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Stop Trying To Please Everyone (and let me sing you a song about it)

Can't please stop trying.


I’m just gonna break it down here real quick.

No matter what you do…someone isn’t going to like it. (TWEET THIS)


And you trying to please everyone and save yourself from pain and embarrassment and failure isn’t actually going to save you from any of those things.

So by doing what you *think* everyone wants you to do (not start that business, not go on that cross country road trip, not marry the one that makes no sense on paper but makes your stomach flip, not hit publish on that blog post) not only will you STILL experience those emotions (because you’re human and that’s how it goes), but you’ll also be living your life according to someone else’s rules.

I’m not mad. Even though I might sound like it. More like…I think this message is WILDLY important and bears repeating.

It reminds me of my favorite quote by Dita Von Teese:

Do your own thang.


We can’t please all the people all the time. 

All we can do is try to live our lives the best way that we know how and follow our own path. (TWEET THIS)

Follow our own arrow.

And THIS is the Wildheart Revolution.

Doing your own thing. Following your own path. Following your own arrow…wherever it points.

And it’s messy. And it won’t go perfectly. And you’ll mess up. And be embarrassed. But that’s the life of someone who wants to live beyond the status quo. Someone who wants to create something beautiful in this world.

If you’re reading this…THIS IS YOU. I know it. And so I created a video for you. It’s messy too. And definitely not perfect. I could have done a million takes to make sure you think it’s good. But you know what? I’m a human being. And I make mistakes. And sing out of tune. And forget the words to songs.

And that’s what makes me ME. And that’s my only job in life. I hope you enjoy this video and don’t laugh at me too hard for totally F-ing up this song.

So this begs the question…where is YOUR arrow pointing right now? What have you been scared to do? Where have you been holding yourself back? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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21 Responses to Stop Trying To Please Everyone (and let me sing you a song about it)

  1. Tammra says:

    Loved it Sally and you have a beautiful voice! Thanks for the message and reminder…just what I needed. (((hugs)))

    • Sally Hope says:

      Oh gosh…THANK YOU! It’s one of those things I have never liked but always wanted to be able to sing. You saying that means the world! Thank you so much for watching and for writing in!

  2. Zoe says:

    Beautiful voice Sally!

    And I needed the message too.

    I’m definitely gonna start following my arrow.

    Love love and more love xx

    • Sally Hope says:

      Hey there Miss Zoe! Thank you so much for writing in and I’m glad it resonated. So curious. Where is your arrow pointing right now??

  3. Heather says:

    This put a smile on my face, and gave me a lot to think about. The path my arrow is on hasn’t been easy to follow, but I know it will be worth it!
    Thanks Sally :)

    • Sally Hope says:

      Hey Heather…I COMPLETELY hear you. Where my arrow has been pointing lately hasn’t been easy either. The best way I know how to describe it is “growing pains.”

      I hope your arrow sets you on an amazing path…but I know it will. Thank you so much for writing in. XO

  4. Thank you, this reminder was needed today — and forever after. Love you to bits.

    • Sally Hope says:

      Miss Victoria…I love you to bits. Too. And I’m so glad this resonated. Where’s your arrow pointing?

  5. Barbara Foxworth says:

    Ha ha… loved it! It’s perfectly imperfect!! :-)

  6. Maggie says:

    You are too cute!! Loved it :D

  7. Arantxa Brown says:

    I LOVED this Sally! I am so glad you did it in one take instead of editing the heck out of it to try to make it perfect. That would be SO the opposite of the point you’re trying to make, right? I love you. Keep kicking ass! I’m proud of you, girl! :)

  8. Hey Sally this is so authentic and lovely, I smiled all the way through. Thank you for giving me permission to be real and do what makes me happy, funny how we need someone to tell us its ok. Love to you from sunny Queesland Australia. x

  9. Olya says:

    Thank you, Sally! You do have a beautiful voice! Loved the song and thank you for the reminder!
    I can’t stop smiling here. It was like you were playing for me, kind of: “hey heard this great song today, do you want me to sing it for you?” :) ” yes, please!”

  10. Shana says:

    Follow Your Arrow – YES!!!! Love it! And, great message! Wildheart on!

  11. You want a MESSY video?? I have some old school ones from MessyWorks. The new stuff I can’t post, cuz it’s waiting on more footage to be assembled as part of a DVD!

  12. Sally, I love how you mixed your singing + musicianship + creativity + sense of humor- into this post. Rock on sista!

  13. Paulette says:

    I love it!!!!!!!

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