Thursday is one of my favorite days here on the blog because I get to share with you a collection of all the awesome things I found on the interwebs (and in real life) this week. I collect this data all week, and it sits there on a post-it note eagerly waiting to be placed onto a blog post.

This week seemed to be all about “things I’ve never done/seen before” and taking the much needed break from packing out my schedule, so I could have some breathing room to explore.

I had a lovely and leisurely Saturday, in which I went to lunch with a good friend of mine. We went to the Stockyard Calfe, which is a well-known locals joint here. Their whole thing is that you get what you get. All they have is what is on the menu. Don’t ask for substitutions. And don’t expect anything fancy. There was a rooster running around outside.


More awesome things include beautiful skies.


A really inspiring video of a super inspiring girl (self titled “Paradigm F*cker, Emelie Archer) interviewed by another inspiring guy.

Having really honest and open conversations, even when you feel too vulnerable and cry afterword because you’re embarrassed about what you just said. 

Putting on lipstick.


And some effort into your outfit. (Flannel and belt are vintage. Scarf and jeans are Diesel. Star studded boots are Bongo).


Doing things you’ve never done before, like going on a sleigh ride up a mountain pass that can only be accessed via snowmobile and horse.


Honest and vulnerable blog posts. Twinkly Christmas lights. This Montana based jewelry company (but it might as well be in New York). The show Justified, that I just started watching. Froaching (friend/coaching).

And…Ryan Gosling.


What are the awesome things YOU’VE found this week? What things have you learned? Make sure to leave a comment below and share! And if you’re not already on the mailing list and my Facebook page, make sure you get in there. That’s where all the good stuff happens.