It’s 2:46 pm. Which is about 6 hours later than I intended to post this. My original intention was that I’d wake up super early. Meditate. Eat breakfast slowly. And then write to you.

I know all email marketers will tell you you to 1) Keep your posts short!; and 2) Write them ahead of time so you can bulk them and schedule them. Neither of these things I do or have ever done, partially because that’s just not my style, and mostly because I like being in the moment when I share with you.

What I felt yesterday is almost always not what I feel today. What I felt this morning at 6 am is not what I’m feeling right now at 2:39. So it doesn’t make sense to me to write you a week ahead of time.

The reason I was supposed to send this email early was because I’m here to tell you that the cart to my 40 Day Meditation challenge is OPEN AS OF RIGHT NOW!!! I was supposed to tell you to make sure to jump in on the EARLY BIRD PRICE HAPPENING ONLY FOR ONE WEEK.

And I was supposed to tell you that first thing in the morning so you get it since everyone checks their emails from bed. By 2:39 Mountain time, you’re probably annoyed with work, at lunch, not opening your emails, or going home for the day to completely unplug. None of these statistics are good for you opening my email.

So…I was going to wait until tomorrow. When the email marketers tell me it’s more fresh. When it’s more likely that you’ll see it.

But what I’ve decided is that I want to share all the moments with you. Even the ones where I skipped out on the email I was supposed to write because frankly, there was something more important going on. FAMILY. My cousin and his father in law (who I had never met and who is completely delightful) came in for a surprise visit and I wanted to spend time with them getting my new (FREE!) Jeep up and running (story about that coming soon).

And so even though at times my mind wandered to feeling frustrated my email hadn’t gone out and I hadn’t told you yet about the 40 Day Meditation Challenge, mostly I was really focused on being present with these two, amazing humans.

I asked questions about Arnold’s life. I joked around with my cousin Cody. I took them for a drive through historic Bozeman and told them my favorite stories about the oldest buildings in town, including where the brothels used to be. We joked about the weather. We had an incredible breakfast at my favorite place in town. We went to Auto Zone, twice. Cody taught me how to re-program the keyless entry so that when I press the button my seat will be in the perfect position for me. We shivered in subzero temperatures, and gave each other nice long hugs before they drove away.

It was moments like these that made me realize that this is EXACTLY the email I’m supposed to send to you. Because these are the moments of life that are really important. And we only know that when we are intentional with our lives and our time. And one way to do that is through meditating.

Last year when I did this same meditation that I’m going to be doing with you starting in a couple weeks, I intended that I would have more meaningful relationships in my life. That I would be the type of person to attract quality people into my life. That “family” would come into my life.

Things don’t always look the exact way you picture, but in looking back on the last time I did this 40 day meditation, I can see that everything I hoped for myself showed up in the exact way it needed to to get me where I needed to go in life.

Since doing it my life has completely changed for the better. And I’m not the only one. I will be sharing some incredible stories with you really soon but in the meantime I’m here to tell you that the CART IS NOW OPEN FOR EARLY BIRD PRICING for my 40 Day Meditation.

Here are the details:

  • 40 Days of “Beaming & Creating The Future” meditation where we will clear out all we need to release and let go from 2017 and envision and literally “beam” into the Universe what we want for ourselves for 2018 (seriously…awesome)
  • Access to this course from a membership, login site (available year round so you can take it time and time again)
  • Online Facebook community for daily inspiration, check-ins, and journal prompts (and daily emails in case you don’t like using FB)
  • Weekly Live Q & A’s with me
  • Tons of support for these last 40 days of the year

Get the full list of details by clicking right here.

2018 is coming whether we like it or not. Let’s get SUPER clear what we want for ourselves and let’s let go of anything that is holding us back from that. And let’s all do that together.

The EARLY BIRD price is up for only one week. It’s only $87 (which the marketers also tell me I’m not supposed to tell you, but you know what? I DO WHAT I WANT!). Which means it’s only $2.18 per day. $2.18 to have a better life. To not go into 2018 letting life just sweep you up in the chaos. $2.18 to say “I’m ready to be who I want and have the life I deserve.”

I’d say in the grand scheme of things, that’s pretty affordable. So, my darling, are you in??

I, of course, want you to sign up today so I can start welcoming you in now and you can start in on my FAVORITE part of this meditation (it involves Pinterest but that’s all I’m telling you until you join us), but technically you have a little over a week to join us (marketers are yelling at me right now). BUT, the early bird goes away soon.

So…if you have ANY questions, reply to this email. Otherwise, jump on in and join the 20 people we already have joining us (repeat meditators get first dibs! That can be you next year!) and let’s get started creating our ideal futures together.