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So you’re thinking about B-School eh??

I SO get it. Once upon a time, about five years ago, I was a brand new baby coach, not realizing that what “being a coach” meant, was that I was going to have to be a BUSINESS OWNER. Yikes!

And after freaking out for about two weeks, I finally stumbled upon the program that irrevocably changed my life forever…Marie Forleo’s B-School. 

At the time I had zero business skills. I didn’t know what an “ideal client” was or why I might need one. I had no clue was a “newsletter list” was or how to get one.

All I knew was that I had a dream to change people’s lives and a spark in my heart to create something that mattered.

And I have a feeling you feel the exact same way, or else you wouldn’t be reading this.

So…here’s the deal though…B-School is definitely not for everyone. But for the right people, it can be the PERFECT solution to whatever you’re facing right now.

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Do you want to know if it’s right for you?

If so…you are in the right place. I am teaming up with Wildheart Team Member (and business coach) Ellen Ercolini for a super fun and super free call all about discovering whether or not B-School is right for you.

In our call we’ll be sharing:

“The Three Reasons You SHOULD and the Three Reasons You SHOULDN’T Join B-School”

We’ll also be providing a Q&A for anyone who has extra and specific questions about B-School. The call will be on February 24, from 4-5 pm PST and you can get in on the fun by clicking HERE.

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I’m sure you’ve noticed that a LOT of people are promoting Bschool.  There’s an amazing affiliate program for it, which we are both part of – but, we’re not doing this for the money.  We both have successful businesses that pay us well.  We’re good on that front.  We’re doing it because we care.  We care about you not getting lost in all the brilliant marketing out there.  We care about you taking the right next step for your business.  We care about helping people with dreams work hard to make them a reality.  We LIVE for that actually.

So join us!  After you’ve registered for the call, you can respond to the confirmation email with a question for us, or participate live!  We’ll be sending out the recording so you can listen in and get some insight on what’s the right next step for you.

We’re also thrilled to announce that we’ll be partnering to support this years class of Bschoolers.

If you sign up with us, you’ll get 6 months all inclusive access to the Wildheart Revolution, which includes two weekly coaching calls with me, business strategy and support with Ellen, and tarot and love coaching with Natalie Vartanian.

We know that businesses aren’t grown in a vacuum, they’re developed through people.  The Wildheart Revolution is a wildly supportive place to connect with your tribe and get ongoing support of your full person, which will nurture your business growth like woah.

You’ll also get a two-on-one hour with us.  That’s right.  Our two brains (and hearts!) supporting, strategizing and coaching YOU and your business.  This has never been available before, and we’re not sure we’re going to offer it again.  It’s that special.

What we know is the group community and support is HUGE to helping you stay on track with the bschool materials and business development.  Pair that with personalized support for your business, you’ve got the inside track to business growth.

To have not one but two rock solid coaches, strategists and successful business owners get down and dirty in your business with you, for personalized support, is the ultimate accelerator.   You literally can’t buy this one of a kind support.  We know what it takes to make a business work, and we want to support you in that too.

If you know you’re in, and you want to work with us, why wait? Click here and make it happen.

I am so excited for you for taking the next step in the direction of your dreams.

Whether or not you choose to participate in B-School, the fact that you’re wondering and checking it out tells me you’re ready for CHANGE. And ready for GROWTH. To me, being ready is the absolute first step. I hope you let us usher you into your next chapter!

So much love,

Sally + Ellen


1) What is B-School?

Basically…it’s an online business and marketing program. Marie does an AWESOME job and telling you all the details right here.

2) Who is B-School right for?

Ooooooh! Such a great question and one that we’ll be answering on February 24th from 4-5 pm PST on our super fun and free call! Click here to get signed up.

But the short answer is that it’s right for someone who knows what business they want to create, has some ideas about how to do it, but could really use practical and tangible tools on business building, and someone ready and willing to put in the time and effort to make it work.

3) Why are you the expert in B-School?

