It’s me, Sally, again.

You might have noticed I’ve been writing to you a lot lately, and I want you to know a couple of things.

One is that I won’t be posting quite as often after this week. (I know, you’ll miss me, right? Hehe. ;))

And the other is that the REASON I keep popping up isn’t because I want to bug you or force you to do anything weird like join a group you’re totally not into.

I just know that life is busy, and sometimes opportunities come along and we miss them because we go, “Oh this looks cool!” and then think, “I’ll decide later.”


I’ve done it a million times myself.

But the other day I was talking to a brilliant Wildheart, Devon Combs, and she mentioned just a few of the amazing things she’s gotten out of being a Wildheart…

And because I’m SO excited about Devon’s success (and want everyone to experience stuff like this!) I thought I’d share her specific case study with you, because it’s pretty darn exciting, and is EXACTLY why Wildheart exists.

I’ll let Devon take it from here:

“When I started Wildheart, I was stuck in a real estate career and living in the city, both things that were draining me energetically.”

“Through the Wildheart group and Sally’s coaching, I “took the leap” and left real estate to pursue my dream of living on a horse ranch and pursuing my Beyond the Arena business full time.

“I’m living my dream and I feel fortunate that I get to continue to plug into the Wildheart community for ongoing support, encouragement and tips as I continue to expand my business and become a better entrepreneur.

“Thanks to Wildheart, I’m literally living life on my own terms and I’ve never felt more free, personally and professionally.”


Wow, I don’t know about you, but I find that pretty freakin’ amazing!

Devon went from living in the city and working in real estate, to living on a ranch and working with horses to help improve others’ lives—which is what REALLY makes her want to jump out of bed in the morning and make sh*t happen.

And you know, I thought what she had to say specifically about the Wildheart tools and resources might be of interest to you too.

Because she’s gotten some VERY specific things out of her time in Wildheart that have allowed her to make these dramatic changes in her life.

So, back to Devon…

“What I love most about Wildheart is that I can show up to the various coaching “hours” with a specific question—and Ellen, Sally and Natalie each help me laser in to the heart of the matter and get clarity, support and an “aha” right away which otherwise would have taken me weeks of trying to figure it out on my own.

“The benefits to me are:

Having access to a group of top notch coaching professionals all under
one roof/in one group.

Sally has created an incredibly safe and sacred Wildheart group container. It’s a place and space where I can be open and vulnerable (especially being a coach myself!) and share my ups and downs in business and personal relationships. There is NO judgment in the Wildheart group and it’s an invaluable experience to receive support and validation for being exactly who I am!

Not feeling “alone” as I build my business and can chime into the group and during the calls to ask questions and receive INSTANT support, encouragement and inspiration from fellow Wildhearts and the coaches.

Coaching to help me remove blocks and overcome hurdles as I continue to grow my business AND accountability for taking action on a weekly basis.”

I’m seriously jumping-up-and-down excited for what’s happening in Devon’s life, and at the same time I’m SO honored to have played a part in helping her make big changes, using all the tools and benefits she’s just mentioned.

So… what about YOU?

Are you ready to make a big change in your life?

Or, is your life already AWESOME—and you just crave a safe haven where you can find ongoing support and resources to help you keep going in the direction you want to go?

Either way, Wildheart’s got what you need. (click right here to find out how)

We’re here to support you every step of the way in leading a REVOLUTIONARY life—even if “revolutionary” just means you get to do what you want to do, all day, every day.

(You don’t have to have plans for world domination to be a Wildheart!)

I’d love to see you on the inside of the Revolution.

And I’ll just close this post with a few parting words from the super-smart, peacefully rebellious Devon once again:

“Being a Wildheart has shown me that I AM capable of creating a lifestyle that aligns with my values. I highly recommend The Wildheart Revolution if you’re ready to live life on your own terms and want to tools on how to get there. It WILL change your life if you jump in :) Viva Wildheart!”

I couldn’t agree more, Devon—Viva Wildheart!

And, if YOU are interested in living a revolutionary life (while there’s still time)…

I’d love to see you on the inside of The Wildheart Revolution. (click here to find out way more about it) :)

You ready to rock?


P.S. The doors to the Wildheart Revolution are closing this Friday, November 14. Jump in while you can! :)