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My Motorcycle + The Problem With The Internet

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I wasn’t sure what I was going to say to you today. I started and erased this blog a million times. The words were just not coming. And sometimes…when I’m supposed to tell you about things I’m up to (like my brand new Wildheart Montana Retreat that is going to knock your socks off), I get all weird when I try to write about it.

As this was all happening to me yesterday (imagine…me trying to write, then getting up to get water, coming back to write, getting up to do dishes, etc) I decided that no inspiration would come to me by this ridiculous cycle.

I was stuck.

And so I did what any girl in my situation would do…I decided to go on a motorcycle ride.


I had a feeling that the change of perspective, the cool breeze, and the focus on something else might give me some inspiration. I wanted to get out of the house. Be in the elements. Try something different.

Almost always, when I get out of my little bubble, something shifts and something amazing happens (click to tweet that!). And that was the goal.

And so Jolene (my bike) and I set out to cruise the beautiful fields and mountains of Montana. With the sun on my face and the cool breeze on my back, I eased into my ride.

Mountains ahead and to my right, farms and dogs and people on their porches to my left, and big beautiful bright blue sky above.

I could smell hay one minute, a bonfire the next, wildflowers after that.

The hum of my bike filled my ears. The power of it beneath my arms shook me.

And as I took a giant inhale, with a smile on my face, in that moment I knew what I wanted to say to you.

I’ve been planning something I’ve never done before. A Wildheart IN-PERSON retreat in Montana. I knew it was something I had to do, but until tonight, on my motorcycle, I didn’t know exactly why.

I realized riding does three things for me. It aligns fully with three of my top values FREEDOM, CONNECTION, BEAUTY.

On that bike I’m more free than I’ve ever been. It’s just me, and the bike and the wind in my hair (literally). I am more connected to the ground below me, the changes in the air and weather, other drivers. To myself. You MUST be aware of everything while on a bike. I see beauty in a way I never have before.

Instead of being an observer OF life, you become part of the landscape. You are so close to the ground you could touch it as it whizzes by you. Reach out your hand and you could touch wheat from the fields. You could literally touch the person’s car next to you without much effort.

And this reminded me how little connection we have in our everyday lives. We’re glued to our computers. Inside our homes “connecting” with people via the web. We have full on relationships with people we’ve never met. We look at Pinterest photos of the mountains, instead of planning a trip to go see them.

And because of this, we’re missing a beautiful slice of life. That slice that you can only get while on your motorcycle. Or out on a hike. Or by smelling a beautiful rose right after the first spring rain fall. We’re missing the eye contact of the person telling us of her heartache

We forget to truly live. (click to tweet that!) Which to me is the scariest part of it all.

And THAT is what the Montana Retreat is all about. It’s putting yourself out there. It’s (figuratively) riding your motorcycle to experience life in a whole new way. It’s to TOUCH the dirt with your bare hands and hug the person you’ve been seeing online for so long.

It’s raw. Beautiful. And it’s here for YOU. To nudge you out of your own little bubble. To whisper in your ear that “there is more to life than building a business.”

At the time of writing this, 9 spots of the retreat are already claimed. Which means there are only 6 spots left before it’s full.

If this is speaking to you, if you know it’s time for you to get on that bike, if you’re ready for some real life interaction and real life fun, now is the time.

Come on in and join the rest of us Wildhearts for an unforgettable, transformational, rip-roarin good time. After these six spots are filled…that’s it.

And even  if this retreat isn’t for you (no problem), find your own version of freedom. Get on your own bike. Life is too long to spend it inside on the computer.

Do you agree? If so I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below if you feel like you spend too much time online and not enough time outside living.

Revving my engine…just for you.



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10 Responses to My Motorcycle + The Problem With The Internet

  1. Jen Vertanen says:

    Freedom, Adventure, and Connection are in my top core beliefs…no wonder we click so well :). So excited for the retreat and blessed I get to call you my friend, beautiful lady.

    • Sally Hope says:

      Lady…the feeling is so so mutual. I am so honored to have you there. Can’t wait to hang with you again real soon.

  2. Amanda Cross says:

    It’s funny because before I joined with you Sally I actually spent less time on the computer. Now, I feel connected with the others that I need to get on and remain connected.

    I have never been one for any type of cyber relationships because I have always been so focused on real human connection. (Ironic because I met my husband in the cyber world 14 years ago).

    I just feel like failing to plan is planning to fail. So many people put things on their mental list or “pin”, but they are always thinking “someday” this will happen. I make an actual list and start crossing shit off.

    I can’t wait to take my road trip from Cali to Montana and spend real time with you guys at the retreat. xoxo

  3. I do spend a lot of time on the internet but when I go for walks with my dogs (the weather begin nice since it is Ireland after all), it’s when I truly connect. Appreciation for having them as companions, the beauty of the blooming flowers, the people in their homes, going to or back from work it’s when I appreciate life the most. This is a truly inspiring post. Thank you!

  4. Maggie says:

    YES, real life, in person connections are the most important. I’ve met some incredible people via the internet, but the people with whom I’ve felt a REAL, powerful connection? I’ve made the effort to meet them in person and grown those relationships from there. I wouldn’t be married if I’d let a connection with an amazing man stay in its internet bubble! And I wouldn’t have many of the friends I have now. I think the internet is an amazing way to meet people you wouldn’t otherwise meet, but why does it have to stay a solely online relationship? Reach out, make that virtual connection a reality. **Safely of course! Public place and all that.**

  5. Although I am an ‘unplug’ kind of gal; I did recently say to myself – ‘step away from the computer’……I live in Northern Ontario: I returned here from Texas five years ago to heal, to be near the standing talls, the water, the pre-Cambrian shield….all of this nourishes me. But I am feeling ‘starved’……I think an adventure is rumbling within…thought about your Montana retreat which speaks to the cowgirl: wide open spaces of my heart….thanks for the words….wish I rode a motorcycle!

    • Sally Hope says:

      Patsy…COME!!! If it’s whispering, then it’s probably meant to be! Is there any thing I can answer for you??

  6. Love your bike, how long have you been riding sweets?

    I have a Harley Davidson, my bike is called Candice.

    Thanks for sharing a bit about your personal self


    • Sally Hope says:

      Ahhhh! Awesome! I’ve had by bike about a year and have been riding just as long!

    • Sally Hope says:

      Thank you!!! I’ve been riding about a year. And dreaming about it for about 10. :) Love that your bike’s name is Candice!

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