Leave a comment below.

Xo, Sally

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