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Lately, I’ve been putting together my Christmas list. Yes…my family still does that, even though my sister and I are both well into our 30’s.

My whole family puts together a wishlist of what they want for Christmas, just like we all did when we were kids, writing our notes to “Santa Claus” and sending them to the “North Pole.”

There is nothing better than asking for something, and then getting it. Which is what usually happens when you make up a wish list.

And as I’ve been dreaming up and perusing the internet for all the fun finds and things I would love to unwrap at Christmas, (like anything from this Pinterest Board), it got me thinking about life.

About how we forget to ask the Universal “Santa Claus,” or God or Universe or Goddess or Guides (or whatever you believe in) for the things we want in our lives.

We forget to put energy into what we DO want, how we want things to be and look, and instead we put a ton of energy into making the list of “things we don’t want.”

And it’s no wonder that that is what gets sent out into the metaphorical “North Pole” and thus, what we find showing up under our metaphorical Christmas trees, all the time.

Think about it…when was the last time the majority of your thoughts were spent dreaming of and expecting that you’ll have and get what you want?

I’m guessing a very minimal amount. And that’s what today’s post is all about.

If you don’t start asking for what you want, you will always get what you don’t want (tweet this!). Because that’s where the majority of your thoughts live.

And what you think about (ask for) is what you’ll get in your life.

So, you might be thinking, what can you do to change this?

Usually, I keep the lessons and applications of what I talk about on this blog inside the Wildheart Revolution but today I wanted to share with you the “#Heartwork” I shared with the members this week.

The exercise, tool, or thing you can try and play with in regards to this topic.

Because it’s awesome. And fun. And easy to do. And can change your life.

So this week is all about dreaming up the wish list for your life. And then sending it out to your “Santa Claus.”

Let’s watch and see what happens.


1) Write out your ultimate wish list of things you want in your life. Here are some places to look if you’re unsure:

– Things you want to have

– Things you want to create

– Things you want to be

– Places you’d like to go

– Relationships you’d like to be in

– Businesses you’d like to create

Don’t be shy here. List it all out as if Santa was there just waiting to give it to you. Be specific too.

2) Share your list. One thing I’ve realized is that the reason it works to get what you’re asking for, is because you’re actually asking for it to the person who can give it to you.

In the example above, I asked “Santa.” But it’s the same thing when you ask the Universe or God or people in your life.

So after you have your list, share it with us in the comments below. Let us bear witness to it. And let us all hold that you will have exactly what you want.

Dreams like clarity. Just like Santa. Or your family who will be buying your gifts. Think about it…how much easier is it to shop for someone when you know exactly what they want? The Universe wants to give you what you want, but it needs to know what that is. The clearer the message, the easier it is to get what you want.

I look forward to hearing about all your wishes this week. Make sure you leave a comment below.

Pondering my own,