Why do I even bother?

blog 6.10

Last night I made beets for dinner (among other things because who eats just beets for dinner??)

And as I was doing that, I grew more and more annoyed.

The process for beet-making (in case you don’t already know) can be a bit tedious. First, you have to wash them. Then cut off both ends. Then you have to boil them which ALWAYS takes way longer than you want them to, and in my case, close to an hour (which, when you’re hungry is forrrrrever).

Then…when they’re done you have to wait for them to cool off. Then you have to peel them. And then you have to cut them up. And all the while…the beet juice is flying all over your kitchen, staining your cutting board and your hands. It’s messy.

So…I’m sure it’s clear by now that cooking is not my thing. And you might be thinking “ummm…that doesn’t sound all that hard.” And it’s not. It’s not hard.

But to me, it’s annoying. And takes too long. And is too messy. And I wish my grocery store had pre-cooked beets to save me the hassle.

But unfortunately, I don’t have that option. And so what that means is that if I want beets (because I love them) I’m going to have to put in some extra effort in order to have them in my life.

All of this passed through my mind as I was making beets last night. And I wondered, “why do I even bother? There are plenty other vegetables in the world.”

And I realized that I bother because I love them. They make me feel good. They matter to me. And make my salad taste delicious. I love their color, texture, everything. And so it’s worth it to me to wait a bit longer for them to boil. It’s worth it to me to put in the extra effort to peel them. It’s worth it to me to have red hands for a couple days.

And because sometimes the things you want the most aren’t always the easiest to get. (click to tweet)

And this reminded me of everything in life. Especially in business and love. Which are two topics that have been on my mind constantly lately.

The things that we want most take effort. And time.

We all want to rush into everything. And the second it’s not going the way we want, we want to bail. Pull the plug on the love, quit business, throw the beets in the trash and order pizza.

Because that way of living is easier.

I seriously wish sometimes I was the type of person that wanted pizza. Or was happy with just a whatever job or relationship. But I’m not. That’s not me.

I’m a Wildheart. Dynamic, emotional, intense, flip-flopping beet lover and I can’t help it and I don’t want to.

To me…this is the only way to live.

Do I struggle more than maybe some other people that are happy with a less deep or connected life…probably. But would I give that up for the latter…HELL NO. It’s not even a choice I have.

And I’m guessing you wouldn’t either. Because if you’re reading this, you’re probably a wildheart too.


You want to live life on your own edge. You reject the status quo. You KNOW you’re meant for something great. (click to tweet)

And that path can feel lonely. And you probably think you’ll never get “there.” But you want to try.

And Wildheart is the perfect place to do that.

If ANY of this resonates, you are a wildheart. And I want you to join me in the Wildheart Revolution.

It’s a coaching and lifestyle tribe for unconventional people who want to live life on their own terms. (click to tweet)

And registration is opening so soon. So much fun stuff is happening this time around that I’ve never done and won’t ever do again, so you won’t want to miss it. Make sure you on the list to find out the second doors swing open.

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