Well…I have been a B-Schooler from the very first year it was offered. I started the very first B-School Facebook community page and have been running it ever since. And I work closely with Team Forleo to bring you guys the absolute best B-School online community possible, so I know what’s in store for you as far as extra community support.

4) Why is Wildheart a good perk of signing up?

Because although the 8 week course of B-School is phenomenal, change doesn’t happen over night. Wildheart will provide you ongoing support both during B-School and also after the 8 week course is over. Really…it’s WIN-WIN!

5) Will I make a million dollars if I sign up?

Anything is possible! I can’t predict the future but what I will say is that if you participate in the entire course, implement all the ideas in a consistent manner, reach out for help in the community, and work your buns off (hustle hustle hustle til the cows come home!) I am confident that you will see MAJOR growth in your business and your life.

6) Who does your hair?

Why thanks for asking. Ann Kelleher at 19 Blue in Santa Barbara, CA. No matter where I live in the country, I still fly in to SB to see this woman! :)

Wildheart, let's be adventurers


What’s Wrong With You. (The Thing No One Wants To Tell You.)


What’s wrong with me?

What I asked when I felt sick to my stomach after being accepted into my top choice grad school for a Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s degree, and wanted nothing more than to not go.

What’s wrong with me?

What I asked myself when I wasn’t wanting to be with the guy that seemed “perfect on paper” but I had no spark for in real life.

What’s wrong with me?

What I asked myself when I suddenly got everything I thought I wanted, and I still wasn’t satisfied or happy.

What’s wrong with me?

What I thought to myself when something that once fulfilled me, suddenly didn’t anymore.

What’s wrong with me?

What I asked myself when nothing I was trying was working.

What’s wrong with me?

What I asked myself when I wasn’t inspired or motivated and couldn’t seem to get myself out of bed in the morning.

What’s wrong with me?

What I thought to myself when I couldn’t seem to see all the great things in my life and instead focused on all the stuff that was going wrong.

What’s wrong with me?

What I thought to myself when I was actively not practicing all the spiritual and coaching tools I had in my toolbelt.

What’s wrong with me?

When it was month three of crying every day over a relationship that ended, that I previously wasn’t even sure I wanted.

What’s wrong with me?

What I ask myself anytime something doesn’t feel good or right in my life and I can’t seem to fix it right away.

What’s wrong with me?

What I thought to myself when I felt all alone with no direction and nothing to grab onto.

I’m so curious, how often have you asked yourself this question? How many times do you feel like you’re wrong or bad or broken or messy?

How often do you blame yourself when you’re not feeling the way you think you’re supposed to feel? Or when things aren’t going the way you think they should be going? How bad do you feel when you have all the “tools” you’ve been taught but aren’t using them?

I’m guessing….a lot. I’m guessing your mind is on loop just like mine. And the more time that goes by, the more I’m realizing that this is a HUGE problem. It’s the problem of us “never being good enough.” For ourselves.

No matter what we do, it isn’t right. No matter how we feel, it isn’t right. Because even if for a fleeting moment we feel great and happy and accomplished and excited, that moment passes and our default mode is one of the above where we internalize and make wrong whatever we are feeling.

So to answer the question, what’s wrong with me? And what’s wrong with you? The answer is….nothing.

There is nothing wrong with us. And the sooner we all realize that, the happier we’ll be.

I believe that happiness comes from acceptance and presence about what is here right now, without judging that feeling. And the openness and courage to move forward when the time is right. I know it sounds hard to do. I know it IS hard to practice. I know it sounds like a bunch of bullshit, but think about it.

Where does your pain come from?
It comes from wanting to be somewhere else, rather than where you are. It comes from thinking that your feelings of unease and discomfort are wrong or bad. It comes from not accepting or being truthful about where you’re at.

And to me…THIS is Wildheart.

I know I’ve had some adventurous experiences in my life. You might be reading this and have known me from my Rock N Roll tour-in-a-band days. You might know me from my skip off to Costa Rica and run my business from the beach days. You might know me from my get in an RV with no plan (just a map) days. Or you might know me from seeing me online yesterday.

