Wooooo weeee! Gratitude abounded this week as people were gearing up for Thanksgiving. It seemed that each blogger friend I have was talking about it and reminding us to be grateful. It’s so wonderful to see such a strong message filling up the Interwebs, but I have to admit, I was getting a bit gratitude-d out. I was all like “I GET it…gratitude!” I know it’s important. Blah blah. BUT, with that being said…I DO think it’s important. And it’s important to ME to get to publicly declare the things I’m grateful for in this very instant. I’m not going to ask you to be grateful, because I’m sure so many others already have, but I will ask you to enjoy what you’re doing, in this exact moment. Thanks for your eyeballs on this site.

My week started out with a sweet picture of my mom and I from back in the day. I was so struck by the amount of love I felt while looking at this picture…a mom hugging her girl so tightly, and the girl smiling so brightly. It made me nostalgic. And feel so grateful to have such a wonderful family.

Circa the 80's or 90's sometime

And then I found a dancing spot. And some fun new dance partners. And a reason to put on lipstick.

After a night of dancing my buns off.

A bit later I found myself feeling a bit blue, but it was nothing that a little retail therapy couldn’t handle.

My brand new cowhide wine coozie.

And then I went WAY out of my comfort zone, sick to my stomach with nerves, and went to a Fresh Meat practice for the Roller Derby here.

After two hours of rolling around.

And I liked it so much I continued to wear my mouth guard in the house. Cuz I felt tough.

That's ma mouf guard.

And then I saw the most beautiful view while on a hike with a good friend.

Atop Drinking Horse Trail

This week, I am grateful for all of these things…plus the space to cry my head off when I need to and good friends (and family) who are there to give me virtual hugs. Going to bed early. Saying no. The smell of fresh laundry. Christmas lights in my window. Getting packages in the mail. A non-crowded grocery store the day before Thanksgiving. Being invited to orphan Thranksgiving. Running into new friends on the street. New friends in general. Bloody beers. My clients. And coaches. Marie Forleo. YOU. Bozeman.

Happy Thanksgiving week ya’ll. Much love, from me to you.