Change your perspective, change your life.

Last night I entered into a new world. And not that it was new in that is was somewhere else. It actually wasn’t. It was actually just 7 miles down the road from where I’ve been for the past year and a half.

But that seven miles might as well have been a complete time warp. Or a bending of reality. Because once I stepped foot on my friend’s 40 acre Homestead, I felt like Alice who had just come out the other side of the portal into Wonderland.

There were things there I hadn’t seen in my world for a year and a half. Magical little people who came out from the little rooms in her straw bale house. Magical keys on the wall to open who-knows-what doors. Feathers everywhere. Nature. Beauty. And five houses on the property, all of which had a story and had been touched by the land and the people that lived on it.

The giant  trees all had swings on them of a different style. We walked to one that overlooked hills beyond the eye could see filled with vineyards and rolling green and amber, jumped on the tree swing and leaned back with my hair flying in the wind.

Her kids, each with a stripe of color in their hair, green and then purple, joined in when we made our prayers for the full moon, wrapping tobacco inside a square of fabric and tying them all together on one string, before throwing them into the fire to release our wishes back into the sky. They made sure to put all the materials back into the box because that’s the box that daddy takes to the fire house when he goes to work as a fireman, and wants to wrap his prayers while he’s there. They talked of their school that backs up to a creek and where they can be barefoot while they learn.

Another woman comes over who is curious, kind, and shares her mission in life, which is to help people connect to their innate wisdom with nature. That wisdom that we all have as children and forget somewhere along the way. She has a school for children that focuses on this.

We ate a fresh salad. Pet their pet horse, pony, goat and llama and walked inside the chicken coop. Walked among the almond trees to the tipi, walked under the apricot trees, and finally, ended by sitting by the fire, talking. Calmly. Sweetly. And with connection.

Being here on this property reminded me of one thing: That it only takes a shift of perspective to change the landscape of your entire view.

Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope? Where you see one thing as it is until you turn the kaleidoscope ever so slightly and the whole view changes completely?

This is called perspective. It’s the way that we look at things and how the entire landscape of something can change if you shift the way you’re looking at it.

In coaching school, I used to frame this as “what glasses are you looking at your life through, and what happens if you look through a different pair?”

Because how we are looking at things changes the way we see them. (TWEET THIS)

It’s kind of the same idea when you really look at the sky, the same sky that you’ve seen before a million times, and for the first time ever, you really see how blue it is. It’s not that it wasn’t that blue before, it’s just that for whatever reason, you didn’t see it as that way, and now, looking at it through a different lens, or clearer eyes, you can finally see it as it is.

And this got me thinking about reality, and wondering if anything we ever think or feel is really real, or rather if it’s just the lens we happen to be wearing at that particular time, and what would happen to the “reality” if we just put on a different lens.

Because I’ve driven the road where my friend lived before. I had seen similar vineyards before. I have lived in the same place for a year and a half, and never knew that tucked away on a right turn on that street was this wonderland and therefore didn’t know things like that existed here at all. And now that I know it does, it has rocked my reality a bit. Rocked my world a bit. And has shifted the view on my kaleidoscope lens.

So today, I thought it would be fun to look at YOUR life and see where you’re stuck, and see if a shift of perspective, or a change of glasses might change the way you feel about it all.

So in the comments below I would love to hear this from you:

  1. What is one thing you’re currently feeling stuck on right now?
  2. What is your current perspective on this? (how are you currently seeing this?)
  3. What might a different perspective be?
  4. What might be possible for you by looking through this different lens.

Please do share this with me…since Alice likes having friends in Wonderland.
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