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{TGIF} Try Gratitude…It’s Friday!!

It’s so easy to be in our heads and think about how much things ARE NOT going the way we want, or focusing on things we DON’T have. So…I’ve decided, that at least once a week, on Fridays, we should all take a minute to focus on things that ARE going well. Things we’re grateful for. I’ll be putting together a list of things that I love. That I’m grateful for. Or happy about. All from this week. I’ll go, then YOU go. Leave a comment on the blog with some of the things you’re grateful for RIGHT NOW. Here goes…

I’m grateful for:

Road trips. Blue skies. Beautiful flowers. Mind-blowing, deep connecting, all-around loving friendships. Ladies night at the range. Family love. Trying new things. Being scared and doing it anyway. Health. Tall drinks of water. Learning. New persepctives. Love and support. People believing in me. Openness. Serendipity. Intuitive readings. My clients. The Universe plopping opportunities on my lap. And CHEESE! Ok…now YOU go. What are you grateful for right in this moment?

Here are some pics from my week. Hope you had a great one. Don’t forget to leave a comment with some things YOU are grateful for.

Good Morning, Beautiful.

It's More Fun That Way.

Holy Cuteness, Batman!

Love You.

Post Love-Coaching Call. Pre Shoot-Out.

Stick Em' Up.

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16 Responses to {TGIF} Try Gratitude…It’s Friday!!

  1. Love this beoo. I am thankful for YOU, honesty, love, magic, intuition, fun, dating, men, sex, adventures, road trips, serendipity, money, friends … the list can go on but I will cap it here! XOXOXO

  2. Still grateful for pictures of Sally with firearms!!

    • Sallyhope says:

      By golly! My goal is to get a new one every week. That means I’m at the range weekly. WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!

      • Man, I wish there was more shooting places in the city…everyone asks why I don’t have a FOID card, and I’m always saying, “There aren’t any places to shoot in the city!”

  3. I’m grateful + thankful for incredible, inspiring bad ass babes {like you} and finally being apart of B School. Thankful for sunshine, soul sistas, adult trampolining, living my passion + seeing profit oh and 357 mags… ;)

    x’s + o’s

    • Sallyhope says:

      Miss Ashley….LOVE your list. Like I said, girl after my own heart. Hahha. I’m so grateful that you are in the Babes too and that we’re way more in touch now. I think trampolining is in our future, and DEFINITELY 357 mags are in our future. Enjoy your awesome day and spend some of those profits frivolously. That’s an order!

  4. Daphne says:

    Tonight I’m grateful for :
    * the beautiful song I’ve just written with my friend
    * my mother in law who is looking after our baby boy so we can have fun and go to a gig
    * my new haircut
    * Sally starting this gratitude garden
    * the pink flowers in my house …

    • Sallyhope says:

      AHHH I love it! I’m grateful for you too my dear and SO delighted to hear about you collaborating on your song. And thank you for participating in this “gratitude garden” (I might steal that phrase). :) Love sent your way.

  5. You live a beautiful life Sally Hope. Thanks for letting us be a part of it. xx

  6. Ainslie says:

    Abso-total-utely grateful for you and our awesome chat yesterday. For new opportunities, new perspectives, and old friends showing up out of the blue just because, for scary-exciting creative projects, for bike rides to the beach in the sun, for everything that makes me laugh aaaand for the delicious coconut milk ice cream I just ate. Happy Friday, lady.

    • Sallyhope says:

      HAHHAHA I’m abso-total-utely grateful for you too. And this comment. Love the gratitude just jumping off the page. Talk veryyyyyyy soon.

  7. Miss Dailey says:

    Miss Sally,
    I am grateful for you reminding me to be grateful. I am also greatful for grace, forgiveness, good friends, and BIG HAIR!! The little things add up to big keys to finding happiness in everyday and smiles. MUCH LOVE GAL!!

  8. Dani says:

    Hey Sally,

    I’m feeling ridiculously grateful this week. For things like…
    Scary awesome changes, when things just come together right and the universe is on your side, my adorable little nieces, talking to strangers, our talks, journaling, skyping with my bff, random sweet texts from my husband, a good workout, girlscout cookies…

    Whew! That felt good. :)

    • Sallyhope says:

      Right?! Doesn’t it feel awesome to remember all the GREAT stuff in our lives. Every Friday girl (at least), you get to do that right here. :)

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