Friday is my favorite day of the week on the blog because I get to reflect back on my week and think about all the cool things that happened and all that I’m grateful for. This week has been full of so many things…both activities and feelings. My sister is in town and she’s been a huge help in making my apartment feel like home. Without her I was sitting on the floor in the kitchen eating breakfast, like a bachelor college kid. I’m so grateful for her help and her presence in my life.

This week went by so fast! It seems like yesterday that I was atop the tallest building in town, looking down on the “Christmas Stroll” happening below.

My sis and I atop the tallest building in town

This was actually a big deal. This hotel is one of the oldest buildings in town and had just undergone a restoration project of the hotel’s sign, which hadn’t been lit in over 40 years. A friend of mine was involved in the project and invited us on the roof to witness the “lighting of the sign” which happened simultaneously to Santa lighting the last Christmas Structure on Main St.

The Sign. All Lit Up.

We danced. We hung out with friends. And then I went to my weekly archery class at Big Sky Archery.

Lobby of Big Sky Archery

I am still not great at it, but I improved a lot from the week before. I’m no pro, but definitely not bad for my second time trying.

Working On Accuracy

Later in the week I went for a walk and stumbled upon a cool looking alley.

Sally. In the Alley.

And then my sister and I drove out to Wilsall. Only to find some cool and peculiar things when we arrived.

The entry to my friend John's house

Things You Don't See In California.

And proceeded to have an AMAZING dinner cooked by Chef John (with the help of his coon hound, Roy).

Muscles (we've been werkin out)

Elk salad, with asparagus, mushrooms, eggs, blueberries, rasberries, mangos and current jam dressing

After dinner, we drove home, sleepy and full. Went to bed early, and woke up to a full day of working and clients. I’m so grateful for all the people in my life. My new friends. Old friends. Family. Snow tires. The coffee shop downstairs and running into my friends when I show up. The fact I have enough friends in town that I run into them randomly. Pure Barre. A well put together outfit. A good night’s sleep. And the fact that I can honestly say I feel like I’m HOME.

It's Where The Heart Is At

What are YOU grateful for today? Leave a comment below.