I’m not feeling quite up to par today, but luckily, it’s Gratitude Friday so I get to set all that aside and ponder all the things wonderful things in life. I’ll go then you go.

I’m Grateful For:

My sister who completely re-arranged and decorated my whole apartment and big-sistered the crap out of me. Health. A good night’s sleep. Dancing. Meeting cool new people. Meaningful connections. Great conversation. Those friends you can call up and cry to when the internet isn’t work and you’re frustrated as all get out. Inspiring people. Witnessing people who love their lives. New jewelry. Dresses. Kindness. Nostalgia. Taco night. French manicures. Fresh air. Being reminded about the important things in life. When clients have breakthroughs. Clients, in general. The holidays. Blue skies. Snow. Treating life like a treasure hunt. Changing the pattern.

I hope you all had a wonderful week. Please comment below and tell the highlights. And in the meantime, enjoy some of my favorite pics from this week.

My Saturday started out with a surprise change to the magnet on my fridge.

My silly sis did this

And brunch at an awesome restaurant who’s logo is this and who’s motto is “Killer Breakfast.” Rad.

The Nova Cafe. All Fresh. All Local. Killer.

Then my sis and I went to a Christmas tea/sandwiches/crumpets at this fancy hotel. It was all snowy and Christmasy and beautiful.

Snow Globe

Then, on the way home, we stumbled upon these girls rocking out so hard to Guns N Roses. Majorly impressed.

Ripping a Slash solo. H3llo My Name Is.

Then come Monday, I had a lovely and relaxing morning with my tea, journal, breakfast and a sweet little snow storm outside.

So I Can Rise And Shine.

And then the next day, the sky was as blue as ever. The snow on the trees glistened. The air was fresh.

White Christmas

I hope you are enjoying your day. So much love sent to you.

Xo, S