It’s hard to believe that one year ago, this morning, I was waking up in our RV, parked next to my friend Hawk’s RV in Cottonwood, California, about to head to Lake Shasta for an afternoon of coaching and lounging around. The day before, having just embarked on the very first day, of our (Natalie and mine) very first RV road trip. Things were exciting. Fresh. New. Scary. Exhilarating. Every moment blew my mind. And here I am…one year later, sitting in the Westin hotel in downtown Portland, about to embark on a weekend of World Dominating, at the annual World Domination Summit. Over tea this morning with a good friend, we remarked how much can change in a year. Indeed. Everything is different now. And although I’m nostalgic over my year passed, I’m grateful for each and every second of it.

It’s Friday. Time for some gratitude.

It’s so easy to be in our heads and think about how much things ARE NOT going the way we want, or focusing on things we DON’T have. So…I’ve decided, that at least once a week, on Fridays, we should all take a minute to focus on things that ARE going well. Things we’re grateful for. I’ll be putting together a list of things that I love. That I’m grateful for. Or happy about. All from this week. I’ll go, then YOU go. Leave a comment on the blog with some of the things you’re grateful for RIGHT NOW.

When al else fails…and especially when you don’t want to…Try gratitude.

Here goes…

I’m grateful for:

Natalie. Derek and his RV. The wide, open road. Blue skies. Fresh air. New friends. Old friends. Events that bring together amazing people. Amazing people, in general. Kerrie Blazek. First times. The B-School Babes. Putting the face to the name. Slowing down. Going with the flow. Memories and nostalgia. Ear to ear grinning. Giggling. Trying to raise an eyebrow…still. People who like to plan things. Love and care. Being taken in. My family. Approaching tough situations with love and compassion, especially when I don’t want to. Hotel exercise rooms. Bathtubs. Homemade bracelets. Kindness. Asking for what I want. Sometimes getting it and sometimes not getting it. Sundresses. The perfect boot with the perfect outfit. The music in the hotel lobby right now. A full weekend ahead of me. My hotel roommies. That the 90’s are back in style…yesssssssssss.

Later today I will be at the zen gardens. And will be reflecting on my year past. And then leaving it there and reflecting on my day, present. Life is a trip.

Ok…now YOU go!

Here are some pics from my last week.

My Office For The Day

Breakfast Of Champions

I See You.

Spooning. Are You Kidding Me With This?

Party Time.

World Dominators At The Range.

Now you tell me what YOU’RE grateful for. Make sure you leave a comment below and if you’re not already on my mailing list…GIT IN THERE so I can tell you when new stuff happens!! Click here. And if you want to see what this coaching thing is all about (I mean…total life overhaul, no big deal) click here for a sample session.