You might have an idea of Wildheart means, by looking at those things. You might guess that it’s about being WILD, or unruly, or traveling around and doing whatever the hell you want. And that might be true.

But for me, no matter what activity or adventure is going on in my life, there is one thing that permeates through what “Living Wildheart” looks like to me, and that’s following what my heart says in any given moment, and approaching that with kindness, grace, and honesty about what is truly happening for me. Even if that moment is me kicking ass in my business, or if that moment is me crying on the bathroom floor…again.

And that’s what the Wildheart Private community teaches you how to do.
It accepts you, right where you’re at. Gives you tools to move through that place with grace and ease. It supports you in your business endeavors (with weekly business coaching). It helps you work through your relationships (with weekly love/relationship coaching). It helps you get answers (with weekly tarot readings). It tells you that you are not alone (with the robust and dynamic community). And it tells you that it doesn’t freaking matter how long it takes to talk through the same thing that keeps showing up in your life, that there is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken.

It’s the net. The net that reminds you that there is nothing wrong with you and catches you when you feel like you’re falling.

I know it’s probably hard to grasp exactly what the Wildheart private community is all about, and that’s because this exact model hasn’t been done before. But it’s coaching, five days a week from a team of certified and skilled coaches (including me). It’s a safe space. It’s a place to learn and practice the tools that will change your entire life.

It’s finally getting that one concept you’ve been hearing around the internet for years, and finally implementing it in your life. It’s all at a price that is accessible to almost everyone. It’s your new home. And most of all, it’s the place where your Wild Heart gets to run free.

Doors for Wildheart open next week, for the first time in a couple months and the last time in…I don’t know how long.

You shouldn’t join if you’re looking for the quick fix or the next internet marketing fad that’ll help you “make six figures in five minutes!”

But you should join if you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked. If you’re tired of having the same thoughts, same feelings, same results in your life. If you are really truly ready to see major shifts and changes in your life. And if you’re ready to come home to yourself and home to “your people.”

Doors aren’t open yet, but they will be soon. Keep your eyes peeled and your heart open and I’m guessing that the right answer for you will whisper in your ear soon enough.

Make sure you’re on the list to get the call.

The little angel on your shoulder,

P.s. I’d really love to hear from you. Do you ever feel this way? Like there is something wrong with you? Maybe you feel this way right now. I’d love to know your experiences. Just hit reply to this message and let me know if this resonates and why.

Can Your Life Get Even Better Than It Is? A Peek Inside The Revolution. And What Surprised This Wildheart Most.


I know it’s Saturday and I don’t usually write here on the weekend, but I have to share something really cool with you, and I also wanted to make absolutely SURE you heard about the Wildheart Revolution so you don’t miss out on the inaugural lesson happening this Monday, August 19.

(Sooooo excited to get started with you!!! We have lots of AMAZING Revolutionaries in here so far!)

As you know, I’ve been telling you about the Wildheart Revolution for awhile now.

And got to thinking…it’s easy for me to know ALLLLL about how cool it is because I’m in it, day in and day out.

Creating it. Loving up on it. Planning and preparing for the exciting things coming just around the corner.

But I realized that YOU only know the tip of the iceberg about it—the bits and pieces that I’ve been leaking.

And so I thought, what better way to help you see what the Wildheart Revolution is like than to hear from a real live Wildheart who has taken part in the Revolution?

So…I’d like you to meet Ellen Ercolini, Founder of The Creative Giraffe and Coaching Business Jumpstart (and all-around kickass, talented, gorgeous human being).

Below, she shares how her life has changed since being in the Wildheart Revolution, and why it rocks so much that you MUST be a part of it. ;)

Pay close attention because you’ll see that Ellen didn’t join Wildheart because she felt lost, broken, or in need of intensive coaching.

She was doing just fine, in fact—and you’ll see how the benefits of being a Wildheart actually took her by surprise!


