It’s only been one week since I last wrote, but I feel like everything has changed, and FAST. But first, a story.

About two years ago I was at a major crossroads in my life. I had come to the realization that I didn’t want music to be my career anymore, I knew I wanted to inspire people to live the kind of lives they always dreamed of, but I hadn’t even heard the word “life coach” yet and I knew I didn’t want to be a therapist. And I thought it was my only choice. So I spent over 6 months gathering application materials, taking the GRE’s, getting letters of recommendation, writing essays and personal statements about why I wanted to be a Marriage and Family Therapist and why I would be a good candidate for their (whoever’s) program. I felt lost. Like I had nothing to grab onto. I had been in a band for the past 6 years and didn’t have a very clear picture of what JOB, out of all the options I saw laid out before me, would be suitable next.

Then…the Universe took over. While talking to a friend about her breakup, she says something like “you are so good at this, you should be a life coach.” Huh….interesting. I wonder what that is. Then within the next two weeks, the word life coach came into my life three more times. So I checked it out online. “Looks kinda janky.” I thought. Not a “legit” career. No “legit” school gives a degree in it. Eh. But then when I read the job description, and it was perfect. Like exactly right.

Buuuuuuuut…still not sold. I’m an academic at heart (or head maybe?) and I felt like I should get a degree in something that would get me a “job” and have some “stability,” something that I could always “fall back on.” So I went through with all the applications and got into my first choice school. Yay! Right? Well…not exactly. I was in a huge tug-of-war between this new, exciting option called life coaching, with (what I perceived of as) no job security, or this boring, generic route giving me a sense of security in a job I didn’t even want.

I eventually accepted the invitation into my top choice school, and for the next three weeks I proceeded to dip into a growing knot in my stomach. When thinking about starting school in the fall, I got a really dark and depressed feeling. I found myself spending all my free time looking into this thing called “Life Coaching.” There was one point where I just decided I could not possibly go to the Master’s program. If I couldn’t even think about it without getting sick to my stomach, what would the next three years of my life look like?

So I respectfully declined the program, packed up, moved to the bay area, and started coaching school. Within a year I was a certified coach, with my own growing practice, working for myself, and loving life.

So last week I was talking about letting fear stop me from taking great opportunities, and here I’m talking about letting your inspired ideas lead you. As soon as I found coaching, I had that spark inside me. I knew it was what I truly wanted. But I was just afraid it wouldn’t work out, or I wouldn’t be able to find clients, or I’d be left jobless. But the inspired idea was so enticing that I knew I couldn’t NOT act on it. Best decision I’ve ever made. Inspired ideas almost always sound scary or dangerous. If it feels that way, you’re on the right track. And so when you get that feeling…ACT. NOW. Don’t wait. Because then your head will get involved.

And with that…about two days after I wrote you all last, I got an email from a friend asking if I wanted to sublet out my apartment out for the month of April. I wasn’t planning on being away, but figured that since I can work from anywhere, why not go on a (big scary fun exhilarating) adventure. The idea was inspired, but the more time that went by, I started to doubt if I could pull it off. Watch my video below to see what happens next.

So when you are at a crossroads and you have two choices, always pick the one that’s more exciting, more inspired, more scary. When in doubt…buy the ticket! Dance, too.

I wanna hear from you!! Leave a comment and tell me what’s been exciting/scaring you lately.

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