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Living On The Edge

Step 1: Leave the House.
Step 2: Say Yes.
Step 3: Find your Edge.
Step 4: Live on it

Last Friday I got the urge to go country dancing.  I don’t know where it came from, but there it was, in the front of my brain… “must go dancing, must go dancing, must get your honkey-tonk on.”  And even though I had no one to go with, and had never been to this country bar before, I decided to go anyway.  My thoughts went, approximately, exactly, like this.  “I want to go dancing.  There’s the Saddle Rack I’ve been meaning to check out.  That would be fun.  But I wonder who will go with me.  I’ll text Aaron.  Shit, he’s busy.  Lily is with the kids.  Hmmmmm.  Maybe I’ll go alone.  What if that’s weird?  What if I get there and don’t like it?  What if I have no one to dance with and everyone else does and they just think I’m some loser?  Fuck it.  Whatever, then I can just leave.  But it’s kind of late.  And the bar is kind of far away.  And I could stay here and watch a movie with the puppy.  Yeah that sounds nice.  And I could probably get some writing done.  Yeah, good idea.  But wait…I want to go dancing.  That sounds like fun.  What else am I going to do, really?  I can sit here anytime.  Besides, I am trying to not be on the computer that much.  OK FUCK IT! I’m going.”

So…I put on some hot pink lipstick, my cowboy boots, and got in the car.  Country music station blasted through my speakers the whole drive there, reminding me of times passed where men openly dreamed of taking care of their wives, having several kids running in the yard, and sitting on porches with said family members, looking out over their ranches, watching the sun go down.  Simpler times, that I’m sure still exist in places outside of Oakland, California.

I pull up to the Saddle Rack and my night goes pretty much like this: One man (old enough to be my dad) after another comes up to ask me to dance and teaches me the dance if I don’t know it.  I two-step, I dip, I twirl, I giggle and smile.  Before I can even sit down after the last dance, I find another man coming up to me asking me for the next one.  They are complete gentlemen and I only sit out for three dances total, all night.  And eventually, a young cowboy comes up to me to ask me to dance.  A cutie with light eyes and a big ol cowboy hat.  I say yes, and we dance the rest of the night. And I had an absolute blast.  Best night in a very long time.

Cowboy and I decided to hang out again and during that time, I did things I’ve never done before (and some I hadn’t done since I was a kid), including:

1)     Shooting guns-22 rifle, 12 gauge shotgun, and a 45 handgun (no animals were hurt during this venture)

2)     Driving a quad

3)     Riding on a tractor

4)     Shooting a bow and arrow

5)     Riding dirtbikes (and consequently…my first time riding a motorcycle, ever)

6)     Dipping (as in chewing tobacco)

7)     Dancing the night away TWO nights in a row, learning 7 new dances

8)     Getting my chair pulled out for me before I sit down to eat

9)     Being on the back of a motorcycle when it’s doing a wheelie

10)  Hanging out with goats

11)  Riding in the center seat of a dually truck

I had a blast.  And even though you might think I’m generally an adventurous girl, I don’t view myself that way at all.  Riding the motorcycle scared the shit out of me.  I crashed a couple times, got super embarrassed, had mud all over my face.  But I’m so glad I did it.  I got back on, and tried again.  And it was fun.  And I can’t wait to do it again.

This experience got me thinking about all the times in my life when I didn’t feel like doing something, almost decided not to go somewhere, but went anyway and because I did, my life was changed, or at the very least, I learned something new about myself.  This is one of those times.  I almost turned the cowboy down to hang out again.  Was thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to canceling plans.  But I didn’t, and now my life experience is just a little more rich, I have some new skills, I stretched myself out of my comfort zone, I met a really cool new friend, and I had A LOT of fun.  You can never know just exactly what will come out of doing new things, but you can always count on the fact you’ll come out of it a little bit different.

This post is all about living on your edge.  And I don’t mean that in order to live on the edge, you must live dangerously, or jump out of airplanes, ride motorcycles, or swim with sharks.  Everyone has their own version of an edge and it’s important to find yours.  Nothing cool or interesting ever happens from doing the same thing you’ve always done.  It’s only when we break out of our norm, do things a bit differently, switch up the routine that we meet amazing people, that we learn about ourselves, that we have interesting experiences.  This week, find an edge.  Then go live on it.

And on that note…I’m OFF TO FREAKIN COSTA RICA TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  See you from the other side!

Leave a comment and let me know some of the edges you’re wanting to edge towards. :-)

When in doubt…dance to Rihanna.

It’s only been one week since I last wrote, but I feel like everything has changed, and FAST. But first, a story.

About two years ago I was at a major crossroads in my life. I had come to the realization that I didn’t want music to be my career anymore, I knew I wanted to inspire people to live the kind of lives they always dreamed of, but I hadn’t even heard the word “life coach” yet and I knew I didn’t want to be a therapist. And I thought it was my only choice. So I spent over 6 months gathering application materials, taking the GRE’s, getting letters of recommendation, writing essays and personal statements about why I wanted to be a Marriage and Family Therapist and why I would be a good candidate for their (whoever’s) program. I felt lost. Like I had nothing to grab onto. I had been in a band for the past 6 years and didn’t have a very clear picture of what JOB, out of all the options I saw laid out before me, would be suitable next.

Then…the Universe took over. While talking to a friend about her breakup, she says something like “you are so good at this, you should be a life coach.” Huh….interesting. I wonder what that is. Then within the next two weeks, the word life coach came into my life three more times. So I checked it out online. “Looks kinda janky.” I thought. Not a “legit” career. No “legit” school gives a degree in it. Eh. But then when I read the job description, and it was perfect. Like exactly right.