Ellen_Ercolini_Headshot_RedHow would you describe the Wildheart Revolution?

EE: It’s a collective opening of our hearts to our daily desires. It’s a place to admit what we really want, and do something about it.

It’s a place to gain courage and confidence to carpe the hell out of your diem, and get clear, powerful support when you feel stuck on what that actually means or what it looks like in reality.

It’s not a place for just talking about things, it’s a place for doing things that lead you towards your dreams, goals, and best freaking life.

It’s also really fun + Sally is an awesome revolution leader.

Wildheart to me, it really listening to and owning your hearts desires. No matter how silly they might seem, or how different from yesterday (or an hour ago), they’re yours and that’s important.

So the Wildheart Revolution is the art of people getting in touch with their hearts, and then following them.

Where were you at before you joined the Wildheart Revolution and where are you now?

EE: I was good. Post Wildheart, I’m freaking great.

I took a lot of ideas I was sitting on, and through Wildheart developed confidence and action steps to make them a reality.

I’ve revamped my business to be much more me, which in turn has made it easier than ever to get clients and make money.

I’ve become much better at dating (which, let’s be real, can SUCK) – but with Sally’s support, insight and coaching, that entire process has unlocked for me and it’s actually fun!

Mostly I’m able to notice when I’m getting stuck or holding myself back – when my heart is not truly wild and free – and then DO something about that.

What is your favorite part about being in the Wildheart Revolution?

EE: The live coaching with Sally! She’s sooooo insightful and everytime we talk I learn something new about myself & how to move forward with my life (even if the next step is a good cry).

I also love being part of a community of kindred spirits, who want to rock their lives to the fullest as well. It’s incredibly refreshing to be surrounded by such open hearted, loving, going hard for your dreams folks!

What is something that surprised you about being in the Wildheart Revolution?

EE: That my life actually changed!

The Wildheart Revolution brought new energy and ideas to my life, and I took the steps to implement them!

My business shifted, getting better and easier like WOAH, and dating got way more fun and easy, plus I’m a lot more gentle on myself listening to my heart and what I do and don’t want to do – which makes my entire life seem less hard and stressful.

What specific changes did you see in your life from being involved in the group?

EE: Business and Boys! Better, easier, happier experiences with both.

I shifted my business to harness my talents of business building + money making + unconventional idea connections to work with solopreneurs and business builders.

I also launched Coaching Business Jumpstart, which is making a huge difference to life coaches struggling to get clients and make money. So I feel like my impact in the world has really increased!

As to dating, it’s been going waaaaay better. I’m not as caught up in the ‘shoulds’- I find myself having a much easier time being ‘me’ (which has been a lifelong challenge) – I am also attracting way more interesting dudes, which is great.

If someone were on the fence about joining, what would you tell them?

EE: For this price-point, it’s a slam-dunk YES PLEASE.

Think about what you pay $35 a month for – your biweekly latte bill. Dinner and a movie. Nice dinner. A pair of pants.

It’s easy to reinvest that money in something that’s going to actually impact your life. Because it’s not just about what you ‘get’ – it’s about how you feel on the way.

Who doesn’t want to feel better, more inspired and empowered all the time? If this were a $200 program, we could talk more about the money. But it’s not, and you have $35. You know what to do.

I think of Wildheart like a life tune up. Right now, I don’t really need a full time, full price life coach. But I do need someone to call me on my shit.

I need someone to help me bust through my fears and insecurities, to tell that voice in my head to GTFO.

I need someone to remind me of how powerfully awesome I am, and a place to share my wins with other like minded folks.


Now Wildheart, if you want amped-up energy & results like this in your life for only a teeny-tiny investment, do yourself a favor and get your hot buns in the Wildheart Revolution right now.

NOTE: The Original Wild One spots have all been scooped up. (You know what they say about the early bird!)

