stop feeling bad

Do you ever experience painful thoughts or feelings?

(Okay, that’s a rhetorical question. If you’re human, the answer is, “Heallz yes!”)

Here’s the thing, though.

If you’re feeling bad right now, it’s only because you’re living somewhere that doesn’t even exist.

What do I mean?

Well, imagine a painful situation. Perhaps you just had a breakup. What are your thoughts surrounding that?

I imagine that some of your thoughts are remembering when times were good. Or maybe you’re replaying the breakup conversation in your head (ouch).

Or maybe you think to the future and imagine a lonely life with you and a ton of cats. Or

you imagine that you’ll never find anyone as great as your ex.

These thoughts are all very common. But the problem with them is that none of them exist in the present moment, and all of them cause you pain.

If you want to experience less pain, the trick is to get into the present moment—which is the ONLY moment that actually exists.

If you doubt that, just try to actually live in the past, right now. Didn’t work?

Okay, now try to live in the future, right now. Can’t be done.

That’s because NOW is the only moment there is. And being here NOW is the key to stop suffering and experience peace.

Now, when I was learning this stuff, I was all like, “Great…well how the hell do I do THAT?”

And that’s why I created this video for you. In it, I share a simple trick you can use (it’s the one I use ALL the time) to help get you in the present moment when you find your mind wandering all over the place.

When you’re done watching, I love to hear your thoughts.

Do you ever find yourself “time traveling” into the past or future? Do you have a great trick to help bring yourself back into the moment?

I’d love to hear it in the comments below.

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