Buuuuuuuut…still not sold. I’m an academic at heart (or head maybe?) and I felt like I should get a degree in something that would get me a “job” and have some “stability,” something that I could always “fall back on.” So I went through with all the applications and got into my first choice school. Yay! Right? Well…not exactly. I was in a huge tug-of-war between this new, exciting option called life coaching, with (what I perceived of as) no job security, or this boring, generic route giving me a sense of security in a job I didn’t even want.

I eventually accepted the invitation into my top choice school, and for the next three weeks I proceeded to dip into a growing knot in my stomach. When thinking about starting school in the fall, I got a really dark and depressed feeling. I found myself spending all my free time looking into this thing called “Life Coaching.” There was one point where I just decided I could not possibly go to the Master’s program. If I couldn’t even think about it without getting sick to my stomach, what would the next three years of my life look like?

So I respectfully declined the program, packed up, moved to the bay area, and started coaching school. Within a year I was a certified coach, with my own growing practice, working for myself, and loving life.

So last week I was talking about letting fear stop me from taking great opportunities, and here I’m talking about letting your inspired ideas lead you. As soon as I found coaching, I had that spark inside me. I knew it was what I truly wanted. But I was just afraid it wouldn’t work out, or I wouldn’t be able to find clients, or I’d be left jobless. But the inspired idea was so enticing that I knew I couldn’t NOT act on it. Best decision I’ve ever made. Inspired ideas almost always sound scary or dangerous. If it feels that way, you’re on the right track. And so when you get that feeling…ACT. NOW. Don’t wait. Because then your head will get involved.

And with that…about two days after I wrote you all last, I got an email from a friend asking if I wanted to sublet out my apartment out for the month of April. I wasn’t planning on being away, but figured that since I can work from anywhere, why not go on a (big scary fun exhilarating) adventure. The idea was inspired, but the more time that went by, I started to doubt if I could pull it off. Watch my video below to see what happens next.

So when you are at a crossroads and you have two choices, always pick the one that’s more exciting, more inspired, more scary. When in doubt…buy the ticket! Dance, too.

I wanna hear from you!! Leave a comment and tell me what’s been exciting/scaring you lately.

P.s. Want some behind the scenes Costa Rica decision vids? Check out my YouTube channel

Jay Z. Facing Your Fears. Doing it Anyway. Bon Jovi, too.

When I was 11, I tried out for the role of Dorothy in my school play. I rehearsed, I practiced, I took some singing lessons, and I got the part. Happy ending, right? Well…..about a week later, when rehearsals were about to start, I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore. That I had way better things to do with my time than go to rehearsals after school and on Saturday. And so I respectfully declined, giving the part to my understudy (lucky bitch).

That same year, I tried out for a super exclusive dance team. Tryouts were two full days, you had to be able to do well in tap, jazz and ballet. I was among the younger group of girls who tried out. And I made the team. And just as I was needing to accept or decline, I decided that I didn’t want to do it after all. That I had way better things to do with my time than practice dance after school and on the weekends.

When I was 18 years old, I was entered into this writing contest for this extremely exclusive summertime writing program in Los Angeles (big city right outside the suburb where I grew up). I worked on my writing in my creative writing class, knowing that at the end, the teacher would pick two lucky students, two of the best students, to partake in this summer program. At the end of the school year, I was slipped a super secret note under my door and given a secret handshake saying that I was picked for the program. And guess what? I decided not to do it. I had way better things to do with my time during the summer. Like drink. And hang out with my friends.

That same year, I got into UC Berkeley. The school that all my friends were dying to go to, that was the tippy top of the UC’s, that was in a beautiful place and had amazing programs. When I went to visit, I decided that it wasn’t the school for me. Not enough sunshine (just HAPPENED to be cloudy on the day I went), not my kind of city. Too many hippies.

I could go on and on. My life is filled with stories like these.

I’m not a rocket scientist but I do smell some rocket fuel of a pattern here. Big exciting thing that I actively pursue, getting said thing, then turning it down. And then justifying it saying I didn’t actually want it anyway.

Three other similarities…all these things were out of my comfort zone, would take practice and hard work in order to complete, and I was scared of all of them. I was afraid of being embarrassed (Dorothy), or having to work hard (dance team), or driving by myself to a big city (writing program), or being out of my comfort zone (Berkeley, 6 whole hours away from home in a brand new city where I knew no one and nothing was familiar…AND I’d have to work hard).

Now I’m not thinking that I ruined my life because of this, because I love my life now, but I do know that this is a pattern and a problem for me…having fear, and then running in the other direction. I’ve gotten MUCH better about it. My best life is worth more than my fears. But alas, I still bump up against this feeling. Like right now. So here is a video explaining something I’m up to, that’s scary for me.
I’m about to walk some of my talk, babies.

I will leave you now with a quote from our good friend, Jay Z:

“How you get so fly? From not being afraid to fall out the sky.”

Taking the steps to having the life you want can be scary, but when you push through that fear, you get to fly…and who doesn’t want that?? See you fuckers in the sky.

Leave a comment and let me know some of the scarily exciting thing you’e up to! And don’t forget to share this with anyone you think it’ll touch. Awwwwww.

P.s. This is really cool…the coach who challenged me to do this video did a video in response. She OUTS ME! Hahhahha.This is the kind of behind the scenes you guys will be getting from now on.

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