But I’ve got plenty of love, attention, and coachy skills to handle EVERY new Wildheart with extra-special care.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Me and the other Wildhearts can’t wait to greet you…


P.S. I almost forgot! Stay tuned, because tomorrow (yes, I’m writing on the weekend again) I’m going to share with you a special technique to help you instantly eliminate painful emotions that can keep you stuck. It’s one of my best secret weapons for living a Wildheart life!

P.P.S. Don’t forget, the very first live (virtual) meeting of the Revolutionaries is happening this Monday, August 19. You won’t want to miss it! Get yourself hooked up right here.

Doc Martens. A Real Community. And What I Learned About The Wildheart Revolution.



As some of you know from my last post, I was at a music festival a couple weeks ago.

10,000 people gathered in the middle of a field, in the middle of Montana, to spend four days, camping, dancing, partying, and listening to music.

This, in and of itself is not all that significant. Festivals happen all the time. Music plays all the time. Partying (sure as heck) happens all the time.

So why was this so unique?

It was Friday evening and my friend and I had just arrived to set up camp. Once we were all set up, we started walking through camp towards the stage.

Familiar faces popped out from tents and campers offering friendly hugs and warm smiles.

Unfamiliar faces said hello and offered us food, drinks, to come sit and chat.

Before we even got to the venue, which was only about a five-minute walk away, we had already shared some food, drink and conversation and taken pictures with friends.

While at the concert, people were respectful.

No one outside the “tent” area had a tent and no one outside the “chair” area had a chair.

People kept their trash to themselves. Not one fight broke out. Someone was there to spray you with water when the heat got to be too much.

People shared their shade and their chairs when not using them. Kids bounced around. People danced about.

Everyone was friendly and smiling.

Now, I grew up in California and lived in a lot of big cities. LA and SF and everywhere in between.

And I didn’t realize it until this weekend, but I had never experienced what true community was up to that point.

A community that looked out for each other. That shared. That smiled. That had common interests and familiarity.

And experiencing this felt like being home. Safe. Comforting. Fun. Like I could relax.

And be myself.

Go lie in the grass by myself when I wanted and go dance in the crowd when I wanted.

It was all accepted because the strength of the community relied on the strength of each individual just being who they were and doing their thing.

And this is the Wildheart Revolution.

I knew I was building a community with Wildheart, but I didn’t quite realize the impact of it until last weekend.

The Wildheart Revolution is people who are like you. People who look out for you.

People who want to help you. People who appreciate you and are interested in your story.

Usually we only think of community as happening in the place we live. But with technology as it is, we can now have community anywhere.

And this is where the Wildheart Revolution lives.

It’s the heartbeat of the best song you’ve heard on a sunny day.

And the breeze that glides over you as you sit on the grass by yourself and write in your journal.

The collective “bounce” of a buncha people loving the same song.

And it’s all yours.

I hope to twirl with you in there. Can’t wait to collectively shake a tail feather with you. And it’s getting sooooo close. Only a little bit more time until the doors of the Revolution swing open.

And I don’t want you to miss a beat. Make sure you put your name here so I can coordinate band practice. :)

So now, tell me—in what ways have you been wanting community?

What does it mean to you to have like-minded people around you?

As always, I love hearing from you, so share your thoughts or stories below.

I’m the one wearing the doc martens,

XO, Sally

The Common Virus That Can Bring Us All Together

I think Garth said it best...

This past weekend, I was diagnosed with a virus.

I learned that I am suffering from a condition that seriously hampers my everyday life.

It’s called the Too-Much-Technology Flu.

And I’m suffering from the 24/7 strain of this dastardly disease.

(Okay, okay, I had to give away the punchline real quick because I didn’t want you to worry about me!) :)

But seriously—I am ALWAYS on the computer, online, on the phone, texting, or checking in. Can you relate at all?

Being a blogger and a person who talks on the phone for a living, this makes sense.

It’s sorta what I do. It’s how I gotta roll.

