It was pitch black this morning when I first woke up. And in Montana, that could be anywhere from 4:45 pm to just before 8am. In this case it was somewhere around 7am. The sound of the heater created a soft buzz in the room. My soft sea foam green blanket was tucked right under my chin and my feather pillow felt just the right pillow thickness…not too soft, not too hard.

It wasn’t quite time for my alarm to go off yet, so I closed my eyes once again and turned over to my side, peeking out the window to see if I could catch a glimpse of the day. Not yet, it seemed to say. So I closed my eyes once more. In a half state of sleep, I tossed and turned, and once more, opened my eyes to stare out the window that gives me a view of the entirety of downtown, as well as the Bridger Mountain range. And this time, I saw a bright blue sky with slivers of pink. Wow, I thought. How beautiful.

But I was cozy in my bed. Still warm. Still sleepy. And not ready to get up. But in the split second, I remembered something I decided two months ago when I moved here; that I was never going to be one of those people that stops appreciating the natural beauty that abounds in this beautiful state.

So I get up, get right up to the window and see one of the most breathtaking sunrises I’ve ever seen.

7:05 AM

I stare at it. Wonder how it came to be. Snapped a couple photos. And then turned around to walk back to bed. And in the seconds it took me to take the picture and return to bed, the sunset went away. The sky turned to a grey blue with darker grey clouds. The moment was completely gone.

7:08 AM

Had I not gotten up at the moment I did, I would have missed the whole thing completely. And that would have been unfortunate, because that sunrise gave context to my whole day. It made my day.

So seize the moment. Nothing stays the same. Things pass. Enjoy what surrounds you, when it surrounds you. Smile. And then go back to bed.


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