But this weekend, as I self-diagnosed my condition, I was reminded of something I hadn’t really understood since I lived in Costa Rica, which is this:

Life is so rich, in such a different way, when I have to check out from my normal way of doing things.

This weekend I was forced to check out.

I was on a camping trip in the middle of the middle of Montana. A big field set up for camping and a giant music festival.


No charging stations. No Wi-Fi. No computer breaks. It was down a buncha dirt roads, in the middle of a field.

As you may have noticed, I’m in the midst of bringing the Wildheart Revolution to life.

Which requires a lot of Internet time.

So you might imagine that there was a slight-freak out when I realized I would be unconnected for four whole days. Without a way to charge my phone in case an Internet emergency happened (like for instance, someone had a question about the Wildheart Revolution and I wasn’t there to answer it immediately…GASP!)

And to be honest, I almost cancelled the trip for this very reason.

But I didn’t. And I’m so glad— because this weekend was filled to the brim with moments that the reminded me what living really is.

In a Too-Much-Technology Flu society, living a Wildheart life is what brings us together.

Because the Wildheart life is about anything but ‘business as usual’.

It’s about being present with people you love.

It’s connecting in a real way.

It’s giving yourself the space and time to breathe.

And take a break.

And to see your world in a different way.

It’s about taking a few extra moments in the morning to read a good book.

Or a few extra moments to say howdy to your neighbor.

To have a real conversation with whoever is in front of you because neither of you have any other place to be.

This is freedom.

And when I really started thinking about it, I realized that THIS is the reason I’m creating the Wildheart Revolution.

For us Wild Ones, it’s our home away from home.

Our metaphorical camping trip in the middle of Montana.

The place where we all get to go and enjoy our lives and be ourselves and be around likeminded people we love who all appreciate the same things.

Where we get a bit dirty. But offer each other washcloths and warm water.

Where we learn some new survival skills.

Where we stretch a bit beyond what we’re used to.

I don’t know about you, but as of today, my life isn’t structured such that I would want to live in the middle of a field all the time.

And I love that about my life. But I also know I need to be reminded to check out to return to my true nature, every now and again.

And this is the Wildheart Revolution.

It’s the place to go that is unlike any other place. The place to go to be yourself. And let go a little bit.

To put on that dress you’ve been meaning to wear all year and go out into a dirt field and dance to good music—only to look over and smile in appreciation at someone just like you doing the same damn thing.

It’s recognition. It’s tribe. It’s your way to check out while not giving up the things you love about your life.

(Yes, you really CAN have it all.)

As soon as I’m done unpacking from my trip (dust and dirt abounds!), I’m going to finish up whatever work I have and grab my book and head to the park. There is no reason I can’t have my camping trip all the time.

This is a Wildheart Life. And I’m inviting you to take part.

Won’t you join me?

We’ll dance ‘til dawn with Life, and shake the dust off our boots when we get home and plop down on our plump pillows.

(And yes, details ARE comin’ around the bend in two shakes of a lamb’s fuzzy backside appendage.)

If you’re game, make sure you leave your name on this sweet little list so I know how to get ahold of you to plan our next (virtual) camping adventure.

And now, Wildheart, do tell!

In what ways could you check out a bit more in your life?

How could you spend a little more time on the QUALITY of your connections rather than the quantity?

Could you take a friend out for coffee or drinks instead of commenting on her Facebook status?

Turn off Facebook entirely and look into your child’s eyes as she shows you that drawing she just made?

Or maybe curl up with a clock-stopping story and reconnect with the wild imaginative side of you that knows how to bend reality to meet up with your dreams?

As always, leave a comment and let me know what you’re thinking.

Can’t wait to hear from you (and your Wildheart spirit).

With just as much REAL LIFE gratitude, as internet appreciation,

Your Wildhearted Chief, Sally Hope

P.S. Don’t miss out when I open the doors to your Wildheart Revolution! Get your name on the VIP list and be the first in line to find out about the special honors I’m bestowing upon the Original Wild Ones. See you there!


Wildheart Revolution